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  1. Is there anyway to make them available on prim please? We miss out on a lot of cool things over here. The engrams are showing in the cooking pot. Please check into it for us
  2. Do how do you get the clothing skins? And are they available on prim plus?
  3. I say we band together and send in tickets every day until they do something
  4. You would have been more mad if u got raided by a mega tribe with duped meks
  5. So um...how did they replace them?
  6. I really hope you guys take another look at the teleport system on genesis. It is unnecessarily risky to travel this way and we are forced to use it.
  7. The teleporting system is trash. Even Elder Scrolls Online knows this. There are nuetral areas when you spawn in that no one can attack or perform actions.
  8. I hate that we are literally forced to travel this way. The spawns should be for new players. Once you get a bed down hlna should give you the option to spawn in a designated bed in the biome you choose. Either that or give us a few seconds of invincibility to get in our mounts or draw a weapon.
  9. I'm having the same experience. Thought it was environmental at first but I jumped off my bloodstalker to harvest some plants and my bloodstalker started fighting something. It killed whatever it was and it exploded. Happened a few more times and each time whatever it was exploded after my stalker killed it. I can only assume it's some sort of swarm like the bog and ocean swarms but they are glitched and u can't see they are targeting you.
  10. I totally agree. We are forced to travel this way and risk losing tames and inventories with no chance of fighting it. At least make us invulnerable for a short period after transferring to a biome
  11. Options? You mean he doesn't have the option to come to ARK forums and vent or hope to get someone's attention like 90% of everyone else. Just like YOU have the option to be a white knight d bag that inexplicably expects people to just suck it up OR you have the option to not read these posts if they bother you so much.
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