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  1. Not sure what are these but ill try searching the park.
  2. Where can I get those? Only place I was able were beavers dams. Are there any places to go you can harvest them? (Like swamp in The Island)
  3. So on one hand you're encouraging people to go tame new dinos just for cosmetic purposes on the other you don't resolve Server Cap limit issue. Lame. sooo lame. I play on SP so don't have again that hassle, but it's no rose garden much more fun playing with others on officials, but broken game and no help in sight. So staying on my SP Island all by my lonesome...
  4. Thanks for finally doing a breeding event,thou are server is constently caped so it dosent help us at all,we will just be caped the whole weekend without been provided any solution to your servers CAP issue. Also not cool posting a spoiler picture,right smack at the begining of the thread. Some new players might still be unaware of this.thanks for ruining that for them... ?
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