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  1. LouSpowells

    My #WalkAway Story...

    No prob. The common conclusion drawn based on the comments in this thread seems to be that Wildcard is little more than a greedy group of incompetent, lazy, machiavellian, mustache-twisting money grubbers who cannot and will not change their ways.** From their perspective, Old McWildcard doesn't give a hecking dang about the requests for a better flavor and would rather just milk the cow until it's dry so they can move on to the next fresh heifer ripe for peddling. If that's the theory someone subscribes to, there's no point in "asking the farmer to take the cow out back and review the cow's dietary habits so that the cow's milk tastes better." That's why I said you were applying new context. Assuming the above mindset** is true, if that is Wildcard's goal, suddenly capitulating and changing their ways is the equivalent of dragging their cash cow out back and putting a slug its noggin. Why would they do that? It's better at that point for someone with that mindset to just walk away from the milk...even if they originally thought it had the potential to be an ice cream sundae. Just throwing this out there, if such a cut existed I doubt it would come close to covering the cost of the official servers.
  2. LouSpowells

    Grtting rid of the tethering distance

    Yes, there is. Your computer isn't as good at hosting the game as a server is. If all of the players you're hosting head to different parts of the map loading in different dinos and structures, your computer is likely to crap the bed at some point and your server will crash. Keeping them nearby means your computer doesn't have to load a bunch of other stuff it likely can't handle. An alternative if you believe you have a computer beefy enough to act as a server (or if you have an actual server) is to set up your hardware as the host and share the IP for the server with those same friends and more. edit: tagging @AJkym as an FYI.
  3. LouSpowells

    Ark on laptop

    Install the game on your HDD. It will be slower, but it'll be fine. That said, I hope it's got beefy specs. As for playing at work, you know your responsibilities better than anyone else. The same argument could be made for people who post on internet forums while at work on company time.
  4. LouSpowells

    Thoughts on flyer picking?

    Picking and dropping, for a long time, was a cheap-shot but super effective way to raid, particularly with PvP respawn timers. Ark had an issue with flyer picking supremacy during EA, but over time they've balanced it to the point that picking and dropping is nowhere near as effective on anyone who prepared for PvP. Between parachutes, increased flyer damage from ranged weapons, grapple hooks, cattle prods, more effective whistling/tame-control mechanics, and (ffs) glider suits, picking isn't as effective as it used to be...but I still think of it as a kind of cheap way to PvP. I like where your head's at though. Raiding and PvP in general on Ark can get pretty monotonous, particularly if you're on a server full of skilled players who already know all the cheese strats and textbook raid/build tactics. Changing things up can really keep the game fresh, an on an unofficial server that means more fun and often better player retention. Removing stuff isn't always intended to make the game easier...on many PvP servers I've played on or run it's the opposite. I've removed various dinos and/or mechanics on my servers, and been on plenty of others that do or did the same. It's rarely in my experience had anything to do with nerfing the game for noobs, because they didn't last long on those servers anyway. Removing certain dinos or mechanics can add some variety to the tired and repetitive strategies everyone uses. Removing flyers from one of my servers made for a really fun PvP wipe cycle. After that we kept flyers but removed all flyer saddles. I've removed all shock-ocean creatures and rare-spawned the whales to make a pirate-themed PvP cycle where land-building was limited. Another great 30 day cycle was removing all saddles but for the small creatures...and riding a raptor into battle with a bunch of rexes on follow was great. We've experimented with all sorts of changes, some worked, some sucked. (All thatch/wood building mats was more fun than it sounds) Either way, it often changed our approach to the game and gave us new ideas/tactics when playing with standard settings. It's worth keeping your mind open to stuff like this, especially if you're running an unofficial server with a community of players who are already good with standard mechanics.
  5. LouSpowells

    My #WalkAway Story...

    My intention is wrong? You're not qualified to make that assertion. If you'd like me to expound, say so...don't fill in the blanks yourself and argue against your own perception.
  6. LouSpowells

    My #WalkAway Story...

    My analogy is exactly as I intended it, you're applying new context.
  7. LouSpowells

    My #WalkAway Story...

    Yep. Ark is a cash cow. Someone walking away from milk they have soured to is one thing, but expecting the farmer to take the cow out back and shoot it on behalf of their palate is silly.
  8. For the same reason I play other games despite their flaws: I enjoy it. I've played flawed games I like, and I've played flawed games I didn't like. Some have more flaws than others. For some the flaws overshadow the appeal. It's subjective. When it comes to the flaws-to-enjoyment ratio, the most masochistic I get is GTA5 Online. That game is an absolute train wreck and lately Rockstar has been ripping out the remaining railroad ties and selling them back to customers as features for in-game currency. It's a joke, but I like the game so I play it. To a similar extent, that's why I play Ark. Even if aspects of the execution are flawed at times from my perception, I enjoy the game. Others don't. What still confuses me to this day are the people who don't like it, hate the developer, hate the direction, hate the changes, yet somehow still feel the urge to remain in the community and beat that drum. I can understand why someone would play something despite flaws...but I'm not quite sure I'll ever understand that.
  9. LouSpowells

    Can someone help me?

