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  1. Tbh I was thinking of trying Pve just to get my head around the game and learn a lot more but I like the threat on PvP , just a bit hard trying to survive sometimes also I usually do that a wee 2x1 hidden away somewhere until it gets raided but kinda want to build a big base somewhere but not sure the best way to do it
  2. Hey, only been playing this game for a couple months but im not too bad at raiding people so far and not too bad and gather materials and making bases and weapons and exploring, however still new to this game in some ways as i dont know alot about it, looking for anyone who maybe wants to team up in a server , I only have the island rn because i dont really have anyone to play with because my friends dont play the game so didnt see the point in buying the Dlc , anyway was hoping maybe few people would get back to me, i have a level 71 character rn and live in scotland and im usually only own 3-4 days a week due to social life and work
  3. Recently started playing on ps4 in December after getting it on the mobile and im getting the gist of the game however i cant decide they best way to survive, i.e. i have had a big base and had it raided and had a small base and had it raided , now im moving on to living on a boat is this a good idea or should i try something else ? ive been playing solo because none of my friends have the game and not found any tribes so i find it challenging tbh, not even been able to tame a proper dino yet because i keep getting raided. /basically just looking for any helpful hints or tips people can give me for playing the game and trying to tame dinos Cheers
  4. You can get it on phone now as well it’s too easy tbh if people get the jump on you to turn on them
  5. What does everyone think are the best games to get and why ?
  6. Well on the server rn I have built a dinoraft and tbh I cba building another on that server so will that still be there when I jump back on the server or would it despawn when I switch servers ?
  7. See if I transfer to another server and back what happens to all my belongs , builds and tamed ? Do they stay or will I lose all them
  8. Cheers people , I already moved server before and I cba doing it all again so I was wondering if there was another way to get around going to the swamp because I’m constantly fighting with snakes and everything else and anytime I find a leech they get stuck to my face then whilst trying to figure it out how to get it off I get attacked by a snake ?
  9. Hello recently started playing Ark on my phone about a month ago and then got it when it was on sale on PS4 at Xmas , I have worked the most of the game out for myself and am getting the hang of it. But I was wondering if anyone on here can actually help me , what is the best way to get rid of swamp fever ? Because I’ve been trying to find the ingredients to make the lesser antidote and find it v hard to find anything tbh was wondering if there was anyway to get the antidote without making it on PS4 since I randomly somehow found it on the phone ? And if anyone knew any actual good youtbers to help with learning more about the game also I play on smalltribe PVP severs btw don’t know if that makes it different from any other server but yeah any help is help tbh
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