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  1. Granting that buildings now in ARK Survival Ascended has a Snowy Effect when building at the Snowy Biome, I'm thinking why not also apply it on humans and creatures (can be optionally turned on & off in the settings). It may look simple but the visual cue of the environment aside from the ambience can further add to the immersion. Dynamic Environmental Effects such as Mud, Moss, Snow, Rain, Ash, Sand, Radiation, Corruption, Poison Please look at the examples below:
  2. Hi ARK Devs, as you know ARK Survival Ascended has Global Illumination via Unreal Engine 5, making everything lit up. Although it's a welcome change it definitely cranks up the moonlight during night time. You don't even need a torch at night at this point. Taking away the scary darkness factor is taking away the true ARK experience that most of us remembered. ARK is all about the experience even with bugs and all, it will still be a ARK due to the experience, so please don't take that away from us. Moonlight is OP, How can a T-rex sneak up and jump scare me now?
  3. The skills will eventually get tweaked by Wildcard, so there should be no worries if it's OP or not, just put all the suggestions you can and the devs will pick and choose or come up with their own ideas instead. You'd never know they might put the skills in other features or creatures instead. Our ideas and their decision to integrate it into ARK thru other means makes the game better.
  4. THIS!!! Bastion Beetle VARIANTS on DIFFERENT BIOMES or MAPS. DO IT WILD CARD!! This is the BEST CREATURE to try this.. different colors on different maps. SE VERSION = CAN DIG SAND with SPIKES like LURKER (brown, faded yellow, tan, bluesih green) AB VERSION = GLOWING and TOXIC GAS (shiny, iridescent, glowing butt, blue, green, yellow) EX VERSION = ARTILLERY with BOMBS (polka dots black, ash, red, orange, violet, pink) GEN 1 = DEFENSE MODE with HEALING (light blue, light green, R mutated colors) GEN 2 = BEETLE COMBINED with PLAYER = EXOSUIT Watch Blue Beetle Trailer and you will get Beetle skills (galaxy colors)
  5. If you can make it BURROW thru SAND with a Defensive MODE!! with SPIKES/GAS/BOMB TRAPS like a LURKER/DEFILER/RAVAGER (see Starcraft 2) then this Creature takes the cake.
  6. Add Carcha Wildcard, without GUNS monke is just a random BABOON. cmon ADD BOTH.
  7. It'll have a cooldown so it's fine, it's good for buying time and it's better for newbies that way.
  8. I know WildCard wants to have an iconic half scaly half feathery Raptor but it just looks goofy and unnatural to look at, it looks as if it's a native american chieftain where its feathers were just attached to its body. I saw something that might interest some of you, it's more natural looking where the feathers seamlessly flows through its body but still retains some of its scaly features as well here have a look https://imgur.com/gallery/jLMsf9P https://nebezial.deviantart.com/art/turkeys-are-attackiiing-rapturkeys-314984859
  9. WC can we also have a Unique Ice Wyvern Breath not just a recolored Fire breath, I know it slows and all but the visual appearance is just the same.
  10. Please make the Ragnarok Map Official.
  11. Devs please make an Indestructible Hollow Fallen Redwood Log, please please please.. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/hollow-log-78d96677-d4c2-43c4-8d49-c3a6b6ff0164
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