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  1. Again with the auto decay garbage...

    I don't agree with the wildcard hate, they are doing the best they can, but I do have an auto decay story. One day I spend 7+ hours building a really aesthetic structure up a mountain. I made it out of wood because that looks the best. The next few days, people all across the server come and they are complimenting me and admiring the structure because it looked really nice. About a week later, I come online and the ENTIRE thing is gone. Literally every pillar had vanished. It was all auto decay. 7+ H O U R S of building that I could've used to breed or tame, gone down the drain. I was pretty mad and so was the rest of the people on the server because they loved it. I understand wildcard has a lot of stuff to fix and it's a big game so I don't blame them for having a few hiccups, but here is an example for them to read and hopefully fix so it won't happen again.
  2. Only 15 dinos in your pen, what are they?

    1 beaver 1 Doed 1 anky 1 giga 1 wyvern 1 quetzal 1 griffin 1 thyla 1 mosa 1 bronto 1 deer 1 otter 1 ptera 2 argys
  3. Ark Suggestions!!

    [emoji23] lol well this is kind of embarrassing but I was going to tame one and the alpha tribe was being too nice and they insisted they give me one. I wanted to tame my own but they wouldn't stop persisting. I suppose it's good to have an alpha tribe be that nice to you, but maybe it's a little too good lol
  4. Ark Suggestions!!

    My new Griffin!!
  5. Ark Suggestions!!

    Yeah tell me about it lol
  6. Ark Suggestions!!

    Yeah true
  7. Ark Suggestions!!

    Lol yeah I realize that's not very long for other people, but since I have a very busy life it is for me!
  8. Ark Suggestions!!

    Plus they look epic and majestic, while the argent looks like an overgrown raven lol
  9. Ragnarok Lore and Origin

    So I had seen the name Ragnarok in many things such as the new Thor movie, some old shows and movies, Nordic lore, and, of course, the brand new Ark map we all know and love. I was curious to find out what Ragnarok actually meant and the origin of it. Keep in mind this is all lore and not actual history. Here's what I found: Ragnarok comes from Norse Lore, where it is the name of a massive battle between the gods and all of the evil in the world, led by Loki. The word itself means "the doom of the gods." The war causes the universe to be destroyed and made anew. The war causes the now barren earth to sink below the ocean, but later to be risen again as a beautiful new world. Ragnarok and Ark Before Ragnarok happened, this is what 'Norse Mythology For Smart People' says about it; "In Midgard, the realm of human civilization, people abandoned their traditional ways, disregarded the bonds of kinship, and sank into a wayward, listless nihilism." My theory (and this is only a theory) is that the ruins we see in Ragnarok the map are the ruins of the human civilization before it fell in the war. I also believe the swamp castle could also be the fortress of the gods. Anyways, I just wanted to share what I found in my little bit of research. I could be wrong in some areas so if I am please correct me down below. Anyone have thoughts on this or other theories?
  10. Ark Suggestions!!

    That's a smart idea. The only problem is I don't usually raise dinos because I don't have the time to sit by them and even if I do, they usually die while I'm asleep [emoji23]
  11. Ark Suggestions!!

    That's a good idea, I already lost one 250 ptera to wyverns lol
  12. Ark Suggestions!!

    Sounds like a great strategy [emoji106] I'll use these suggestions
  13. Ark Suggestions!!

    Thanks for the tip. I was actually thinking about taming and itchy but a megalodon sounds much better. I also forgot to mention I have a lvl 200 ptera, and I plan to use it to steal wyvern eggs as soon as I pump some stamina into it
  14. Ark Suggestions!!

    Yeah that's what i was planning. My buds in the alpha tribe have Griffin traps littered around the canyon that I can use, along with a supply of allo kibble.
  15. Ark Suggestions!!

    Yeah sorry I should have included those lol. I am on PS4 PvP Official Ragnarok. My level is around 74. I play solo with the occasional friend to help me. I have the help of an alpha tribe with almost anything I need, such as kibble, turrets, meat runs etc. My base is medium sized with a generator, fabricator, and of course a smithy and forges. My dinos are: a solo tamed lvl 170 rex, a pack of lvl 100+ hyenas, a megatherium, a low lvl doed, and a lvl 200+ beaver/castro. I live right next to the beaver dams so I can get pearls, cp, rare flowers and rare mushrooms anytime I want.