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  1. This bug has ruined Ark for me. I run a server with quite a few players and have not been able to get onto it for the past few weeks. Can hardly get onto official either. This has never been a problem before. Re-installed Ark twice and tried from my other PS, but same nonsense. South Africa DSL (10mb line) Telkom ADSL Playstation + Playstation Pro
  2. Definitely still there. 4 players on at the moment. Have you updated your client side?
  3. Yeah, the host was having some issues, but seems to be sorted now
  4. Krampus132

    pvp Boss fighting

    I've done all the bosses on PS4, ascended to lvl110, but I'm now playing on PC and also want to do bosses with other people since I'm playing solo. Let me know if you find any where they looking for more players.
  5. I have 4 established servers (Rag, Island, Aberration, Center) in a cluster with some active long term players. The servers are all leased for more than a year and the players are mature, friendly and very decent. I'd be very keen to have other servers join our cluster for cross ark travel, events and trading. There's a full post about the server in my profile here on the forum, or add me on PSN to discuss further: SeanNieuwoudt
  6. Krampus132

    Leaving my tribe, Need help.

    If this pisses you off then NEVER join a mega tribe. You'll be grinding while the leaders enjoy it all
  7. Yo! I'm also looking to do the medium or hard dragon on rag boss fights. You manage to find people? If you keen and we can find about 6 other people, then i'll bring all the spino sails etc and two good rexes (40k hp, 800% dmg) to join. Let me know since I'm in the same position as you, part of big tribe where I'm the only one that cant use trans.
  8. I'm looking to join in on the hard dragon boss fight on Ragnarok if anyone is looking for an additional player. I'll bring a decent Rex or two (40k hp, 800% dmg etc).
  9. Krampus132

    pvp Looking for PS4 Boss Fights

    Also looking to join boss fights for the hard dragon boss on rag, have a good rex (40k hp, 800% dmg etc)
  10. Krampus132

    Black screen when logging in to dedicated server

    I have been unable to log into my dedicated nitrado server for weeks now because of this. #bullpoop