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  1. Frostitute

    Dodo Punting

    Dodo Punting Sometimes it's the little things in games, Case in point being chicken kicking in Fable. Adding the ability to dropkick dodos around your base when they get in the way, even just punting wild ones when your bored for nothing more than poops and giggles. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has modded it into the game already.
  2. A headsup that it will be 12GB would have been good. RIP baby dinos that will now starve to death.
  3. And those that work shift work and have the day off? or the people that work night shift, people with disabilities, retired people... i mean...the list goes on and on. there are plenty of people that can play at that time that arnt just "unemployed". I don't see people coming on and raging because they work weekends. maybe they should start?
  4. @Jatheish Are the stat changes going to be retroactive?, or are all our current breeding lines going to be made obselete by the changes?
  5. If you could make the Pteranadons a little less enthusiastic in their follow mode that would be awesome, I dont mind having them on follow but i do mind them trying to shove their beaks up the butts of every dino i ride. They get jammed on hitboxes and prevent movement and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Maybe just edit their textures to have a trollface on them -.-
  6. I got the billy madison reference
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