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  1. am I crazy or are the purple dinoes really hard to find?
  2. is there a game update or is it server side?
  3. this thing looks like one of those star wars podracers to me, but it could also just be binoculars which is also deeply needed, looks cool can't wait to see it in game
  4. I would love to see a diverse set of colors for dinos, increases in loot quality, and themed parts such as the tree color changes that aren't just skins/emotes but that temporarily make the game feel a bit different
  5. ahhh I can't wait for the genesis chronicles! plz give us more info on the event; how likely is a halloween event now?
  6. uh no you would have to breed; if you have good lines of dinos for example a level 300 rex, getting a wild level 100 blue rex still requires some breeding to get the blue into your line. On top of this because of the events alpha tribes already have lines without mutations of many colors from the previous events which is also really cool to see as you travel by, I am simply suggesting that they offer weekly colors. I recently got back into ark and since i didn't get any good dinos during the summer bash since i had to start from the bottom i likely won't get any colored event ones until halloween/christmas sadly.
  7. Ark events often introduce many unique colors, so what if every week instead of having many colors like a special event has, we had a single color and it rotated colors every week. To make the events still unique, consider making the spawn rates of wild colored dinos much lower, so that players can still find a cool color every week, but it would more rare and only 1 color at a time. It would also give older players something to do every week during the evolution event if they don't need the 2x stuff, they can go hunting for unique dinos to add to their collections.
  8. Myself, and I think many others are not available to play as much during the week, I would really appreciate and hope that maybe you can extend the spawn of the those colored dino's, not necessarily all the bonuses, until the end of the weekend since Valentine's Day happens to fall dead center in the middle of the week. Thanks
  9. For the valentine day event, so both parents have a 5% chance of dropping the cake (ie 10% total)?
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