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  1. It was extended due to issues with the updates during Turkey Trials. I believe it ends in about 2 hours.
  2. Yeah, sadly that's true. The only way to fix ARK imo would be to sell it to someone that actually knows what to do with this intrinsically broken game.
  3. Damage indicators can be enabled for a singleplayer world by checking off the "Show damage indicators" or something along those lines option under Advanced Options. Otherwise, whether it is on or not is up to server hosts. Official servers do not have this feature at all. Instead, look at the animal's appearance. The more severely injured it is, the bloodier it will get. Creatures get extremely bloody before dying so after a while you'll learn what's just a scratch and what's close to death.
  4. I'd honestly be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee if it meant better customer service from this company. The lack of communication and clarity on updates is abysmal.
  5. Slvr

    Mana Bug

    I can offer a potential explanation for this (though by no means does it exclude them from responsibility!). As it sits, admin commands do not allow you to summon dinosaurs with specific stat distributions. So while you could go to an external tool like ARK Smart Breeder and discover your level 321 mana has 36 health, 42 stamina, 23 oxygen, 33 food, 55 weight, 48 damage, and 33 speed, plus 30 domestic levels in stamina and 21 in damage, there is no way to spawn the exact same mana with commands. You would have to repeatedly spawn a level 176 mana and forcetame it until it somehow got EXACTLY that stat distribution (which is pure RNG). Why on earth there is not a command to do this, I have no idea. It was incredibly frustrating having to spawn in and cheat breed creatures when I was trying to recreate creatures I had on an official server for singleplayer immortalization. I really think it would make so much sense to make a command where you could specify a dinos exact stat distribution, wild and domestic. But there's just not. So, why won't they just spawn a level 176 mana and force tame it then give it all the xp it needs to get to level 321? Because a wild 176 mana once forcetamed could RNG with a wildly spectacular stat, like 50+ clean melee or some poop like that lol, which could mean a lot more falsified complaints to get super dinos for breeding. At least, this is what I have rationalized from what I've heard. Still think it's very stupid they don't have an explicit command for it though.
  6. I, for one thing, am incredibly grateful for this extension. My gaming laptop died and my boyfriend and I's schedules had clashed too much to allow me to get animals imprinted properly and prepared for 1x breeding again (gigas) on his computer, so this gives me time to raise my other four giga babies to their next imprint on 2x. So so grateful!!
  7. Put them in a cryopod and upload the cryo.
  8. No idea what that person was doing in particular but unless I have my second monitor in, I'm frequently tabbed out to Ark Smart Breeder, Dododex, etc. Tabbing out =/= not playing the game with a game as massive as this. And even if they weren't doing that.. A lot of ARK's gameplay is waiting. It gets boring staring at babies, but you also can't leave for fear of forgetting them! So I often tab out to watch videos while I wait. Tldr tabbing out does definitely not equal not playing the game
  9. Jesus you people suck. How dare someone explain why Thanksgiving isn't important to the entire world! Burn the witch at the stake! Leave the dude alone. Go enjoy Thanksgiving if you want and let other people be annoyed they can't play their game if they want. It wasn't even Thanksgiving yesterday, it's today. Imagine calling somebody a snowflake because they try to explain why an American/Christian holiday doesn't apply to everyone. As an American, I fully hate all of you jumping down that guy's throat, and this is why I play EU servers. Instead of being massive sausages to someone you don't agree with, why not just consider what they say and if you don't like it... What he said has literally no impact on your life in any way! Just because one person on the internet said Thanksgiving doesn't matter to everyone doesn't mean you still can't go and enjoy it to relieve your stress from this incident
  10. Support > Help > Submit a Request in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This thread's not gonna get you any help, it'll just be an echo chamber of people complaining about Wildcard. The support ticket might take a while to get answered but it's the only actual way to get the issue resolved.
  11. "Other people playing the public servers of this game is inconveniencing ME!! It's definitely them and the tons of random beach bobs and not the handful of very powerful tribes on whatever server I am playing, or the probably thousands of dinos!!" Dude, if people would want to play on unofficial, they would lol.
