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  1. Question for Otter owners?

    The insulation goes up as you level melee stat. My lv 125 otter gives me as much hyperthermal as a full set of desert gear and as much hyppthermal as a fur chest an legs. Quite a nice bonus for a shoulder mount
  2. Question for Otter owners?

    I think my otter is slightly broke. Maybe smashed to many pearls together an hurt its head. I set it to follow an attack target. Target a fish it swims up kills it then stops following an just spins around in a circle. I have to whistle follow again then it comes to the beach no animation but it has 1 pearl in its inventory. His name is Sir Otterman an he is deffo not doing his job right
  3. Question for Otter owners?

    Thanks for the info all of you, I shall go have another go at gathering with my Otter, love this creature just looks so cool, also looks nice on your shoulder
  4. Question for Otter owners?

    I managed to get it to attack target a coel but then it jus sat there or spun around. Do they have to be on wander to come back
  5. I recently found my loyal Otter companion on official after a long time hunting around. I have figured out that levelling melee stat increases the insulation effect which is cool. And i have also managed to harvest fish an got some pearls. I just wanted to ask if anyone has seen them come out of the water and hold up thw pearl like they did in the trailer or was this just a show thing. Also has anyone managed to get any blacl pearls. If any fellow Otter trainers could shed some light I would be grateful.
  6. @Jat @Jen please give us some sort of reply. This thread has so many views an people asking the same thing. I think at this stage any sort of comment would be better than totally ignoring us! We all love the game that is why we continue to ask about this issue. Please put our minds at ease so at least we know what is going on.
  7. Luckily i work night shift. So im always up at crazy time in the night. So i actualy manage to get on my rag server an have a decent session. But as soon as peak time kicks in its game over for my tribe mates tryin to join
  8. It is very bad. I cant beleive that they havnt even said whats goin on. Wc has been very verbal over the time the game was in early access. Seems as soon as its dropped they have just gone radio silence. If there are no new servers coming at leas lt let us know. This no word no comment stuff is driving me mental
  9. Dusnt help that allot of people jus stay logged sittin in a chair in there base. I wish they would jus let us know whats goin on. I had a thought today that when thw windows 10 version drops an shares servers with xbox will they be using this as the pc baby they look after as it 2 server birds with one stone. I hope this is not the plan
  10. I like the pace on official. Great sense of accomplishment. Things just feel more epic. Plus the fact you are connected to everyother official server on the network so you can trade or change map. Most unofficial have 2 maybe 3 maps and you are stuck with just the people on that cluster. No real sense of community either
  11. I think it is also due to that fact that the retail disc launched on console and less people buy early access on console. So I reckon they have had huge sales and allot of new console players, probably why they are sorting that out first. I'm sure the PC will get attention when they have calmed all people on console down first. Also the console players have had a very bad time with the game in recent weeks, was almost unplayable on ps4 for a while and xbox also had these issues. PC's love will come soon.
  12. Good news, glad they actually said something.
  13. They may not have the funding for more servers, but in the past 2 days they have added literally hundreds of servers to PS4 and Xbox. PC has a very small amount in comparison, were not asking for 100's just a couple more to at least ease the waiting times a bit. If they added 10 additional servers for each map I would be happy, just 8 servers in total for EU PVE aint gonna cut it.
  14. Aberration skins?

    I have purchased the season pass for Ark just on steam because that trailer was insane. And it says that you get the helmet and sword skins immediately. Just wondering on how to get them in game. I have already tried clicking "give default items" and killing myself, but this just give me the achievement skins. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. ETA on more servers?

    Please give us some more PC PVE servers for Europe, its so hard to get into any of them at the moment. We only have 8 to choose from and they are crazy busy. Please don't forget your roots Wild Card. I know you making crazy money off console right now, but we need at least a few more servers