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  1. Miami Good ping etc, however I end up to have to restart my server so very often when I'm online, 2 hours or so. Is there a memory leak of some kind? It's annoying as hell. I need stability, hell good luck with Ark2, Microsoft might accept guinny pigs but not Sony
  2. Here’s an idea, painting structure should add to the overall strength of the building. We all know that paint, well not only beautifies, it adds protections, although minimal. I would think I would be a good idea to be added to the game. Albeit its the smaller details that counts, something to consider
  3. Rejoining my server or server listing was related to a server patch. That was resolve, however the graphics are NOW poor. PS5 user here... Wake up WC and fix it, please... Don't revert a feature that was beneficial to PS5 users because PS4 Pro hardware could not handle. At least, make the option available in the option menu... How hard can this be?...
  4. Yep once again, not surprising... Then I read the patch notes: Why revert? Just fix it... and Now well can't even join my own servers, awesome job, good QA testing(sarcasm)... Here's an idea: Revert the Revert 2.50 patch, had no prior issues. https://games-guides.com/ark-survival-evolved-update-2-50-patch-notes-on-march-1st/ Reverted visual enhancements as they were causing stability issues (game would crash) and some performance dips in some cases. We’ll be looking to re-implement these visual enhancements in the future once we’ve resolved the stability and perform
  5. The update broke PS4 Console as well. since the 2.50 patch, no longer getting any server listing, can't join my own servers...
  6. Really? Kid? Hell I'm probably older to be your Dad, You spent over 1000$ a year for a server? Guess not... Yes I'm a PlayStation 5 user, oups yes I have one pettawon and proud owner, Ark2 exclusive to Xbox crap is poop...
  7. When you can find the time, could you fix the damn mailbox on Prime Plus? It’s been a bug for over 2 years now. Really over 2 FREAKING years.(if not even more) If you access it, then your F_____, Force quit is the only option. Please fix it Im trying to find new ways to entertained myself, but yea Prime Plus needs some loving taking care, It is an official DLC right? You sanction it WC, then its your responsibility to fix. Damn please fix...Vin Diesel I need your help, please don't make WC like the CyberPunk fiasco. Have them Fix what they own...
  8. Its been broken for years, yes YEARS and still cannot send anything, as soon as you enter your mailbox, you are F***, can't click on cancel or anything, you have to close Ark to regain playability.... Freaking annoying bug, however the asset itself is wanted, I like to send mails, however can't...
  9. Nothing will happen to ark, it will continue on its merry way and continue to receive patches. You need to remember that when Ark2 comes out, Initially it will loose half of its fan base, simply because it will not be available for Playstation users. (AKA me ) I will continue with my adventures with Ark 1 until I get bored. Hopefully it will continue to receive additional community maps, such as Ragnarok, Cystal Isles, Valguero to keep my interest going. IMO best maps actually comes from the community. Cheers
  10. I say, why the hell not Its a game, nothing has to make sense lol...
  11. MooseX

    ARK 2!!

    Any news if this "exclusivity" is temporary or permanent to MS Platform? Thanks
  12. Just Wow, high graphics finally Still Smooth. Even flying/warping as admin, the loading texture is way faster then before. Awesome Job WC, thanks again.
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