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  1. I try twitter cedric, dollie, and ark but no answer ... just a message so we know he takes it into account ... nothing
  2. Hi Cedric, since the last update 554.4 in ps5 the cursor of mouse is stuck plzzzz fix it thxxxxx
  3. they don't give a damn about the ps5... I'm sure it must take 5 minutes to resolve our problem
  4. Why the bug only on ps5 so that same update with ps4? I don t understand...
  5. F holiday if no fix bug with mouse ps5, I can t use my mouse!!!!! I can t play during my vacation ! F ark
  6. PS5 Since the update 554.4 the cursor o de mouse don t work in Inventory menu etc...
  7. people who work for ark come from time to time on their official site?
  8. This is what I did but we are not enough to play ps5 with a mouse for them to take our remark into account ... help us to send these messages up plz
  9. Pfff i desesperate... it works very well before, why does it touch
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