  12. I have successfully recreated all of my important allosaurus, argentavis, ankylosaurus, and archaeopteryx creatures from the official PVP ORP server. With S+'s help, I expect to be able to fully recreate my entire roster of animals, at least the ones I need to continue my breeding projects, but it's going to take some time. My boyfriend and I have come up with a way to allow me to integrate them into our playthrough without ruining our experience. We must tame at least one high level animal of comparable level first before we can bring any animals of the same species over, and have somewhere to safely keep them (so, likely metal or at least stone base with walls, and a cryofridge/cryopods). And, with my college schedule, work, etc, my personal boosted rates making the game a little easier and less time consuming are a welcome change to the toiling grind of official. Although official is not difficult at all when you have a tribe and everyone is doing their own job, had I chosen to stick with it and merely take my animals with me, it would have been just me doing all of it on official. And I wasn't about to have that. So, recreating my animals for singleplayer/non-dedicated isn't so bad. Though I want to know who decided SpawnSetupDino command puts in domestic points... like seriously guys? You can't make it so it puts in wild points instead?? SpawnCustomDino <creature> <stats> <M/F (for the sex of the animal)> would be perfect. So, if I wanted an allosaurus with 32 wild health points and 40 wild melee points, but didn't care about anything else, all I'd have to do is type "SpawnCustomDino (allosaurus blueprint path) "Health=32,MeleeDamageMultiplier=40" "M"," and all the other attributes would be determined randomly. Important to not make level a parameter here, since levels are determined by the points in the creature. Adding "forcetame" to the end of that would of course make the stat distribution randomized somewhat again due to taming effectiveness, but there could be a way for the game to make the taming effectiveness zero in these situations. Idk, I found the lack of an option to spawn a creature with predetermined wild stats very annoying, but cheating in creatures until I get a desired stat then "SetBabyAge 1"'ing and "slomo"'ing my way through breeding is going alright enough.
  13. I had a pretty awful day, all in all. I've been struggling for weeks to keep my footing on the PVP ORP Ragnarok server, but me and a friend (the one I was with before we merged with another tribe) have been fighting nonstop. There's no one really at fault. We are at the end of our rope with each other and we just can't tolerate one another anymore, I don't think. I can't exactly make her leave nor do I want her to stop enjoying the server, I just want to get away from her, and I can't do that while in the same tribe so I've had to accept that I need to leave. The thought of losing 10+ months of work however is devastating. I have 700+ creatures in an ARK Smart Breeder file I've mostly been the one to work on. Everyone has names. My lines are tangled up in hers, however, so I can't quite stay on the server. I am going to move to singleplayer/a non-dedicated world with my boyfriend. I have decided to use a temporary god character on a singleplayer Ragnarok to try to cheat/breed creatures with the same or similar base stats to the ones I had on the server. So far, I've successfully done this with the allosaurus I had. I plan to store them on Ragnarok, and whenever me and my boyfriend get a new creature, if I have some stored in the Ragnarok world, we can then bring them over to use. That way they don't entirely ruin our experience, but I can still work with them in an interesting setting. We've also been talking about adding some NPC mods to see if we can salvage something of a PVP experience. It's a fun game, but man the way official started taking over my life and not to mention how easily drama with one person ended it, is devastating.
  14. PVP ORP Ragnarok Well! Tribal drama seems to have settled with the coming of Fear Evolved. But a new challenge is looming. The tame cap for the entire server has apparently been reached, and although we cryo'd many animals to bring it to a more substantial number, we still must be scraping the ceiling. This could call for warfare between normally fairly peaceful tribes. What I enjoy most about our ORP server is that battles between tribes are quite rare, and most disagreements are handled peacably or with shows of power rather than actual wipes. This gives it an almost political vibe. But this, tame cap getting reached, could push normally docile tribes to action if they grow frustrated enough.... At least, those are my fears. Such is life I suppose, haha, though.... I can't say the idea of getting rid of some enemies in favor of lowering the tame cap isn't tantalizing.
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