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  1. Well generally when dealing with a company, 'end of the week' means end of the work week. A work week is usually Mon-Fri, however, if you want to pull teeth, the end of the week for several countries would be Saturday with Sunday being the first day of the week. This is true for Canada, Japan and the United States. For others, Sunday would be the last day of the week. Either way, I would of thought WC would consider Fri the end of the week, I guess I was wrong.
  2. So the update was supposed to come out this week. It's now Friday. So, today, or is this a WC week and it'll come out on the 15th? Er.. 18th. 19th.....
  3. We need a patch.. Raptor Claus is dropping armor and weapons that are too OP. I have 3 ghillie pieces and my armor is nearly 1,400. We have an ascendant crossbow that is 711% dmg.
  4. What does this do to servers that already have the mod and want to continue to use it as opposed to the 'intergrated' changes?
  5. I find it interesting that most of the comments here for the new Argy look are positive when me and the 3 guys I play with all hate it. I realize it's just a matter of taste but I said they look like a giant pidgeon now and one of the other guys said a big chicken. That neck.. just can't get past it. Also, was disappointed with the bug fix list, floating flora fix.. Nah, still floating flowers on Ragnarok. Plus side, I think the Trikes look better, just not a dino I use much. Raptor looked nice and I saw they were trying to 'pounce' me when I was on my bear, didn't work for them but nice try. Haven't really looked at the Sarco yet. Para features are neat.
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