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  1. Sokkpuppet

    Is my rock drake good, average, or bad?

    Had a couple disappear like that when you get back on whistle follow and it should appear
  2. Sokkpuppet

    Hyaenodon pet buff, any official word?

    Extends spoil timer in whatever is in the meat pack
  3. Sokkpuppet

    Is getting the sarco worth it?

    Ahh but alpha sharks are a thing on ps4
  4. Sokkpuppet

    Thoughts on bringing..

    Maybe try a bear or a therizino
  5. Sokkpuppet

    I don't see the new dossier yet so

    A 4th raptor
  6. Sokkpuppet

    Has the eel nerf come to PS4 yet?

    Spent about 2 hour in ocean Saturday on a spino had no trouble with eels,but jellyfish knocked me off every time
  7. Sokkpuppet

    Ark ps4 patch

    Rexes are the same size they just fixed a glitch that let them for in normal dino gates they said it was getting fixed like a month ago
  8. Sokkpuppet

    New Patch cant transfer dinos

    Having the same issue but it's been over 12 hours since i transferred
  9. Sokkpuppet

    Wild fertilized eggs

    Could make the hatches sterile
  10. Sokkpuppet


    Engrams some much stronger than the ones you spend points on
  11. Sokkpuppet

    Wild fertilized eggs

    Let us have random "mystery eggs" in the wild.could eat it for a buff or hatch it.if hatches it could be anything from a level 5 compy to a level 150 giga
  12. Thylas work very well for deathworms just attack from behind them
  13. Sokkpuppet

    What Color Combo Do Yall Use?

    Mostly white and green
  14. Sokkpuppet

    Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    I read somewhere that Sony only allows updates on Tuesdays not 100% sure if that's true though
  15. Sokkpuppet

    Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    So today is the 24th.what are the odds of patch dropping?also how bad is the wyvern milk consumption now