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  1. admincheat gcmt is broken Hi, gcmt is broken, they can have all the resources, however can't fly and don't have the blink rifle. Please fix. Thanks
  2. Same on console, however from my end I can slow it down by pressing L1 (or R1, don't recall), however If land and take off again, then superspeed comes back. However I do love it being fast, its even faster then the rendering lol. I have to lay still to have ground render
  3. menu setting still not saving Hi, You release a 4 gig patch today and omitted one basic bug. I still can save the menu setting if I save/exit. Every freaking time I load up the game I have to reset my setting, vsync off and so on. Why can you fix the basic stuff? Thanks,
  4. Seen it once, seen it twice, nothing much to be seen honestly. Watching you throw away cryo pods in a hole like candy. Its a waste, that's what I'm saying.
  5. Well Cryo pods are expensive to make... and If they have dilo's in then, I would say turrets are working as expected...
  6. fertilizer differences Hi, Can someone elaborate on gfi fertilizer 10 0 0 and gfi fertilizer_compost 10 0 0? The first one has a bag icon, the other one, just the normal icon... One note that I have noticed, is the bag ones, seems to spoil or gets consume more quickly, a bug? Not sure... Thanks, Moose
  7. Sweet, thanks, lets hope WC does not cut them out of the release, like they did with Valguero...
  8. I heard they where smaller wyverns, however can they be ridden?
  9. Bring back the Raptor pounce Please, now its so easy I loved the pounced, it made it a challenged.
  10. Maybe "merging tribe" is PC exclusive? Never seen that option on my PS4...
  11. If it does get nurf, that would be because of salty thread like this crying over it... Quote: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"...
  12. known bug, hopefully next patch will fix it.
  13. Hell I'll take both however ain't my call lol
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