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  1. "Chainsaws can no longer be used while running"

    I don't know. Link me a Captcha or something.
  2. "Chainsaws can no longer be used while running"

    It's kind of cute watching the PvP kids and the PvE kids argue over who the devs hate most.
  3. Question for the oldies.

    Yeah...remember when you could get stuck inside trees and you insta-died when you broke the tree...or when dinos would get stuck inside trees and started glitching of into the distance, so you had to clear cut a forest until you found the tree they were stuck on That was pretty bad, lol. No...sounds like rose colored glasses to me. A month or two back I was going through some old hard drives and found an Ark install that was on patch 174. Booted into single player and the game looked terrible and performed almost as badly. The game looks better now on low settings than it did then on epic settings then.
  4. To be released Patch Notes - I hope this is a joke

    Is someone suggesting that this is being done so PC can play with Xbox?
  5. More Servers to Be Deleted?

    At some point all Legacy servers will be deleted as their populations dwindle. Truthfully, your best bet would be to leave Legacy now and get a fresh start on the new servers or on an unofficial. The sooner you rip off that band-aid the better. As far as the rumors on your server, I can't really say...but it sounds like the same kind of Chicken Little rumors that made me abandon my Official server progress back in 2016.
  6. What have you done wildcard?

    Wait...what? If I'm reading correctly you're reporting three problems: 1) When your server restarts it changes from PvP to PvE 2) Your server crashed and was down for 20 hours 3) Structures/containers are locked Is that what you're saying? (just trying to translate what's going on here)
  7. How bad are eels these days?

    They were never that bad, but they're nothing now. As far as mechanics go, they're basically just water Dilos, except you still get to see. They shock once and for a few seconds your mount is slowed down, but you can still stay on and attack with the mount. Hit the eels a couple times and they'll usually just run away. You can chase them down and kill them, or just keep swimming when they leave.
  8. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    Whether you intended it or not, your use of the term "Washed up turd" was a perfect summation of this discussion. Let's look at some of the various definitions and see how they might apply to this thread: washed-up: adjective -deposited by the tide on a shore -no longer suitable for or able to do what you did in the past -no longer successful, skillful, popular, or needed -no longer effective or successful turd: noun -a lump of dung; piece of excrement -an unpleasant or contemptible person or thing -a person regarded as obnoxious or contemptible Someone who does not modify their approach to rafting after the Leeds was introduced will likely find themselves deposited by the tide on a shore contemptuously shouting obnoxious unpleasantries. Now...put some turrets on your raft.
  9. Feeling utterly defeated

    No. If I had the choice I'd simply stop driving it, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't log in to Fiat Multipla forums every single day and incessantly complain that it's not a Ferrari 1968 250 GTO either. But that's just me. Nice comparison!
  10. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    You've made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that you're on a no-tame server. We get it....but you don't need to tame a Plant X Species. Get a few and put them on your raft. If you're unwilling to do that, then I don't know what to tell you. You can tell me to read this thread all you want...but I'm not one who needs the information contained within it. You have been given the solution to your problem by people who are better at the game than you are. You can continue failing with a bad strategy, or you can listen to people don't die from Leeds. It's your call. The Leeds aren't broken. You are.
  11. Rex taming raft.

    That's a lot of effort to do the same thing...but yeah, that works too I guess.
  12. New expantion

    Don't throw houses in glass stones, buddy.
  13. Rex taming raft.

    ...alternatively, keep an extra gateway in your pockets, and when the rex goes into your trap, put the gateway down. Demolish it when the rex is tamed. The issue is never the rex. The issue is the stuff around the rex.
  14. Rex taming raft.

    Ok...make a square with 4 dino gateways. Put 4 gateway-doors on them and you have a square. Remove one gateway and one gateway-door from that square. Now you have 3 gateways with one open side where there used to be a gateway Run the rex into the 4th side where the gateway used to be. Once the rex has run into the trap, open the gateway doors on the left and right of the rex. The open doors will block the opening, and the rex can't get out through the open gates.
  15. Raising Wyverns: Is it possible if you have a job?

    If you have the ability to plan ahead, then yes, it's totally doable. If you lack the ability to plan ahead, then no, it's not doable...but if you just plain don't have the time, ultimately that's on you. If official rates are too low for you, if you just don't have the time, fortunately there is an alternative. You can do the exact same things, but faster. If you're hard up on time and don't feel like being a no-lifer on official, give unofficial a try. The increased rates and - in most cases - less toxic community of many unofficial servers might be just what you need...there are even mods with fridges that can hold milk.