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  1. Is something being done to solve this? They are very busy ? It's all because of the stupid update of the event ... Please...
  2. Sie7eCoc

    Game crashes in certain areas

    it happens to me exactly the same but in aberration, all this happens from the update of the last stupid event, these guys do not do anything to fix it, it's exasperating.
  3. Sie7eCoc

    your favorite mutations

    With the events of colors, they have spoiled the attraction of mutations, almost all colors are public
  4. Sie7eCoc

    Ragnarok under the map ?¿?

    Honestly, not wanting to enter another debate, I find the ticketing system very uncomfortable, but if my mother tongue is not English and basically I use Google translator to speak here. However, I've been watching videos on Youtube for months on how to get under the map. I try to send a ticket but I do not see in the horrible system of boxes they have, where to pigeonhole my problem ... it's exasperating.
  5. Sie7eCoc

    Ragnarok under the map ?¿?

    Mr. Ark developers ... Are you aware that there are people crawling under the map in Ragnarok and wiping out everything? Is there really a solution to this?
  6. I reported the same problem since September 28 and they ignored me ... exactly the same problem... https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/256078-turrets-for-riders-crash-the-game/&tab=comments#comment-1476334
  7. Sie7eCoc

    Turret change discussion megathread

    It is an embarrassment to manage these great changes in the dynamics of the game, a real lack of respect for players who have lost thousands of hours in this damn broken game...
  8. Sie7eCoc

    Ovis worth breeding?

    Uauuu, Congratulations, awesome collection of Ovis. It's not that hard, but it takes a lot of patience. It is the price that must be paid. U know... I repeat my congratulations, very good work. Greetings.
  9. Sie7eCoc

    Ovis worth breeding?

    In the case of Ovis is especially slow stomach growth, if it were easy, everyone would have Ovis almost completely negating the strategy part of the Kibbles. It must be hard to raise Ovis I insist. Sorry, English is not my first language. A greeting.