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  1. Honestly think this is the best game I have ever played! And like a fine wine, it gets better with time
  2. Oldskool

    Just Mystic

    I like this pic, Tapajera red stands out well!
  3. Oldskool

    Road Block

    I like this allot, great art style
  4. Oldskool

    In the Forest

    its so beautiful
  5. Oldskool

    Saber Toothh Riders

    love the theme on this, always got a thing for snow biome stuff
  6. Oldskool

    Dino armor. Scout

    The art style of this is incredible!
  7. The phoenix! I cant wait to see this in game. And it cooks meat and burns metal, slightly gutted it cant be mounted but still the hype is real!
  8. Ive started an Artic themed base out by the penguin ice bergs on the Island. Im trying to tame every dino that has a white/grey snowy biome look. Like white mamoths, rexs, yutys and sloths. More dinos that you think have snow biome colourings. Just something about snow biome I love and I think this will look cool.
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