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  1. I'm just hoping to copy-paste an old discord message from when I was having a horrific day lol. "So this has been my last few days -My dad got home from work pissed off and decided that meant everyone else needed to be pissed off too, so he forced me to immediately put the computer to the side even though I was in the process of trying to save Morphine the Rock Drake from cnidaria and electrophorus. So he died -A kind Samaritan gave me an extra drake they didn't care about, and I managed to accidentally toss it out cryosick next to a rock elemental waiting on transfer timer, so it imm
  2. I use basically anything that pops into mind after taming/hatching something. I have a bad memory and having names to associate to certain breeders really helps me a lot. However, breeding can take hundreds to thousands of tamed animals...so I need lots of names. If I'm listening to Spotify, I might randomly name whatever animal I just got after the song I'm currently listening to, maybe some lyrics in the song, maybe after the TV show running in the background, maybe after an actor on the TV, maybe after some random item I have nearby - I've had tames named stuff like High Hopes, Loud H
  3. Thylacoleo is one of the best creatures in the game rated for hide. That being said, their DPS and damage can be a bit to be desired. However, if you have a REALLY high melee/health one, they work excellently. My high melee thyla is how I've been gathering insane amounts of hide. Other than that, rex, giga, therizinosaur, chainsaw, just go to town. If you raise babies aand have to meat farm, save all the hide
  4. Also experienced this the other day. This is more commonly called desync. It occurred to me after an areneo shot me with webbing in the Life's Labyrinth dungeon on Ragnarok. Things were hitting me and killing me even though I was nowhere near the wild animals in the dungeon, and I couldn't pull out weapons or anything to defend myself. Obviously, relogging wasn't an option since I was being actively killed. I spammed med brews hoping my dimorphs would save me before I died, but alas... Lost a lot of high-quality gear. I had grown a little cocky as I had ran this cave many, many, MANY times sol
  5. Hi, so I have found conflicting information on this in my searches and was hoping I could hear from a survivor that may have done this recently. My boyfriend has two characters on my CA cluster, one on Scorched Earth and one on Genesis. Now, he doesn't particularly care about these characters as he never got far with them as he decided he didn't care for the game, but he agreed to play with me some to help me farm some materials a little easier. Anyway, I live on Ragnarok, but if I were to have him transfer to Scorched or Genesis in the future, what would happen? Would the old character be ove
  6. Contact support. I know everyone laughs about how they refuse to help or whatever, but I did this to myself once and contacted support. Within 4 days, I was back in my tribe and had all my dinos and everything back safe and sound. It's worth a shot at the very least.
  7. Keep in mind that if you intend to test in singleplayer that either bosses are weakened there or dinos have a permanent hidden buff... I can't remember the exact numbers or which it is but basically if you try to test in singleplayer, just remember that it's going to be a good deal harder on official or servers running official settings.
  8. Ditto for me, very curious to see how this goes. I love allos and personally, the only reason I don't use a ton of them is because I don't see how they're any better than deinonychus or rexes when it comes to bosses or PVP. Sure, deinos have way less health, but like... they're sooo easy to mass-breed and replace and they can latch onto big creatures to do lots of damage, and then allos can't bleed bosses, so... If they could bleed bosses, you bet I'd be breeding tons of them!
  9. Creative mode, to my knowledge, is the only version of the game that auto selects the next structure in the slot to place.
  10. They were likely adults that they unclaimed, since it sounds like it's unofficial. They likely grew before they were noticed and when they attempted to kill with griffin, they fought back since babies grow up automatically set on "attack your target." (Official ORP PVP, Ragnarok) Worked on raising the new giga baby some more. She can now stay out overnight properly. Spent most of today online just replenishing raw meat/berry reserves. Still need more dodos before I can properly move to basic kibble for baby food. I made a huge batch of fresh cryos so tomorrow, I'm going to gather a bunch
  11. (Official ORP PVP, Ragnarok) Last time, I wrote about how I finished gathering all artifacts needed to summon the bosses. This time, I tell you that I have been hard at work breeding and raising boss fighters for said boss fight. Alpha Dragon and Manticore, I'm coming for you! I also have been hard at work trying to find gigas. Bullets and building the base better is great and all, but I need teeth, to use and to breed. Finding high levels has sucked. There is nothing else to describe it with. I decided to forfeit that venture and asked around for people selling or trading any. I didn't w
  12. Alright, so I've been at this for close to two weeks now and I'm losing my mind a bit. I'm trying to find a high level giganotosaurus. I have a lv 15 male and a lv 60-something female, which I tamed so I had an opposite sex to breed with whatever high level I ended up getting. That's the thing, though; I haven't seen a giga over lv 90. For background info, I play official ORP PVP, so I am on a cluster where we only have 1 of each map. I mainly play Ragnarok, and to my knowledge, gigas spawn near the green obelisk, in the open desert, and in the highlands. I have spent every day of my pla
  13. I have a 4.4k weight argy. You will never be able to farm with anything else ever again
  14. Ahhh ok so that's a PVE thing. Thanks!
  15. Is this a tek dedicated storage thing only? I play PVP and even if something gets C4'd, you still get something in tribe log saying it was destroyed. If you mean by a tribemate, that will also put something in tribe log.... Auto-decay will also put something in tribe log. So I am very stumped as to how this thing could just vanish without anything in tribe log lol. Not saying you're wrong, just if there's a detail there I don't know about, I am curious.
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