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  1. Options? You mean he doesn't have the option to come to ARK forums and vent or hope to get someone's attention like 90% of everyone else. Just like YOU have the option to be a white knight d bag that inexplicably expects people to just suck it up OR you have the option to not read these posts if they bother you so much.
  2. Are you serious? The op specifically asked for the topics to not be merged. One was a post, the other was a poll with more in depth discussion and the poll was removed by merging. DILO. Moderators can't even be bothered to pay attention to legit ideas and conversations and we expect the devs to hear our voices?
  3. That money goes to Nitrado, not WC. And yes, subscription clusters would bring revenue that could improve the servers and hire staff to monitor servers. If there are dedicated GMs on servers they would be more aware of issues affecting gameplay and balance issues. Could really provide more insightful feedback for the devs
  4. I believe people absolutely would pay for subscription servers. I helped run a 14 map Nitrado cluster and the donations were astronomical. People pay to keep their favorite maps up and they were paying for a map that could disappear at any time.
  5. I really like this idea. You should try to get Ceds attention
  6. When rexes roar they frighten smaller lower level creature which stun them and make them poop.
  7. Kinda stupid to have increased breeding but not gathering. Meat and berry runs will be difficult
  8. Supply drops are still broken on Xbox Apparently this has been an issue for almost a year now. Why?
  9. Just happened to me in the glowtail cave. They don't allow flyers on ab but they introduced gliders, ziplines, climbing picks etc..to encourage people to explore in different ways. Yet all these items have issues. Makes no damn sense.
  10. This is news to me. What exactly happened?
  11. Yea I had one burrow in the 3rd floor of my base. I was able to do a few imprints but now he's an adult and I can't get him out. I named him "Ghost Dad" and unclaimed him. He's still there...
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