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  1. Better RNG For Breeding

    It would make getting max stat dino's way too fast and bosses far too easy. Especially when dealing with the rex, daeodon, and yuty market. It's great the way it is. Slow progression to make the game last longer is best. This goes for mutations as well. No handouts.
  2. 17+ minute wait to upload into the ark

    I actually like the upload time. Makes duping very hard to do since most dupers have 20min or less after the save point to dupe into the ob. It also makes cross server trading more difficult so people can't buy their way to the end-game. People will have to work their way there and breed more on their own more so than legacy players did
  3. Is anyone else not getting an update today for ARK and showing 0 servers online?
  4. Is it not being released 12am tomorrow night EST?
  5. I would definitely say megatherium in swamp cave due to megatherium getting the bug buff once killing something. It nearly 1 shots everything in the cave
  6. I tried this but had issues of armor breaking and the frog getting low hp. This is just a strat I use to clear the cave very quickly and collect 2-3 ascendant bps a day and also kill everything without the sloth losing 1k health out of its 13-15k. People can do the cave however they like. This is just the easiest setup I have used for it
  7. Hello everyone, So I have been using this strategy for awhile and I thought I might share it with others. It requires using 2 megatheriums that are raised inside the swamp cave. 1 megatherium stays at the entrance and is used to clear the initial few rooms up until the tight pathway that the megatherium can't go through normally. The second megatherium is brought to the tight corridor that seems impassible but you can aim the sloth towards the wall and use it's right click attack to pop it up and climb part of the wall allowing you to fall through the passage. The second megatherium is permanently stuck inside the cave on that side of the passage. (The room where it forks left and right with the pool in the center). I ignore the right side of the cave and take the second megatherium left. Now there is another tight passage on the left and the megatherium wont fit if you try and walk through it. You need to get a sprinting start and run towards the right side of corridor and it will climb the side of the wall and pop through. (This corridor can be entered and exited). Arthroplueras can't break any armor or touch you while on the back of a sloth. This goes for any other dino in the cave. End result is being able to power through the entire swamp cave in roughly 7min obtaining 2-3 red drops and an artifact without losing any armor, using any ammo, and injuring any dino. Downside: 2 of your megatheriums are permanently stuck in the cave but they are out of any pathways that someone else might take. Bonus: Nothing in the swamp cave aggros to the megatheriums. I just leave mine on neutral. Nothing has ever attacked them I never leave the sloths back unless I am picking up a drop or artifact. Prepare to have infinite xp as well. You also don't need a good saddle. Primitive is fine If you have any questions about it i'd be happy to reply


    Bunches and bunches
  10. I raise about 5-8 daeodons at a time. 10 troughs all cooked meat. I fill 100 kibble in each pig as an emergency. My only advice is to have 20+ fridges full of cooked meat prior to raising. Fill the troughs and get on every 4-6 hours to refill troughs. Depends on if they are juvi or not. Also I sometimes fill a trough completely full of cooked prime. Last awhile
  11. Server Wipe

    Some of the Rag servers are currently being fully wiped. Idk if this is a hint or what. Rag14 was just reset to day 1.
  12. Did anyone else get their server wiped on rag map???
  13. Does anyone know how much the patch reduced the milk intake by? Is it still 1 hour or back to 4 hours?
  14. I don't know if you even bothered to read the original post but nowhere is it asking for them to rush anything or is it complaining about current issues. It's just an idea to buy items that don't affect individual player power. It's simply cosmetic. I don't know if a Troodon crapped in your wheaties this morning or what but no need for the Call of Duty rage
  15. What if purchased skins weren't raidable? They were account bound. I believe a large part of the market for this would be on PVE but if it were made to be account bound then PVP players could feel safe making purchases.