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  1. xmassmurdermikex

    Ark Mobile Tame Limit

    Speaking from personal experience 12 tames in multiplayer for a solo player is a huge handicap. I enjoy the solo pvp and I I can see 20 tames being reasonable to have some room to breed tames and have back up tames.
  2. xmassmurdermikex

    Plant X not maturing correctly

    I can also confirm that plant x vanishes after full maturation. I’ve replanted the same 3 plants over the past 2 days and only one has stayed
  3. bro you scared the CRAP outta me lmao I'm not on legacy thanks for Clearing that up
  4. WHY is my server on that list? server population is not low and goes from 20 people 50 people daily and continuously, all the peoples hard work is going to be lost and the Developers of this game know that moving tames and items to a server is a guaranteed death sentence and loss of progress
  5. I feel like a bunch of retailers should be getting calls about refunds. Playstation network will refund your game if you say you are unsatisfied with dlc delays and constant unbalanced game play.
  6. #BoycottArksurvivalevolved #BoycottTurretNerf