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  1. bennyrodz

    Ragnarok FAQ

    completely agree, if I notice anything else ill post again. I will carry the Jerboa around this time to see if he notifies me of anything. I wish a knowledgeable gm would confirm for us, there seems to be no confirmations anywhere only general blanket statements.
  2. bennyrodz

    Ragnarok FAQ

    Came here looking for the same information. Pretty sure heat waves are in the game. I have a tek pyramid built into an adobe pyramid in the desert. I never overheat inside the pyramid because I assumed the adobe covering it stopped the heat. For the first time last night I was burning in my own tek building, I went to a separate room which is a pure adobe hallway in the same building, and I was a perfect temperature, went back into tek pyramid and I overheated again. I had Jerboa's in the room and did not notice any type of notification, but I believe this was certainly a heat wave. Hasn't happened all weekend, last night was the first time.
  3. ah thank you so much. It had me so confused. Appreciate it buddy!
  4. ive been looking for an answer to this.
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