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  1. Slvr

    water dinos

    Not all of them however. I tried bringing over a megatherium and was told no way jose by the game. So you'd really just have to try it out for yourself.
  2. It is important to note however that it can take the owl like ten seconds I think? To be able to freeze the same targets over again. So if you have very weak babies like low level otters, jerboas, or compies they could possibly starve between freezes, at least while very little.
  3. "how dare you ruin the exploit I was using to raise babies with zero effort!"
  4. All tames can't go above level 449 so I don't really know what he's on about tbh. A fully mutated level 449 deinonychus is the same level as a fully mutated level 449 rex. Ofc, breeding to that point will take forever, but these guys are ridiculously powerful and there's a good reason for breeding being the only way to obtain more levels. Trust me lol
  5. It does not make them "useless." Well, the enforcer maybe since they can't exactly breed lol. But the deinonychus? They raise really fast. Breed breed breed and stack mutations, get you a good pack going. They're amazing.
  6. r/oddlyspecific In all seriousness though, this sounds like something posted in the heat of frustration. Keep high in the skies when flying around, have your render distance on high, and pay attention to your surroundings when you come in for a landing or are exploring. Placing a gen, single cable, and an outlet isn't that much harder than shoving a battery in it. And lastly, sometimes you just have crappy days where you get ARK'd.
  7. It's all good maybe I can get some pictures with my phone and just try to tune them up a smidge
  8. Nope, they've been everywhere above the cliffs for me lol. I got to play the fun minigame of "let's lure them all off the cliff and try not to bleed my ptera to death"
  9. Christmas deinonychus for the win! Ofc, I'm stuck on console right now and have no idea how to upload screenshots from there. But I got two different red color regions, plus a different region that has a beautiful pine green. I'm super excited!
  10. I don't know about the framerate issue but the distant staggered movements is actually an attempted optimization on WC's behalf. If you go into Options, there's something callee Staggered movement or something like that than can be checked to turn it off
  11. @Cedric does anyone up there care about this issue? Cause idk, seems like a pretty big issue to me. Or can someone at least explain why this is a "feature" if it's not an issue? An ice wyvern trench is an awesome idea, considering 99% of the time on PVP people just build over the ice wyvern locations on Rag, half the time by accident, because those wyverns are so darn rare! They're not even that powerful, especially compared to lightnings who can melt many tames in seconds with their insane DPS. So why are the ice wyverns in Valguero being treated like highly coveted secrets lol The fact that this is an issue doesn't even bother me, it's the fact NOBODY is talking about it
  12. I really hope nobody is still too upset by this. Between the console commands, the mod, ASB/screenshots/memories, and Zen's consistent replies, you guys should be incredibly grateful. This is more than I've ever seen from Wildcard team members as far as addressing issues goes. For me, it's usually not the issue that's so irritating, it's the pure lack of communication. Like on the Extinction launch day, where it was delayed for HOURS, and they gave like one tweet saying it was having nonspecific issues? Yeah that stuff irritates me to my CORE. So seeing Zen here addressing almost everyone's concerns is so refreshing. I really hope you don't get in trouble Zen. They need MORE people like you, not less.
  13. I agree that this thing dashing endlessly in PVP is overpowered (I won't discuss PVE here because obvious reasons nerf is bad are obvious, and separating PVE/PVP mechanics is a whole other can of worms). However, this nullifies stamina mutations by hardcapping their maximum potential. Now, stamina barely matters, so people with tons of hours of breeding invested in stamina are getting the middle raptor claw. Why not just lower its base stamina significantly so that breeding work isn't lost? Or, as someone else suggested, make PVP more dynamic by offering counters rather than just watering down everything's stats until they're all the same? There could be a hidden element system, with certain creatures (say, the earth element would be, purlovia, deathworm, doedicurus, etc, while water is ichthyornis, pelagornis, water dinos, etc) having small buffs over other elements. There could be specific counters, like a consumable that temporarily makes you immune to the bleeding debuff from wild gigas, allos, and deinonychus, for just one example. Or like the one person said, fire being much more effective at killing manas... These are all methods of countering significant threats without stat tweaking. They seemed to have started this. Raptors were effectively useless beyond for a new player, now they can pounce you off wyverns (which admittedly is ridiculous, but I digress, I'm looking at this from a gameplay lens, not realism). Instead of buffing its stats, it was given a viable new ability that makes them at least somewhat of a defense for new PVPers, and if they're especially ballsy, an offensive option as well for taking on others trying to get established! As a lv 36 with just a ptera to my name, a small new tribe with raptors is terrifying. The trike has a charge attack. The parasaur can scare away smaller predators and warn against enemies when before it was just that dino you used to get berries and then better dinos and then never looked at again. The deinonychus can latch onto bigger dinos, effectively countering their bulk by making it a weakness for the bleed effect. Well bred deinonychus in massive packs, I believe they could challenge even the undisputed king of the ARK's earth: the giga! And yet... The mana just had the metaphorical book thrown at it. There is no reason to just hardcap it. You could have lowered its base stamina, or if you're feeling really adventurous, given it a better counter than an obscure plant (that also got nerfed...)...but instead, just gave it a boring cap. Does anyone up there take pride in this game and want to do better stuff with it, or are they just wondering how much harder they can yank that cash cow utter? I know the answer is obvious and I'm not saying you guys SHOULDN'T want money. But it's just sad that you guys don't seem to really want to do anything interesting, turning a problem into a creative gain, and instead want to just slap some duct tape on the problem like my dad on an old car lol.
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