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  1. We only build in places there's 0 spawns now. We had titanos spawning inside ours in redwood center map.
  2. I love alphas personally and wish they'd add more types.
  3. Cruel if you delete all legacy servers IMO. Already made them move their stuff multiple times and gave them the option of legacy in the first place. Of course the vast majority wont play or care about legacy so they won't give a crap if they're all wiped. The ark community can be pretty close minded that way. It's up to the WC devs to realize by taking legacy away completely you're taking a huge dump on the small player base that still plays them. They support your game for a very long time and have endured everything thrown at them up until now. While I agree to continue to get rid of low population ones.. don't get rid of them completely. Don't promise something then take it away completely. As for new game modes I personally don't care for them since I'm not one of the people who enjoys rebuilding. Instead I'd prefer fresh new maps/content which I can throw money at you for.
  4. As others have said just put in a ticket. The support staff are actually really fast and helpful nowadays. If the guy is just putting random pillars inbetween yours for no reason that's griefing.
  5. Ah yes, the guy who supports meshing in PVP and griefing in PVE is one of the types of people supporting a wipe. Surprise surprise.
  6. Been playing official PVE with my tribe since the game came out of early access and still play pretty much daily. Would be devastated losing all our dinos and work. Its silly but we get attached to these pixel buggers. One of our tribemates went to pvp and is part of one of the biggest megatribes. He streamed the base for us and the insane amount of time and patience that goes into these bases is outstanding. Guess the ones demanding a wipe couldn't care less about what we lose and would get satisfaction out of it.
  7. So for a few months now I lose connection to the server about half the time when it saves. ONLY when it saves. I'll get the lag spike and it kicks me off. It never happens on extinction(where I main) or AB, rarely on center but on island and rag its about half or more of the time the server saves. I realize those two maps tend to be more popular so I'm not sure if that has something to do with it. Its official PVE and its only started happening since around easter. Been playing official since servers first launched. Nothings changed on my end PC or Internet wise. This happen to anyone else? Any solutions? Doesn't happen to anyone else I know.
  8. Soooo hyped for this. They sound so much fun.
  9. Had a dream a few days ago that I had to catch a bus but had to go to a different bus stop because there was a wild giga beside it. Yep I definitely play too much.
  10. Friend of mine told me he was reported for this multiple times but nothing was done(had over 500 dinos out across 2 tribes) . Doesn't seem to be against the rules unless theyre obviously spamming for slots rafts, dodos etc Must be pretty hell with the low fps in your base constantly.
  11. Yeah I don't quite understand why pve has cryosickness either. Not a huge problem but would definitely be a great quality of life change.
  12. I personally like all of the things above. My favorite being coloured dinos but I feel that will get stale eventually. While I know adding new dinos is probably out of the question maybe add new variants of dinos? Like how chronicles added tek dinos. Maybe even add variants that are only available to tame during the event? Like someone above said turkey.. Maybe make those spawn instead of dodos on christmas/thanksgiving for example? Or something like new markings on dinos? Gives us tamers and breeders something new and fun to do. I never got to experience the old event bosses back in the days dodorex etc and it'd be very cool if those came back.
  13. I laugh when I see carnos kill and eat their own yutyrannus pack leader.
  14. I opened a ticket as soon as the announcement came up and a GM restored my imprints and engrams today. Support seems to be working fast considering the huge amount of people who lost their characters.
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