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  1. In PVP what do you need to pin code? If I don't pin code my turrets or my vault can anyone open them?
  2. Beginner servers did not reset on the scheduled date of December 1st. My tribe mate and I worked our schedules to be available when the servers came up so we could get a good location claimed. Oh ARK!
  3. What is the most stable map for PVE? Our main base is on Extinction 454. That server has basically become unplayable with lag, disconnects... That seems to be common among Extinction PVE servers. Thinking of moving to another map what would you suggest. The island map is probably the most stable but usually suffer from over population. I have heard aberration servers are usually good.
  4. 454 has become really bad, it maybe time to abandum ship
  5. PVE extinction 454 is practically un playable any more. I can not get for more than a hour with out getting disconnected. Can't do anything outside of the base without serious risk of a issue if it crashes while you are out. Really is unplayable. I would move to another server but I fear they are all like this to some degree.
  6. I don't trust that unofficial communities will be there in the future Dont know what you mean by subscription official servers Do not like PVP. Do not enjoy destroying or taking what other have built and definitely do not like the opposite happening to me. "actual threats"? what do you mean?
  7. Not saying its a perfect plan but what I am suggesting is servers with heavy restrictions on things that lead to issues, because people don't seem to be able to control themselves. If you have a better plan let me know.
  8. minimal structure and un-cryo'd tame servers New Server type with a maximum tribe limit of 30 uncryo'd tames, 800 structures [foundations, wall, doors, etc...] and limited to 20 tribes with structures. I could be wrong but its been my observation that PVE servers have been almost unplayable because of huge bases and crazy amounts of tames. PVP servers do not have the same issues with over population of tames and huge bases filling up a map as they self police themselves from the gluttony. This excessive clutter leads to lag, DC's and crashes. When I first started playing ARK the
  9. I am so upset. My tribe has been working towards doing the desert titan. We raised and tamed managarmr's, made good saddles and collected everything necessary for the titan fight. Tonight was going to be the night. Then I found out the managarmr got nerfed. Jumped on the computer to test the distance. There's no way it could used anymore for the desert titan. Soooooo disappointed.
  10. I love it. Where do I sign up for play testing, please. I'll buy it now.
  11. I love it. Where do I sign up for play testing, please. I'll buy it now.
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