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  1. Go to community crunch 250 and ready all the comments there and you will see why I'm making that comment. It pisses me off how ignorant some people can be when they yell at the devs and be disrespectful I mean really there trying and its more difficult then it looks. Not only that but its a pandemic and if you look at the patch notes there trying to fix meshing methods and exploits there trying.
  2. For real tho I already snapped at people on crunch 250 but I fully agree with you. ^~^
  3. Thanks for working hard on getting PlayStation to us and before people complain about it and about no genesis teaser get over it and deal with it one will come eventually just be happy that the devs are trying there best right now as well as working from home due to covid. Also if you start to complain about it they you try making a game for yourself its not that easy trust me I have experience. Hope Your Doing Well Devs Keep Up The Hard Work. 🤗
  4. I fully agree and I fully understand the way you feel about people acting like this I snapped last crunch at people for it and I would do it again.
  5. It seems I need to bring something up. First off stop complaining about fan art people work really hard on making it and just saying its lame or its something no one cares about then don't even bother posting a comment about it and keep your mouth shut. Not only that but people work really hard on stuff like that and do you really feel good for yourself if you are complaining about it and someone's are is posted here and sees the art what are they gonna think. It's very rude because some people do care about especially the people that made them. Second, Cedric tried to get us a gen 2 teaser but like real life somethings dont really work out how you want it and same thing with crunch some things don't always work out. Third, the devs are working there a** off on gen 2 and fixing bugs so stop complaining and if you have a bug report it don't just complain here about it just send a bug report its not that hard. Complaining is not gonna make anything happen faster or change anything it just makes you look like someone that doesn't care about the wildcard team and everything that's going on in there lives and only caring about the things you want. Give wildcard a break we are in the middle of a pandemic and your not helping by being toxic. GIVE SOME RESPECT FOR ONCE OR KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD IF YOU COMPLAIN OR BE RUDE IT'S NOT HARD. I respect the wildcard team for everything they do and how hard they are working on the game but most people here are acting like children smarten up for once and give Wildcard some respect.
  6. It might be to late now but for ps4 users since I am one had this issue before. But you can actually recover your most recent save files by going on the psn screen hovering over ark and hitting options and you should see save data or something like that I kind of forgot since I haven't had to do it for awhile but once you hit there you will see your storage and online storage. You want to select and download the file from the online storage that got corrupted and download it. Then BOOM your save files back but if you started a new game then it probably got replaced. I hope this helps you in the future if this issue ever happens to you again. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. 😄
  7. Yep those are the only other wyverns if you think about it that can be breedable since the crystal ones were already breedable.
  8. More meshing exploits are being patched with the release with fear evolved 4 and there still trying to fix these exploits along the way. Aim bot on the other hand is something that is a hard thing to deal with since its a hack not something to do with in the game files it self and over time they are working on blocking and trying to deal with aimbot and its just something that is a hard thing to deal with and we need to understand stuff like this is something that takes a while to deal with.
  9. I heard that cedric may say something about genesis this week on twitter. owo
  10. That new item looks kind of like a rail gun if it was irl and not in ark but the only other thing i can think of is a plasma cannon.
  11. I know that its probably not it but on the ark wiki under tek it said there's supposed to be a surveillance system coming for a few years now.
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