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  1. Is it just me or is the range on everything nerfed like hard because I have to be stupid close to Dinos in order for hits to register which is awful!!!! I wasted 30 metal arrows on a bronto and I was so close and no damage till I got point blank what is going on!?!?!?
  2. I removed my picture looks like bots are messaging my inbox
  3. So this egg coloring event makes no sense if I paint an egg and post it here there's a chance one of these clowns in the comments will save the picture and claim it as there own this contest is broken what's stopping someone from stealing someone else's work anyone can claim your work and say its them
  4. Hello Cedric thank you for taking time to respond to angry comments I'm mostly just desprate but I have a bug where when my tribe members upload there character and download it back into the server they would have to create a new one and when they locate there body's. It would be sleeping on there bed. They lost progress and now have to do all the boss fights again iv reported this and got no help from nitrado or wildcard can you make a statement please thank you Cedric ps I'm on Xbox nitrado servers
  5. So again here I am asking when are you guys gonna fix the transmitter upload and download glitch I lost my tribe because everyone lost there characters after downloading there characters into my nitrado server so where is this fix no word on that and we all lost our characters?
  6. Everyone I know quit playing ark its just me on my nitrado server iv reported so many issues and nitrado directs me back to this dead support and I got no help its been 4 months now since I been struggling with the same issues bugs and exploiters I will gladly throw wildcard under the bus on purpose because I lost my friends and tribes and dedicated players so take some of your own beating scrubs can't take the truth at all the truth hurts doesn't it so you banned people or release updates to distract people from issues which don't work...congrats you guys got me to quit have a great time with your broken game worse then fallout 76
  7. An Xbox issue?? What??? How does a in-game item like the transmitter have to do with an Xbox issue regardless I sliced the issue by disabling survivor uploads weeks ago thanks for your response
  8. So had anyone even yet found a way to solve the issue where you upload a character, later download , then exit game and it causes you to create a new one while your original lays sleeping on the ground iv talked to nitrado and iv submitted tickets and they have come to be ignored and I want a refund for my server and the game if this doesnt get fixed I'm tired I lost 2 years worth of progress along with every other tribe member.
  9. I just want the trAnsmitters to work my tribe and my server is dying so fast because of the last server update vs ark update and I still get no reply from support or any kind of fix where is my help
  10. My tribe lost there characters 4 to 5 times transmitter is broken again
  11. Everyone on my unofficial server lost everything because the game is forcing everyone to create a new character iv called nitrado which btw is how this started because my server was on a loop they updated it and now since then they keep loosing characters over and over I lost my tribe and I lost a lot of members on the server I'm paying for no ones helping me. Oh not to mention I called nitrado 2 times about the issue and I have yet not heard from any admins off my support ticket or from ark so if I loose anymore progress I'm just gonna quit I don't understand this anymore I'm desperate
  12. Just upset on the delay on console and as pc is used as a genie pig my server is dead most players were on PC and since i am running on console it sucks being alone can't do all the stuff I want to do without help went from 20 people to 3 to 2 that mostly haven't gotten the dlc yet I'm so sad this wait is killing me in madness I dare not even look at YouTube an spoil the hype and excitement for my self like my other friends did now they know how to do everything even before the games out kills hype
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