    Ark does not have a tutorial stage to teach you the gameplay. The key to this game is learning from your mistakes. If you can't do that, your best bet is to read tutorials on the internet. Everyone on this forum has been through the same exact stage you're at and made it through. Beach survival takes some on-the-job training if you're new to the game. None of that has anything to do with the game being clunky or poorly designed, it has to do with the fact that you're not good at it. That's to be expected....you're new. Give it some time and you'll be able to run down the beach buck neked with a primitive bow and stone arrows and not be worried about a thing.
  10. LouSpowells

    Is Ark dying ?

    I requested that you take time to digest the point I was making, not to regurgitate it and pretend you cooked it. Believe it or not, yes...I do know we need to see more information to make an intelligent assessment. That's why - in the post you responded to - I specifically told you that there isn't enough data to draw a conclusion. What's truly amazing to me is the cognitive dissonance required to repeat my point as if it were yours, then immediately contradict the point by stating as fact that your original "assessment of the limited data is accurate." It seems I've already given you all the information you need to argue with and contradict yourself. Good luck with that.
  11. LouSpowells

    Is Ark dying ?

    Anyone can cherry pick data to represent whatever biased narrative they choose, and it works even better if they dismiss all relevant variables like you're doing...but that's why professional analysts don't base their conclusions solely on a 3 month period without considering any outside variables. You are looking for evidence to support your opinion while purposely avoiding taking into consideration large collection of data, variables and trends available to you. Unfortunately for your narrative, that's not how analysis works. (As an aside, while your "last 3 months" reference is potent for confirmation bias, the short-sighted point would have been far better executed if you said "Past 5.5" months. In the past 3 months the game has lost ~7.5k players, but if you include the previous month *gasp* that number is 17.5k players. OMG!!! That's a far better misrepresentation of the data than you provided, don't you think?) Someone who studies, analyzes, and translates data for a living would approach it much differently. Someone like that would probably start by looking at pre-Aberration (November 2017) numbers of roughly 34k average active players on Steam. Then they'd probably note that the release of Aberration saw an increase in average players from 34k average players to a post-release peak 49k average two months later. That would be an increase of 15k players making it the second highest influx of active players in the history of the game, along with being the second highest average Ark has ever seen. In the 6 months since the release, trends indicate the novelty of the new DLC wore off, and Ark average daily players have reached the pre-Aberration release numbers of ~34k...which going through trends over the years can be considered the core of the Ark player base. (Non-fairweather players) This is when the outside variables come into play. As Lucian stated, Conan Exiles was released at the beginning of this month. It's been a long anticipated and self-described Ark competitor that has drawn the interest of many Ark players during its early access development process...and if you weren't expecting Ark numbers to drop when Conan Exiles was released then you have business providing an analysis anyway. Point being, as of now there isn't nearly enough evidence suggesting that the game is dying...digest on that a bit.
  12. If your friends are currently playing on the server, there's a drop down menu on the server list page that allows you to view the list of servers with filters. One of those filters is to show the servers your Steam friends are playing on. If you don't have them on your friend's list or they aren't currently logged in, here's a link to another server tracker, specifically the page for Official 281. Near the top right of the page you'll see a blue "Connect" button. If you have Ark open, click that button and it should attempt to join that server. After you've played it, you can navigate to the "My Survivors" selection in the drop-down menu on the Server Filter page and click "Favorite" so it will always appear under that filter.
  13. LouSpowells

    Is Ark dying ?

    Shut up. Both of you. http://steamcharts.com/app/346110#3m It's amazing to me how the same statistics and data are available to everyone, but some people are completely oblivious...as if they're purposely remaining ignorant. If I didn't know any better I'd think people are childishly making things up because they have a bone to pick. Fact: Ark has maintained a fairly consistent average playerbase over 3 years, with ebbs and flows that follow major updates and DLC's. Anyone is welcome to provide statistics that conflict with this data...but they won't because contradicting data doesn't exist outside the frail egos of the vengeful attention-seekers here.
  14. LouSpowells

    extinction DEVS PLEASE RESPOND

    You most certainly do not speak for everyone. I'd imagine when they are ready to release information they'll do so. Until then, all you're doing is angrily setting yourself up to play the victim. "How come they never respond to my questions?!?! They're so mean! They don't listen to customers!!!!" In the meantime, I recommend you sit in the dark and theorize until the next breadcrumb is dropped. EDIT: Oh, and the link to the creature thread you recommended is broken. I fixed it for you:
  15. The in-game server list rarely shows all the servers available. This has been a consistent issue for a lot of steam games over the years. Your best bet is to check out one of the websites that lists available servers. https://arkservers.net/ is the one I use.