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  1. This bug has ruined Ark for me. I run a server with quite a few players and have not been able to get onto it for the past few weeks. Can hardly get onto official either. This has never been a problem before. Re-installed Ark twice and tried from my other PS, but same nonsense. South Africa DSL (10mb line) Telkom ADSL Playstation + Playstation Pro
  2. Can you contact me on my psn please. Grtz lord thanatos

    1. Krampus132


      Yo dude! PM me your email address so I can send you the server admin details. No need to worry though, I'll make sure its running indefinitely. 


  3. Hi Krampus132, i am new to Ark and i have been in an official server since i started. It seems everyone on this server is OP and when i log back in my base is gone and i have to start from scratch. do you have a PvP server i can join to enjoy the game as it should be played? i am on pretty much everyday.  

    Many thanks

    1. Krampus132


      hey Herb, yeah - we have a PvP server cluster which has all maps available. 

      You should see the server if you search the unofficial PC sessions for: 0XPvPvEX0-Ragnarok

      (Those are zero's and not capital o's).

      Everyone is friendly and just enjoy playing the game without being wiped every day. 

    2. HerbMan


      Amazing, what a guy.

      I shall jump in there this evening. Im new to this so forgive me if this is a stupid question but am i able to start on the island? Just with the server being called Ragnarok. I have the full season pass but would like to explore all maps one by one.

      Many thanks 

    3. Krampus132


      Yes, definitely. All maps have different admins and the admin on the Island is called bigten55. He's a real decent guy and can help you if you need. 

      See you online sometime!

  4. Trying to find the server but my PS4 can't seem to find it 

    1. Krampus132



      Make sure your filter's are set to "unofficial pc sessions" in the server browser window.

      Then search for 0XPvPvEX0-Ragnarok or just 0XPvPvEX0

      Capitalization doesn't matter and those are zero's not capital o's. 


  5. Thanks for follow :)

  6. Im on official EU-214 primitive.

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