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  1. Toqs

    pve Boss Fights/Requirements

    I wouldnt listen to this guy. Keeps spamming every post that is selling boss runs on PVE official including myself. If his strats work he wouldn't be buying runs.
  2. Toqs

    Change The Evo Event !

    Always complaints....bunch of weiners
  3. Toqs

    Thank you for continued disappointment

    I feel with all the experts who know so much about the tech industry that if they combine all their skills and become the code warriors they act out to be that they could fix the backend issues faster than wildcard....because you know....its just that easy
  4. Toqs

    The unneeded needed boss rex

    You aren't allowed to disagree with me. I am correct. If you disagree then lets settle this the old fashion way. MW2. 1v1 Rust Quickscope Only. Intervention only. Scrub
  5. Toqs

    Boss fights

    I think you are all doing boss fights wrong. I farmed wood during alpha ragnarok boss fight. My mammoth eats flowers and takes down trees while having elementals chase him. You gotta learn to multitask. The therizino kill bosses and the mammoth farms wood. It's a win win
  6. Toqs

    The unneeded needed boss rex

    Well unfortunately I can't run multiple rag fights back to back since all the spinos packed up and moved to aberattion Also having 3-4 daeodons outside the obelisk ready to heal makes you do more boss runs
  7. Toqs

    The unneeded needed boss rex

    Tamed my own 😘 You are a member of the rex breeder union I see
  8. Toqs

    Boss fights

    Indeed. Rock elemental are the main reason for dinos dying on that fight.
  9. Toqs

    The unneeded needed boss rex

    I mean im not buying an 1000 dollar phone thats just as good as the previous, eh? I'd be more interested in rexs that had smaller body size mutations so they can actually fit on the obelisk easier
  10. Add more cakes. I use 8 on alpha and the theriz come out of the fight missing maybe 500 health. I use 15k theriz and 600 melee I also use 100+ saddles though. Health doesn't matter against the burn ability. Better saddles will reduce the regular dragon attacks.
  11. Toqs

    The unneeded needed boss rex

    I just feel like most people believe you absolutely need insane stats to do a boss fight when you dont. They can buy it if they want but in my opinion it's a complete waste. The idea of needing them derived from rex breeders.
  12. Toqs

    Boss fights

    I don't know who claimed that flowers don't aggro boss minions but that's a lie. Its how I make every alpha run a joke. When I do alpha ragnarok arena I don't get a single rock elemental attacking any of my main dinos. Just the one kiting them.
  13. I don't know why people spend insane amounts of resources for 1 boss rex egg that is not needed. A 40+ stat rex in health and dmg will fair well on alpha boss runs. Every week there is a new mutation for boss rex that everyone runs to get. It' a waste. Save your resources and invest in an asc saddle and resources for it. Take it from someone who never bought a boss rex and has done every alpha fight on official new servers. If any dino is worth spending insane resources on its a 50+ stat food daedon. Much more useful than 18 rexs with 50 stat melee and health. Sincerely, Toqs aka The Grinch
  14. I don't really count cheating by dragging extra players in as completing the tek cave. It's not how the game was designed. Really looking for strategies on official servers. I think 8 theriz 1 yuty 1 daeodon would work if daeodon is loaded with 20-30 stacks of kibble.
  15. Video shows ya'll having 14/10 players at start