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  1. Nobody said that 641 is a PvP Server. It´s just listet as a PvP. If you are on at Gen641 and push esc you see that it is PvE. But, this dosn´t make a Change that you could not move from an other PvE Server to Gen641 because...as i said it´s listet as PvP in the Serverlist That happend some times with our rag Server after it crashd……. You can log in but you can´t move a char to it from an other PvE Server ...
  2. You can´t travel to Gen641 because it´s listet as PvP that´s why you can´t see it when trying to move from an other PvE Server
  3. If the candies rly Brakes the Game that much, it was good that they are all away now. Bevore Genesis DLC was out, our Server kickd Players all Day Long. Every 5-10 minutes. Now Genisis is out Candies deletet and our Server got Maybe 1 disconnect per Day!!!
  4. So Finaly i Lost my Rex at the Bossfight to an Diconnect…. This Rex was the only Rex i ever used…. Never lost any to the fight...but today the time was there, to lose them all to a Disconnect
  5. Hey @Cedric You should come and Play on eu-pve-official-ragnarok211 . Just an half Hour. To see how unplayable many servers are! This RLY Need a fix! https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4649505?l%3Atime=1M
  6. Yeah it is. But you know the President of the USA use Twitter for giving Infos ^^ I agree complete and also don´t understand that this platform is used that way. If they would give us the Infos here on SurvivetheArk it would be much easier for all.
  7. As you can see Cedric is Lead Community Manager for Survivetheark / Opinions of a person , not a company / Former personal trainer / game dev
  8. PC eu-pve-official-ragnarok211 eu-pve-official-extinction492 Both Server are nearly unplayable since the Christmas Event. Player get Kickd from the Server many Times at one Day. Ragnarok211 chrashd many Times. Last 2 days more then 7times pro Day
  9. Did I sayd that the Game is Unplayable? So it is Happy #Ark #ValentinesDay ! There's a new creature on #Ark, survivors! The unridable, untamable Disconnectosaurus! It summons infinite and it won't get tamed
  10. So i pickd out some Topics from the last Days/Week. All the same. Server kicks Players out. You realy have to get an eye on this Problems. @StudioWildcard @Cedric @lilpanda @Jen @Jatheish
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