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  1. If you buy chow mein without paying attention and expected it to be spaghetti, don't run around complaining that you got crappy Italian food.
  2. It's not a bug simply because you don't like it. I'd recommend getting comfortable with the idea that it was intended. Unless WC indicates that it was a mistake I wouldn't expect it to change.
  3. I'm glad they nerfed them. Velos were OP and most experienced players have been expecting a nerf since their release. It was fun while it lasted, but the days of plugging down the most powerful endgame creatures with a couple of velos in a matter of seconds are over. They're still extremely useful, just not devastatingly overpowered like they were. From my perspective, WC had two options with them: Leave them the way they were and making them dramatically more difficult to tame like many other end-game dinos that matched their utility and damage output, or to reduce their damage to reflect their ease of locating and taming. When I first heard about them I expected they would be on par with Carno damage output, but with a ranged attack rather than simply melee. I haven't tested numbers directly, but that's more what they feel like now. I think that's appropriate, but I hope they'll continue tweaking the balance to keep them competitive with other dinos that are similarly easily found and tameable.
  4. That depends mostly on how your base is set up and the location of your base. For example, if you're building on a high plateau, surrounding the inner perimeter walls with encumbered brontos on aggressive is great because you can home-run intruders off the side. If you're building in a cave, though, having dinos like wyverns and velos on turret mode out of normal line-of-sight can help mow-down intruders as they get to a certain point in the cave entrance. If you're building in the water, eels, desert Personally, I like making movement-speed/melee dimorphodon outposts around my base where all the dimos are set to follow a dino inside the outpost so when they go out to attack something they fly back in when the target is dead. If you're worried about being weak against big dinos (rexes, gigas), put a bunch of kentrosauri in there. If sniping is a concern, build some cover over the important ones. Surrounding your inner-base with purlovias is always nice, having plenty of rexes hanging out is a must. Allos are great for the bleeds, velos are good for the 'bullets', and brontos are awesome for tail swipe knockbacks. Whatever you do, never have a giga roaming around with your other dinos. At the end of the day, it's all about having contingencies for every potential entry point to your base, and a whole bunch of crap to make life hard on raiders if they get inside. (Inside I'm a huge fan of dimos, mesos, arthros, scorps, spiders, dilos, badgers, hyenas, and microraptors...basically dinos that will stun them so they can't move, blind them so they can't see, slow them so they can't run, torpor them so they faint, burn their armor off, eat their faces) I'm also a HUGE fan of dino honeycombs. Most people honeycomb the outside walls of their bases. I like to put encumbered health/melee stegos/trikes in those honecombs to make blowing through the walls a bit more interesting. It's something you can watch tutorials on and get all sorts of advice, but the best way to learn is to get attacked. Then you'll see what works and doesn't work for your base layout and location. Keep in mind that that the "right" setup will always evolve...especially after you've been raided to prevent them from using the same tactics twice.
  5. It's not a rumor. That has been the case since the concept of Legacy servers was introduced. Eventually all Legacy servers will be decommissioned. The purpose of Legacy servers was to quell - for the most part - the complaints coming from players who don't understand the concept of Early Access and/or didn't pay attention to official Wildcard statements on the topic leading up to release. Wildcard stated from early on that there would be universal official server wipe at retail launch. Many Early Access players were completely oblivious to this, and instead of stating, "Well, I wish I had paid more attention to that," they became outraged and an angry mob of players pitchforked their way into a compromise that ultimately benefited nobody. That's what many of us were saying from the moment they announced legacy.
  6. I use them for a lot...pretty much always having one on my shoulder on Neutral/Attack Target. They're live-savers if you're in areas where Kapros, Megas, Raptors, Microraptors, Honey Badgers...generally anything that can dismount, tranq, or disable you. I dump all of my retired breed dimos into my vault/important rooms on PvP servers (along with Arthros, dimos, and badgers)...they'll usually wreck face when people break in. They're awesome in caves as well, anything with flying creatures (bugs, bats) they'll quickly take care of things that aggro you instead of your mount in a few bites. Because they have super low elapsed breed times you can build up an army pretty quickly, and that can be super helpful in early game stuff when you're not using the best tames. In early-game if I run into something that I can't fight (ie: on a raptor and attacked by a large carnivore/alpha) I'll ditch it and get some time to escape...many times it will kill the dino by itself, especially if the server is a little laggy. Lots of other dinos have great utility and a lot of uses, but I use the dimo more than any other individual dino.
  7. In my experience, Dimorphodons. An imprinted dimo is an absolute shoulder cannon and it has saved my bacon more times than I can count in PvE and PvP situations. They require nearly zero upkeep, they can be a quick early tame, they're fast and easy to breed up quickly, and they're useful pretty much everywhere you go.
  8. It wasn't great to begin with. You can't bring sexy back if it was never there. SOTF is dead and the Battle Royale market is oversaturated. WC would have to spend far more time and resources than they have to make it playable....let alone viable. Even then it would still have to compete with PUBg and Fortnite...which it won't. End stop.
