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  1. You really have to stop referencing vehicles
  2. Linux is as stable or as fast as any Microsoft Product, even the latter are recognizing the Open source community, hell look at their new EDGE browser, based on Chromium engine. Even Windows 10 now has Linux sub system. The issue at hand is not questioning the operating system or the underlying hardware that it talks too. That would be a can of worms without ending. The issue is marketing a product for an OS, without committing the support that it needs. I agree with Original Poster, however, IMO a Linux user myself. I have stopped long ago beating around the bush and just dual boot if you want to game. Or do like me if you will want to cut the MS cord and get a PS4 and keep your Linux for other stuff.
  3. Look here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Resource_Map
  4. A bug? I thought it was a new feature Hell I don't mind keep it as is, less time needed to baby sit, imprint, give it one cuddle, feed and move on
  5. Why the raptor would WC play around with these settings, now my own server is all screwed up, hell my baby wyvern hit 100 imprint at 17 maturation. raptor... I had it just the way I wanted before, took me hours to find the Fracking right balance, now I have to redo all this poop again... Frak@#$%
  6. Purlovia for me, makes me jump on my chair everytime lol, you just never expect them
  7. PS4 Whats up with the glowing sea weed? Not sure if it affects all platforms, but here ps4 pro and the sea weed are glowing bright, that texture is not right....
  8. I would do it / volunteering myself for free I'm ready to receive the NDA form to sign lol
  9. I hate bugs as any other gamer, however like others, I’m still enjoying myself. I will continue to invest time and money as long as new content comes along. There is no other game like Ark. Some came close like Conan, however I’m still here playing Ark and I just renewed one of my server for a year. That’s how much I love Ark…Even as a console player, being left out of all those goodie Mod’s you PC player have.
  10. The trick with PS4 download is pause and resume and do nothing else with your PS4. My download is already completed within 20/30 Minutes, yes my connection is Awesome lol
  11. PS4 servers: BadaBing CDN 25x... Hi, Feel free to join my server. Search for BadaBing CDN. It's a friendly PVP server. Its around 25x, has modified drops with Tek and boss trophies. Fast Tame. It has stack enable, however not for turrets. I have 2 clusters, 16 slots Ragnarok, 1 year Nitrado server as well as 32 Slot on Valguero, the latter one will expire in a month, not sure If I'll renew it for now. Its expensive to maintain 2 servers, but you never know.... Anyhow, enjoy your stay if you do drop by. Regards, Moose_Cdn
  12. PS4 2.06 patch is 24Gigs What the? So big? Whats in it? Seems like I'm downloading a whole new game lol. Not complaining, however I'm glad I have 150Mbit download lol, but seriously, any details on what it does? Thanks Moose_Cdn
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