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  1. I quit today, was also blocked by the studio after exiting the game from the website, here is the proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ0_WHssNUk
  2. If this is unofficial great, if this is official, you capped yet? LUL
  3. I agree you could go too far with a manag, usually just have to look at the map (m on pc) and you will know if you are close, i had a few close calls myself nothing that killed anything. If you run out of stam inside the zone then i can see you dieing.
  4. Should've started since launch but I did it and am now about level 71. #feels good man, i got one toon on all maps started from scratch, no i do not have a process, i usually however just build my base 1st and maybe whatever is around, i then fight things by hand no dinos, did this in pvp beta, found it amazingly exciting and fun one running away from a huge dino (bronto) him smashing my stone and spikes while i arrow him in the face till he dies and stand on him victoriously. Good times. I did 1 extra this go around and got a shield all flack with a sword and started to battle the Managarmr's, Man vs "dragon" since wyverns fly too much and don't play fair. That 1st victory was pretty sweet, its pretty cool to see other people fly off or watch from a distance if i will win or not, so far with the flack setup i haven't lost but other times attempting to run away from one they get'cha or you hurt your self so much you die. I lucked out and the 3X did help me along, since i was able to craft a lot that helped boost me, if they do it again i would say get on it. Reasons why i do not transfer, I do not trust it NOT to loose my toon. Oh i also started in the hardest area SNOW, i am solo this is online, I tamed the Managarmr and 2 owls, so far so good, got a small metal base already. Oh about that 1st victory lol sry but wanted to say it was against two of the Managarmr's that was amazing, i did use someone's medium fall in trap thou as a choke point but oh man, i wish i recorded that. Have to add i have yet to fight bosses i didn't want to burn the content i have so much left still, taking time away from the game also helps, if i had to re-fight everything again i'd say no that seems like a lot of work.
  5. I get them from farming the white bushes in the snow with my anky, or also rare mushrooms hitting the blue crystal rock nodes that give green fragmented stone (of some kind.) That is the only play i know to get any, not very much but if you find yellow flower patches anywhere that would be an abundance of rare flowers. (from what i remember someone telling me.)
  6. Yea there should be something, if what qc says is what happens then there is something, idk, i can't take credit its basically pubg's wall on steroids. Eh i never get close enough at anytime to even have to deal with that, if i am honest about it. sry someone got fried, i guess.
  7. Probably for coolness effect and or somehow people where circumventing the boarder so i for one am glad, it being invisible(for me lowest) however is another issue, if it isn't invisible (I haven't seen it) guessing it is like all the others that might be an issue but then again the map (m) does show when you are getting close to it. I'd like to think i said something about this wall of death and they actually listened :? but i am probably falsely patting myself on the back.
  8. Someone loan me their T1 information for a few minutes me love you long time?!
  9. Posted 22 hours ago ? Pre-came ? giggity. Or just unhidden from public until now?
  10. I probably shouldn't but i might start a new character and see how it goes, i am solo anyway so its not really going to be a race for me even if I xfer a high level. Crazy challenge probably but eh i can say i did it, unless anyone with a legit pve tribe wants to get a new toon in their camp on official, I guess I wouldn't mind, would be the 1st, seeing as you probably need one anyway. (no mic here, i do but it doesn't load on my pc for some reason.) Otherwise i do pretty well alone, little more interesting, and a challenge, few do probably.
  11. Make a backup of your current progress if you do not already: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved < folder of the map you are on (example ragnarock, copy, paste a new one.) After that you can adjust the game time frames, you back up in-case something magical happens and you get issues, at least your progress is saved and you have have peace of mind knowing nothing is lost. ^ So backup, adjust mating time frames, probably have to do some ini work so backup the original, for me idc to imprint so for me its, birthed quick, raised quick, so i don't sit there for months. (don't have that kind of time anymore, also single player..) Hope it works.
  12. on 3 different server, got booted twice once from 2 and somehow died from a raptor in the middle of my base on the 3rd one.? you figure that one out. so i decided that was enough for today.
  13. More here folks: 1st time using this gallery thing.
  14. zeroBurnAcidCool

    iron rex & pyramid

    more here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/364518-iron-rex/&amp;tab=comments#comment-2105538
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