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  1. Turrets for riders. Crash the game

    someone runs the rider mode?, we all freeze the screen.... please help us!!! @Jatheish @jat
  2. turret mode "new" for riders crash the game. You can not even approach those turrets because the permanent image is frozen. Neither loading nor filling bullets, is disabled, this happens in Xbox, we have been waiting for weeks solution. Thanks @jat
  3. Hello, I wanted to know how to unite two tribes with all their structures and all their dinos Thank you very much and I'm sorry if my English is not correct
  4. Disapeared Anniversary Cake

    Exact, finished the event,goodbye to the cakes, total, did not serve much
  5. Loss of flying levels

    Sorry to disappoint you, but it does not always happen, in fact the litter taken yesterday with the same parents are now adults without problems, with higher standards than their brothers ...
  6. Loss of flying levels

    There is no topic that talks about flying do not jump, you are very obsessed with nerf, make it look ... We are talking about the loss of levels in these last 3 days and not the repetitive theme of nerf that you like to talk.... sorry mate...
  7. Loss of flying levels

    Also were the patches of the weekend in XBOX1 what changed my levels in 2 Argys and 2 Tapejaras, Or the chance that there were patches and my levels went down :)
  8. Motorboat

    Style the old series " Miami Vice " .... jajaja
  9. Loss of flying levels

    Yes, his parents were born after the nerf, maybe his grandparents if they had lost levels to be before nerf but his parents are from last week. In the tribelog continues to appear the original level which were born 230 and now it's 197... I'm sorry for my English ;)
  10. Beds on rafts

    You may be near another bed or raft with bed of another tribe. When you disconnect on the raft try to stay on top of some structure. It works for me; )
  11. Loss of flying levels

    It makes sense to apply it to direct descendants, but once they receive the level drop they should not pass it on to their next descendants... Thanks for answering
  12. Loss of flying levels

    In these days of the event, many of my births of flying have lost levels as they grew. Examples; Tapejara is born 230, today it is 198. Argy 225 today is 197... What is happening? I'm sorry for my English, greeting
  13. Anniversary Cake

    I have spent more than 30 cakes and I have not got anything good
  14. Ovis worth breeding?

    Uauuu, Congratulations, awesome collection of Ovis. It's not that hard, but it takes a lot of patience. It is the price that must be paid. U know... I repeat my congratulations, very good work. Greetings.
  15. Ovis worth breeding?

    In the case of Ovis is especially slow stomach growth, if it were easy, everyone would have Ovis almost completely negating the strategy part of the Kibbles. It must be hard to raise Ovis I insist. Sorry, English is not my first language. A greeting.