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  1. That new creature seems like a dragon fly with a scorpion tale...
  2. How can I down vote this thread My vote is leave it alone. I love what they did with the Parasaur.
  3. PS4 Cluster question Hi, I just purchased my 2nd server. Question is can you cluster a PVP with PVE server? Currently both on PVE. And can a forumadmin confirm if the PS4 transfer being disable as well the Valguero transfer time limit is affected with unofficial server? I'm currently experiencing issues transferring from Ragnarok to Valguero and vs versa. Worked only once, know I have I keep loosing my Character in the transfer, a bit of a pain... What can do to recover my original character? Thanks
  4. Building in Castle works just fine still from my end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rguqwSAqsMQ Well at least for PS4 Consoles... Can't speak for PC players... Maybe other PC users can confirm or deny if it works from there end? Cheers
  5. I'm on unofficial here and its glitchy as hell, was able to transfer from my valguero cluster to ragnarok only once, however the way around I lost my character. Then I re lost my character once more once I recreated another one from Valguero...
  6. I haven't tested it lately but I used to have a huge base at that Castle, I basically took ownership of it and moved in. Repaired the holes, walls etc. I'l retest when i have a chance. However note I play on my Nitrado Unofficial PC server via my PS4.
  7. Beware... I just clustered my 2nd PS4 Nitrado server. Transfering is glitchy as hell. Lost my character a few times...
  8. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spray_Painter its works on my end
  9. What’s up with the disappearing pins on the map? What’s up with the disappearing pins on the map? That has to be one of the most annoying bug that exist. Pin point location on the map, log back in just to have it wype, fraken #$%^^"bleep"....
  10. I have to admit, it's a rush playing HC, just feeling that when you die, you really die. I was able to get to level 83, and it's starting to get fun when you have a long-neck with ammo
  11. Good point, however traveling from bed to bed, re-spawning naked in Hardcore mode? Ouff that's a gamble I'm not willing to take lol. Merci
  12. HardCore quick question Hi I'm testing my server on that setting for the first time. Besides dying for real each time, (recreating your character) any benefits? I mean, I imagine making beds now are useless? I'm on PS4, Is there any active players on that mode? Any tips? Thanks PSN: Moose_Cdn Server: BadaBing
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