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  1. Appears to relate to deinosuchus cryo creature where the status component saved does not have "Component" in its name as I presumed. Narrowed the filter down to "CharacterStatus" instead of "CharacterStatusComponent" and seems to catch the new mod dino now. Not working today but build is in a bit of a state at the moment re-working the user interface. Hopefully get it fixed and a release together later today.
  2. You tried Google? https://app.dododex.com/admin-commands/?id=beelzebufo-saddle#:~:text=The GFI code for Beelzebufo,one or more Beelzebufo Saddle.
  3. @Ninnginni I'm going to need a copy of your .ark save file. I've been unable to reproduce using data I have available and removing everything but the .ark file - all seems to work as expected.
  4. Should have nothing to do with the mod. I'll investigate this evening after work and try reproduce it - somebody else previously reported issues when there we no .arktribe/.arkprofile files that I thought I had resolved.
  5. It should already support Pelayori's cryopods - must be something in your data I've not coded for. Please upload a backup somewhere I can download and investigate.
  6. Each creature is different and as @wizeone states they can also be changed via config for multipliers per level. Unfortunately neither the standard stuff or ini data is available for me to parse from the save file itself so won't be an option I can provide.
  7. now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sOjF1-SjaN_GTC3Q6Vcoavop7_4mXIcx/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases Features We've gone dark. It was supposed to be an option but I got carried away doing the UI and haven't gotten around to making it configurable.. yet. Removed setting options for features that were never implemented (ASV Hosted / API). Re-implemented dino ancestors for ASA file format. Added support for Dino Depot cryo storage mod. @wizeone Donations If you really want to you can at https://ko-fi.com/mirageuk ..edit.. Noticed a few of the screens still try and put down black text on a white background for grid data. I'll fix that in the next release which should also include cryo creature saddle data.
  8. After some screen burn I've decided to re-work ArkViewer and provide a "dark" option: Just need to work out how to get the tab control border/header with less contrast and should be much nicer on the eyes and screen.
  9. Password to join server has no effect on FTP. FTP is usually a different set of credentials provided by your game host. Enter your FTP details on the FTP tab... Connect and select your .ark or .gz save file. .. and setup the RCON details in the RCON tab when adding a new FTP server in the settings screen. Click connect to test the RCON connection before clicking Save.
  10. now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kYlgE1KA3Z4APGWRIs_4hcvcdrZkPgQL/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases Mainly just a fix to the various non-unique Id's stored with the cryo creature data. Content failed to load: An item with the same key has already been added
  11. Same issue others are having. Cryopod creature and status with same "unique" id as other objects. I'll get the update out within the next couple hours, just been a bit busy in-game today for a change.
  12. As an "early bird" you can't DM. Need a few more public posts to unlock that feature. I got your backup though so will check it out after I've been out on a meat run and fed my virtual tames this morning. ..edit.. Took 5 minutes to load but my latest development code does not crash on your save so I will get a build together and release this afternoon.
  13. I have another build to release with some fixes for duplicate "unique" id's used by both in-world and cryo creatures at the same time. New build will give cryo creatures a new UUID regardless of what is in the game data to prevent this crash on load. Still some testing to do and working on exposing chibi xp so won't be until later today I put a release out. In the meantime if you want to provide a copy of your backup I will test it in dev and ensure the issue you are experiencing won't be an issue in next release.
  14. now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oHezKK0_tEttIMEAvkCflTxWoF9rX-o3/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases Features Player structure export now includes include/exclude lists for feeding troughs. @pleinx Tames export now includes "mutation" point allocations (suffix -m) Fixes Pelayori's Cryo mod (possibly standard too) now reads in all "CustomItemDatas" instead of blindly assuming cryo data is stored in the first set of custom bytes. @MroczneZakamarki Svartalfheim for ASA map re-aligned (horribly) but it'll have to do til Nekatus resumes work on it after Scorched Earth. @MroczneZakamarki
  15. Yes. The option is a for a single output. If you want all output continue to use "all" and discard the files you don't actually want.
  16. I like a challenge sometimes and it's a balance between getting time to play and trying to improve the app - as it helps us play I know you guys all seem to use it for admin purposes but for me it's always just been a tool to help me find the best wilds to add to our breeding lines. Glad it's helping so many of you all out though, however you use it.
  17. ASVExport.exe <option> <input.ark> <output.json> Options: all (<output> should be directory not file.) map structures logs tribes players wild tamed
  18. now available to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FnlNXRSy7fUZK0qkOrL2IsHG550WOi44/view?usp=drive_link Fixes Re-worked cryopod reads for ASA to prevent memory leaks. Added some additional code to re-generate new UUID for cryopod dinos and their status components if the UUID they have assigned is already in use. Re-worked how players are assigned to tribes to prevent a player being incorrectly assigned to multiple tribes. @pleinx Now deletes any previous export json before writing a new one. Previously it did not overwrite in some cases when the same file names were used. @pleinx Re-worked some loops and tried to improve performance of larger reads. @StevenB
  19. Svartalfheim is still in development. Just been in-game and had a fly around in GCM and that is the only area that is playable at the moment and so the only area things spawn. Looks weird but that's actually correct. I'll have to investigate the cryopod stuff but I have a REX in a pod on my own personal inventory and that's showing in my list of tames but this is standard not Pelayori's Cryo so might need your backup again to investigate that one.
  20. Working on a new release at the moment. The previous releases with cryopod support has memory leak issues which may be preventing your save from loading. If you can provide a copy of your backup for me to download I can check my current changes fix the issue you are also experiencing.
  21. now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11KFWAcIN1aagl5StdfpXd977WJy4sY75/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases/tag/ASA Features Split mutated stats into their own view. Toggled similar to base/tamed using the new "Mutations" option. @Elgar Fixes Crash attempting to blindly read in unknown data for saddle/costume/skin of a cryo stored creature. @GodOfNoiseMods
  22. Yep, fixed. Will get a release out shortly - just working on the split mutation stats for @Elgar
  23. Must be something with the cryo's that's crashing it out then. That's the only real thing that's changed. As usual, if you can provide the backup, I'll investigate.
  24. I actually changed it to put them stats back into the wild to replicate what we had for ASE.. not done any breeding for ASA but did wonder why they weren't in the base stats anymore and were counted as "TamedMutationPoints" or something similarly named. I'll have a look at extending ASV so we have "base, tamed, mutated" views for ASA.
  25. now available to download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U_SIb7aoia5CKJ2xuHwGpLlJJvEwoaPT/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases/tag/ASA Features Support for cryopod stored creatures. No inventory support yet but working on it. Added "Created" to Player Structures tab.. again. Thanks goes out to all those helping parse the file format: Kakoen has been the main man to bring us all together in Discord whilst working on a Java library to parse the ASA data format - check his work out at https://github.com/Kakoen/ark-sa-save-tools Don_Corleon who has also been very helpful in deciphering the format and working on his own Python parser at https://github.com/DonCorleon/arksavetools/tree/master/arksavetools .. and also anybody else who has helped out behind the scenes and you guys for your patience and support in providing me with some decent test data.
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