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  1. My friends and I thought procedural generated maps haven't seen enough love on official. The reason why is because it didn't fit in the meta at all with how previous official PvP worked with one tribe dominating all the good spots on a procedural generated ark. But on small tribes would procedural generated maps not be the best thing ever? Please supply your input on this idea so that devs will implement it if it seems like a good thing to try!
  2. Pretty pumped about this. Love my switch and love my ark. Cant wait to see how well it does! Hopefully it runs well, but I wont mind some stuttering here and there.
  3. When are Tester applications going to be re-opened.
  4. Samula

    PC Gamer TEK Tier Reveal!

    I can name myself Buzz lightyear now
  5. Samula


    He must be from the circus
  6. I love the Ansel Winners. Good Luck to the Stream!
  7. Samula

    Mysteries of the ARK: Explorer Note

    Oh I know the guy on the left, His name is Bob. Bob is friends with Joe and Jane to the right
  8. Samula

    Double Titan Raid

    Raiding with two tamed titans
  9. Samula

    Sam is in Survival of the Fittest

    I like this. haha
  10. Samula

    Official Server Taming

    Taming high level dinos Official server 402
  11. Samula

    Pax Rex In Progress

    How long did that take to tame?
  12. Samula

    The Bare Necessities!

    Boys and Girls! Dont play with fire, - Smokey
  13. Samula

    The Titanic

    So excited. Going to call it doomsday
  14. Samula

    ??????? ???? ?????

    I think its trying to say something!
  15. Samula

    Joaquin and Vida

    Much Cute!