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  1. Oldskool

    It's time to add boosted official servers.

    Good idea would be interesting but I don't think the current maps and way the game works would handle it very well on official, lag and connection issues can be bad on official now with people under heavy time restraints unless there is an event. If it was 7X all the time it would be 200 ping central I reckon.
  2. Oldskool

    We need kibble to tame and imprint in Aberration

    Still don't understand why Dilo's where not added into aberration anyways. Very useful kibble for resource gathering dinos and they would suit an Aberrant variant easily. Have their neck fins and spines all glowing seems like a no brainier
  3. If I stop playing ark for a little bit or have a play through a different game its never long before I get those ark urges and come back Its just one of those games, lots of freedom and things to do. Can get a bit hectic with feeding and base upkeep, but I narrowed down my tames and things I actually needed and used and its allot easier now.
  4. Oldskool

    Raptor Dossier moved???

    Not sure if you have found it yet, but you need to look over the edge of the plateau . Facing red obelisk sort of direction and it is on a small ledge about 10 foot under where you look over. I think there is also a small ruined pillar next to it, its been a while but I think I had to grapple down to it. Hope this helps (Love the Jurassic Park reference)
  5. To add to the mystery, I ended up biting the bullet an creating a new character. Luckily owning the servers I got my new guy up to level using commands. Got back to my original base get a tribe mate to get me back in tribe. Go outside to our field and there I am asleep on the floor the character I lost. God knows why it wouldnt log me in.
  6. Same thing happened to me. We have 3 servers on nitrado cluster. Jumped from island to aberration, saw select bed screen. Pressed spawn then it came up with create character. I reset my game. Roll backed servers tried everything. Like i never existed
  7. Oldskool

    Tamed Reapers can roar!

    Ive been playing around recently an was trying everything to get it roar. Tried burying it, using the spin attack and nothing qas working. Turns out pressing the CTRL key makes it roar. Just incase anyone else wanted to know. Keep on surviving!
  8. Oldskool

    Question for Otter owners?

    They only gather a small amount of pearls, not really their strong point. They are much better for added insulation an heat protection when on your neck. When it comes to aberration tho the new shoulder pets are easily better for being useful. Best way to get pearls is checking the pools around the starting area outside the portal/mushroom forest. Also trillobites give you a fair bit of pearls. Hope this helps!
  9. Oldskool

    Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    I like this change, gives you a nice gap between imprints so you can actually get some sleep if your doing a big dino. I have done 4 wyverns on official an that was a rough 4 days! Never been crazy enough to try a giga
  10. Oldskool

    Structures +

    I'm also interested to know what will happen to the conversion from Mod to official game. If they are only taking on certain features of the mod an adding it to the vanilla game then will people need to remove S+ and build with the "new" official S+ stuff. And will S+ continue as a standalone mod after with the features that they decide not to bring to vanilla game. I guess time will tell.
  11. Oldskool

    Structures +

    I think this is a good move for the game, I just hope they implement it well. Some things in S+ are kind of game breaking and do not suit the vanilla game. But if they just take the helpful building elements and things that look tidy then i'm all for it. Lot of good things coming for Ark, exciting times indeed.
  12. Oldskool

    anyone got the Overseer Hologram dossier?

    What difficulty did you guys run it on. Gamma etc, thanks for the reply gonna try it again an see if I can get it this time
  13. Oldskool

    anyone got the Overseer Hologram dossier?

    Because I know with Brood Mother and some of the bosses the hologram dossier won't pop up until you access the inventory basically loot them, but there is nothing to loot with the Overseer. Maybe we are taking too long when we battle him, or not killing him quick enough. Hmmm not sure
  14. Oldskool

    anyone got the Overseer Hologram dossier?

    Yea we killed him on gamma an alpha now. An nothing comes up when he dies. We are doing it legit as well, not admin killing or using cheats. Jus wondered if u needed to access its inventory or something but it just dissapears