  9. Well, it couldn't do much to kill them for sure, but it's a war of attrition with turtles and they sure can take a beating. Seriously though, I don't really think it would be a super useful utility tame. More of a fun nearly-useless novelty for a dino that doesn't really have any other uses.
  10. True, but that would make for a really crappy game. lol
  11. I was more referring to your implication that the dinos in Ark evolved independently from other species. From what I've gathered after reading the dossiers/notes, the dinos on the Arks weren't necessarily evolved. She uses the term 'evolved' in her notes, but her descriptions often seem to be an attempt to reconcile what she knows of earth creatures to the creatures she sees. She later discovers (Aberration notes) that they're lab-created clones to ignore/bypass the evolutionary traits of the original extinct original creatures. Ultimately I think we're on the same page...just a difference in terminologies.
  12. Firstly, they're average at best. Secondly, I'm sorry, but I don't understand the intent or nature of your response. I agree that using tactics to buy time for a counter offensive or trick tribes into allowing you an escape is a good idea. Creative, deceitful, guerrilla, and outright dirty tactics are how I survived solo for long stretches on some pretty aggro PvP servers over the years. As you stated in the post I was agreeing with: You and I seem to agree that it's a terrible idea. Using this method as a retreat or counter-offensive tactic is effective because it's a bamboozle, not an arrangement. When used as an arrangement, the attackers get the impression that OP's tribe is a helpless and/or stoneless vending machine. Attempting to survive on a server long term by providing stipends to more powerful tribes is a guaranteed loss. At best it delays the inevitable. At worst it means that, when the attacker finally gets bored with the peasant tax, the "protected" tribe will lose FAR more than they would have if they had simply fought and lost the first time.
  13. I don't imagine the point would be to use the turtle as a travel or battle mount, just a fun feature on a somewhat underutilized - yet super neat - tame. Having a little 1x1 on a turtle would also be pretty sweet. Why? Theri power comes from their tickle-fingers, not their size.
  14. Where did you get that information about Ark creatures? This. I like this. A lot. I could live without the mini platform (which would be super neat), but the other two are killer ideas IMO.
  15. OP put a quarter in his butt and played himself. 20k gunpowder is a drop in the bucket to any alpha tribe with with a base covered in turrets. It's an hour or two of farming by 2-3 people. He didn't buy himself time, he demonstrated how weak the tribe is and that he's an easy mark. Would have been better to just get wiped...or at most ask the raiders if they could leave behind some metal tools and armor to get a head start on rebuilding...even that shows more stones than "Please stop I'll pay you!"
  16. I'd kind of like to see a Beelzebufo attack that deals less damage and more torpor. Same for the scorp.
  17. Magical things? Like infinite-lives achieved through storing of personalities and memories downloaded to and uploaded from electronic implants found in the arms of cloned humanoids? Magical things like a floating and force-field protected/sealed series of land masses and biomes orbiting a dead planet where seemingly infinite extinct animals from various eras on Earth have been cloned and then genetically modified to serve as inhabitants? That's all cool? Sweet. So what bothers you? Is it that these genetically modified- physically and behaviorally - animal clones don't look and act exactly like their "real world" counterparts? That's a you-problem duder. Your immersion is being broken by the game's own canon. The only way to fix that would be to demand that Wildcard scrap their Ark canon and instead replace it with your canon so that your immersion isn't broken when you play the game they created. Classic.
  18. Nitpick away, just be aware that the developers and the in-game lore have indicated that the animals in the game aren't meant to be exact representations of real world animals...live or extinct. It's a game, not a simulation, meaning their looks and behavior will never be spot on...especially considering we have little clue how a large majority of the creatures in this game looked or behaved. As with all games, the behavior of the creatures is more reflective of the nature of the game objectives, and not necessarily reflective of reality. tl;dr - Pretty much all of it is artistic liberty, and that's been no secret from the early stages. Don't get too hung up on the trivial stuff if you're just looking to have fun playing a game. The new changes look pretty awesome, and overall the art quality is going up...but I wouldn't personally expect or demand realism.
  19. LouSpowells

    Reaper King

    Nice, it can't be too hard to get 24 more like that from what I hear.
  20. LouSpowells

    Reaper King

    The bolded part is more the root of my question. If it doesn't auto-die when you transfer, all you need is one pheromone gland and "SetBabyAge 1" and "SetImprintQuality 1." And probably a daedon. It's the hold-my-beer type of science that keeps this game interesting for me. Laaaaaaame.
  21. LouSpowells

    Reaper King

    Yeah, I know how the Tek cave works and I wasn't expecting anyone to try it with official rates. I asked because I'm curious to know if it's possible to give birth to one inside the cave...not because I think it's a viable or useful strategy. It's for the same reason I tried to see if I could grapple a frog, jump off a cliff on the frog, dismount the frog midair, and glider-suit with the frog in tow behind me, and then re-mount the frog while I'm gliding: ...because it would be neat if I could. Can you hatch a reaper inside and then use it in the Tek cave? It would be neat if you could. lol
  22. LouSpowells

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    Nah, I mean, have you tried walking in there pregnant?
  23. LouSpowells

    Reaper King

    You tried sneaking through with one in your shirt yet?
  24. Add me to the list of folks who would like to see this (and topics like these) pinned in some way or another for newer folks.
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