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  1. Its very exciting because any time ark gets extra rates thats time to log on and farm easier not have to spend 6 hours on baby times and makes the overall experience enjoyable. Chibis are rare items getting those legendary and very rare chibis is a stable of these events now. They also give event specific skins and items if you wanna host an egg hunt get the easter eggs and do one with your tribe.
  2. Ark has its fair share of bugs and occosional issues which lead to players submitting tickets about lost tames, characters, or items but the process they use to compensate players is extremely inefficient. They spawn in new wild dinos to a max of level 210(I might be wrong on that) ,but won't restore stats, colors, or in some cases imprint. Characters lost lose their tekgrams and if you ever lose items due to glitches they don't restore them. I think it would be benefical and easier on the ark dev team if they implemented an overhaul on the tribe log system with admin tools. Such as whenever y
  3. I'm no new player I wanted a metal farming base to get easier farming on official but every location was pillared to high heaven even though the bases are far away from the pillar radius
  4. Im trying to find a good spot to build on Abberation but most servers I goto in the bluezone tribes have pillared way beyond their base location and/or don't even have a base at the pillared spot. Leaving basically no space for newer tribes to move in
  5. So i started a boss fight on center when the teleport sequence finished I wasn't teleported and it instantly killed all my rexes and my Yuty. I summitted a ticket about explaing everything that happened. What's the likely hood of me getting help for it? If they do help what's my most likely thing that they will do for me to compensate?
  6. https://prnt.sc/g3uw5h this one is mine
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