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  1. I don't really count cheating by dragging extra players in as completing the tek cave. It's not how the game was designed. Really looking for strategies on official servers. I think 8 theriz 1 yuty 1 daeodon would work if daeodon is loaded with 20-30 stacks of kibble.
  2. Video shows ya'll having 14/10 players at start
  3. Did alpha dragon/manticore using theriz/yuty/daeodon and 1 extra special dino. 8 cakes each. Was a joke. Not a single theriz had lost more than 500 health after fight. This is on official pve new servers not legacy. I had a few special tactics though that made it easy:) alpha tek cave incoming
  4. Has anyone done alpha tek cave without cheating (bringing over the 10 person limit by dragging unconscious players into cave)? Im looking to do it legitametely with 10 players only. Please don't comment on your 15+ player strat. I know how it's done and I know it works. Thinking about 5 rex 4 theriz 1 daeodon. Daeodon will have thousands of kibble
  5. Is there a post about rare flowers not working? Was talking to someone last night who said they tried and the bosses just focused the turtle. Not too worried if turtles cant eat cakes. They are tanky enough as it is
  6. Does anyone know if you need to have the vacuum compartment powered to lay a bed down and transfer to it?
  7. I'm currently breeding high hp turtles in hopes that it makes my alpha runes easier and was wondering if anyone might have experience in the Ragnarok arena with this. I currently use 18 Theriz 1 Yuty 1 Daeodon but I want to implement a turtle to kite away the golems from the Theriz and clear up some space in the middle of the arena. New comp: 1 Turtle 17 Theriz 1 Daeodon 1 Yuty Strat: Shred Dragon in first 5min of fight with Theriz. After dragon is down the turtle will enter the fight at approximately 30k hp with an asc saddle/beer and rare flowers. Flowers will be used to kite away golems and free up room for theriz to not tank golem dmg or get locked up on them. I realize some will say manticore will target turtle but that won't matter. I'm just trying to kite golems away so that 9 shooters can freely take down manticore since it rarely lands. Most damage taken from this fight in my experience is the 10min of golems swinging on other dinos after dragon is down. If this strat works how I think it will, the use of a daeodon may not be needed and another theriz can be added. I'll make a post on the outcome this weekend. Main reason behind this addition of the turtle is to do multiple alpha runs back to back.
  8. Ragnarok spino spawns

    1.) Insert tuso into canyon 2.) Kill every fish in sight 3.) Wait 10min 4.) Go kill the 2-3 spinos that are now spawned 5.) Wait 10min and repeat If you don't have a tuso you're just in a bad position to be farming sails. Sorry. You can farm 10+ sails a day doing this ez pz. Now that the secret is out I expect every server to have 10 tusos in canyon
  9. I was wondering if anyone had a good method or place of farming mass amounts of hide on ragnarok? I'm using a therizino. Need 150k+ hide for saddles....
  10. AR works but I'm pretty sure my tribe misses 70% of their shots anyways. They need something that will just hit anything in a general direction.
  11. need info on bosses and rag

    I wonder if you can bring 1 turtle in and load it up with flowers and leave it in a corner bringing all golems to it
  12. Only way I've seen alpha rag arena done on new official is with 10 people 18 rex 1 yuty 1 daeodon. Theriz strats will work eventually on this fight but not until you have high stats. For now this is the only thing that works on new official servers. You need asc pumps with 300 shotgun rounds each. Same thing goes for alpha drag. 10 shooters make the fight very easy
  13. No one on new servers or legacy has 20/20 mutations in melee or health. That requires boosted rates. It would take nearly a year or more on official with no tame cap for those mutations.
  14. Indeed. I'm just noting that if someone is looking for help on the fight to make sure to note what sort of server the info is coming from. Eventually new official will catch up to legacy but something that might work on legacy might not on new official due to higher stats/weapons/armor
  15. Feel like there is a huge strat difference when you are comparing private/legacy with new official. Most people on official will never even have 3-4k eggs to hatch in total over ark career. Official is at 400 melee max on most boss dinos and 10-12k hp max as base stats. Meanwhile some of yall are talking about doing boss fights with 550-650 melee and 15k+. With imprint your dinos are nearly twice as strong as official's best.