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  1. My bad, thanks, that worked, feel free to close this thread
  2. Tried pressing any button, it just not moves...
  3. Tek Hoversail don't seem to work
  4. Well not sure if that's normal, it keeps eating the meat even it has full health...
  5. Crybaby... Don't like it, then GTO...
  6. Don't wait for a PS5 if you can get one, trust me. PS5 is the way to go
  7. Just amazing, WildCard thanks, this map is gorgeous and huge. Was worth the wait. Big thanks, having a blast exploring it Time for WC to celebrate for a job well done. Cheers, PS: Thanks for giving us good drops by default for resources.
  8. Merci Thanks found it, cheers
  9. Basically how to transfer from the Right side to the Left side of the map. I spawn on easy, so I'm on the right, is there a portal so I can visit the left side?
  10. I'm having a ball on my Gen2 Nitrado server Question though, how to I transfer Biomes?(besides dying) I've searched for it, however no results...
  11. Big incoming 43Gb patch on PlayStation. I guess it's finally here
  12. Pushing release date, wow, not surprising. Take note Vin Diesel they are known of not delivering in time...
  13. Its impossible to make it on Official PVE servers, it's pillared EVERYWHERE.... What's the point... Do the Official admin actually check these servers? I'm not going to submit a ticket because they are ALL the same.
  14. Miami Good ping etc, however I end up to have to restart my server so very often when I'm online, 2 hours or so. Is there a memory leak of some kind? It's annoying as hell. I need stability, hell good luck with Ark2, Microsoft might accept guinny pigs but not Sony
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