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  1. Is the Basilosaurus broken?

    yea.. my point is we aren't getting the ability to feed them at all atm..yet 3 days ago it was fine.. wondered if anyone else was having that issue.. ty tho
  2. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    My question is.. how can WC, go on selling a game where taming dinos is a main feature.. when dinos on most servers can no longer be tamed due to cap... Instead of expecting the player base to solve the issue.. WC should be. Instead of putting so much time into a new dlc.. a solution should first be put in place to solve this issue.. This is a known issue.. WC should have not only responded to this issue.. but fixed it by now completely.. I ask you WC.. how u can go on taking money from players.. who want to enjoy ur game.. when they cant even do what is.. a main feature of the game. As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate... and escape! Tame, Train & Ride Dinosaurs, in a Living Ecosystem Harvest, Build Structures, Paint Items Plant, Farm and Grow Summon the Ultimate Life Forms Explore and Discover You continue to sell a game, you know cant be played as advertised.. its on you WC to fix the issue.. not on your player base.. slapping a bandaid on it and hoping it will go away.. is not good business.
  3. Ive been trying to tame a basil all day.. with no tame box showing.. our server is not capped atm ( for once ) so that's not the issue... we also tried taming 10 diff whales at 10 diff levels incase someone had tried taming and walked away... anyone else having this issue?
  4. My Survivor has been removed

    Please devs.. there has got to be an emergency way for you to fix this and everyone else that lost their characters with a top priority given since dinos and such are time sensitive
  5. Totally agree.. a roll back to before this all started
  6. Responsabilities by Devs of WC

    i think u'll find many have given up on tickets.. reason being.. they dont get answered for weeks after a time.. even on super serious issues i cant speak for other pve servers.. but i know the one im on is pillared in certain places to ensure resource spawns .. amazed at how many people will block metal n such in... however if asked.. and it wont affect everyones game play.. pillars can be removed we work together on our server to make the game better for everyone..
  7. Didnt say there wasnt worse.. just that i hadnt seen them lol Despite all that.. i wont be one of the players that gives Ark a bad review.. tho many will for reasons stated by many. The game itself is addicting.. challenging.. fun and i find myself drawn to it time and time again..Ark has sooo much potentional.. and in that.. id love to see it succeed.. however if i could rate the company itself without it reflecting on the game..........
  8. So um.. what is it wildcard.. ur wrapping up the disc.. ur working on the servers? steams down but lets every other game on there update cept ark? Could we plz have a representative on here that knows what they are doing.. who wont bullpoop us and give us an actual straight answer.. cause as it stands now.. ur looking like money grabbing liars to the ark community. Over 30 hours .no issue has been fixed and alot of different info given by 3 of you. A little common sense.. the disc is no good to you when u have this many issues so close to release..Not fixing the issues when you have them is bad form in any gaming community.. ignoring your gamers also bad form and where bad reviews come from.. and if you think that the behaviour of your company and its impact now on players wont reflect on you.. come launch you're going to see how wrong that actually is... all you need to do is look back at other games to see how much the gaming communities views do have regarding your sales. Never have i seen a company care so little about its customer base as you. Instead of everyone saying so many diff things.. perhaps you could get ur act and priorities into gear
  9. gasoline nerf in official server

    Actually Jat is aware of the issue.. it was only meant for single player...somewhere in the forums among the thousands of threads he respond to a report on it .. responded to a mod.. sorry i cant remember the thread..
  10. Trapped on Toilet

    rofl... im so sorry.. but thats hilarious...
  11. im not so sure steam is actually the issue.. since other steam games have updates happening
  12. you asked if anyone from wc had read this thread... i answered.. if you already knew the answer why ask the question?
  13. yes and posted in this thread.. a few times
  14. im at a loss as to why the servers have not been taken down as of yet.. ensuring the save of progress so far.. so there is no more losses.. instead because they havent been.. people are needing to log in go through 101 dcs in order to attempt to get enough meat to keep our tames, babies alive... its that.. or give up and walk away from the game entirely, the question im asking and im sure im not the only one.. is.. is the game when working.. worth all this frustration when its not? Lack of communication lack of understanding lack of basic game knowledge ( eg taking the servers down when stuff like this happens ) not even appearing to know that they are having such an issue for 12hrs after it started This close to release game play and communication should be a lot more smoother than it is
  15. Middleman!!!!!!

    I'm posting this here as while it can be seen as a suggestion or comment for general.. the whole reason of the post is the bug/support issues. really need a middleman.. someone who can communicate with someone from your company at all times.. and someone who the players can rely on for an answer...someone who will sift through threads daily.. find issues and at least respond to them while at the same time being able to see if you guys are aware of the situation. Its not fair to your player base to spend hours/days waiting on an answer if one is even forthcoming... nor is it fair to them to need to sift, wade through thread after thread, twitter forums etc in hope of finding one. On saying that.. its also hard on you main guys to try and find out the issues.. sift through threads and jot out a quick reply before going back to sort out issues. Quick replies that while are appreciated when they do come through.. are hard to find, without players who are sifting through trying to find them..then leaving said players jumping on them with a hallelujah and asking more questions from other threads .. its a continuous circle that is broken. There's no point trying to fill a bucket while it has many holes in it. An easy fix to the issue is having a middleman ( or 3).. who people can rely on.. A response.. is better than no response at all. This would alleviate many frustrations your player base is feeling with the lack of communication coming from wildcard.. and make the jobs of the forum mods much easier and more pleasurable. Heck id even volunteer my time as i know many a player would.