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  1. Soooo hyped for this. They sound so much fun.
  2. Please reconsider the structure change. While I totally understand pillaring/foundations is highly abused it's also used to control bad aspects of the game that shouldn't be possible to begin with. For example as people said.. people building structures on top of valuable spawns. Also we have to place foundations inside our water pens/bases unless we want to be overrun with spawns. AB is a huge problem as well because it's so narrow with no flyers and many pathways would be completely blocked without pillaring. Cap on PVE servers is a much larger problem for both new AND old players. Island/Ragnarok are particularly the problem and far more servers of those should be created than Center/SE/AB since those ones don't cap anywhere near as easily. You can't bring many species to AB so impossible to main, SE has horrible spoilage time/sandstorms etc and center is awful for element with not much reason to play there other than better spawns of certain dinos, it's also very buggy compared to other maps(we're forced to main center as all rag servers are capped).
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