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  1. Hi, Implementing FRS3 https://gpuopen.com/fidelityfx-super-resolution-3/ and VRR support https://www.pushsquare.com/guides/all-vrr-optimised-games-for-ps5 / https://www.psu.com/news/ps5-vrr-games-all-ps5-games-that-support-vrr/ / https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/tell-me-the-complete-list-of-games-that-support/33bf945c-9939-4578-b7f8-8e6881aedae5 for 120 Hz monitors would greatly improve FPS and Graphic quality experiences for Console users. Thanks for the consideration. Regards, Moose
  2. v32.16 (client) - 12/10/2023 - Minor version for clients Removed the "save game" button from the Pause menu I don't understand why this was implemented. I play singleplayer, now I don't have the ability to save?... I tried running "saveworld" in the console prompt, however I don't get a confirmation if it works or not. Was way quicker prior of this latest change.
  3. Playstation here, we seemed to have lost the SaveGame in the option menu for singleplayer, it's no longer there... This needs a fix asap. Thanks
  4. That's what they said about Cyberpunk 2077😉but look at it now. The hardware is not the issue.
  5. Agreed, I also have a 120Hz Sony Bravia TV, they should allow VRR with 120Hz support at least, this would boost the FPS
  6. I have to turn off volumetric cloud, fog and water layer to 0 to get descent fps. They need to implement VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) 120 Hz support for this title. Haptic feedback? I feel some on the trigger but haven't experienced any vibration on my dual sense controler. Loading ASA is very quick compared to ASE, so that's positive. Yes they also need to bring back the Press X instead of dragging the items in the UI. Currently only playing single player, haven't tried the servers yet.
  7. Personally, I love this feature, because it allow us console users to disable volumetric cloud, fog and water reflection to give us better FPS, however I only play single player for now. But then again if PC have this feature, then I would consider it to be normal for console as well to have it. My 2 cents. Regards, Moose
  8. Hi, I haven’t seen a sub forum category for suggestions for ASA, only ASE. My suggestion is for ASA. I’m on PlayStation 5, however I would think my suggestion would also apply for Xbox users. Could the DEV enable the feature of VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) for us Console users? That would allow us to take advantage of our 120 Hertz monitor/tv, this would also enable us with better FPS, VRR usually yields a boost performance of 10 fps. Thanks in advance. Moose
  9. By the time Ark 2 gets released, Unreal Engine would be updated to version 6 lol. As for Ark 1 remastered. I understand both sides of things. Will I get it? Nope, not until I see it's release version and see the reviews on it. I honestly do not trust Wild Card anymore. They do NOT have any good QA team, hell current Ark 1 is still bugged... for a PS5 user, Ark Ascendent, 40$ for Island, plus 20$ for the other ones, then another 20$ for the rest if not for all the other ones... I feel cheated to some point, but I don't care anymore... Good luck, with respect. Regards, Moose
  10. Agreed, I stop playing ark on my ps5, the graphics texture issues are too awful to look at, totally ruining my experience. Most likely will not renew my Nitrado server, expiring in a few weeks...
  11. Hi, I just heard that Ark Survivor Evolved will be free for PS Plus members in March, expanding the player base. Could WC at least fix the texture issue?
  12. If the latest patch was suppose to fix the texture issue, then what the hell is this? LOL
  13. Sure wished that WC would take advantage of the PS5 SSD speed, would help a lot with some of the studdering and loading... and yes texture issue, altough better, is still happenning and crushes my game experience.
  14. I would say latest patch fixed it 55%, i'ts still happening...
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