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  1. Auzy4554

    Dinosaur Paintings

    I recently finished painting this series of dinosaurs and Ark is really what ressurected my love for dinosaurs and therefore motivated me to paint this so I just figured I'd share it here. The dinos in order are T-Rex, Cryolophosaurus, Yutyrannus, Baryonyx, Carnotaurus, and Allosaurus
  2. Best server I've ever played on! There's never any arguing or fighting. The server isn't overpopulated, but has enough players for a nice community. The admins are the nicest guys you'll ever meet! All around amazing server and I don't plan on playing anywhere else anytime soon!
  3. Auzy4554

    Incubating Eggs

    Thanks guys [emoji106] I will try this
  4. Auzy4554

    Incubating Eggs

    So I heard you can incubate eggs with campfires. Am I doing something wrong in the picture?
  5. Auzy4554

    Any Cool Mutations?

    Duuuuuude those magenta mutations are [emoji108]
  6. Auzy4554

    Only 15 dinos in your pen, what are they?

    1 beaver 1 Doed 1 anky 1 giga 1 wyvern 1 quetzal 1 griffin 1 thyla 1 mosa 1 bronto 1 deer 1 otter 1 ptera 2 argys
  7. Auzy4554

    Ark Suggestions!!

    [emoji23] lol well this is kind of embarrassing but I was going to tame one and the alpha tribe was being too nice and they insisted they give me one. I wanted to tame my own but they wouldn't stop persisting. I suppose it's good to have an alpha tribe be that nice to you, but maybe it's a little too good lol
  8. Auzy4554

    Ark Suggestions!!

    My new Griffin!!
  9. Auzy4554

    Ark Suggestions!!

    Yeah tell me about it lol
  10. Auzy4554

    Ark Suggestions!!

    Yeah true
  11. Auzy4554

    Ark Suggestions!!

    Lol yeah I realize that's not very long for other people, but since I have a very busy life it is for me!
  12. Auzy4554

    Ark Suggestions!!

    Plus they look epic and majestic, while the argent looks like an overgrown raven lol