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  1. Structures +

    I'm also interested to know what will happen to the conversion from Mod to official game. If they are only taking on certain features of the mod an adding it to the vanilla game then will people need to remove S+ and build with the "new" official S+ stuff. And will S+ continue as a standalone mod after with the features that they decide not to bring to vanilla game. I guess time will tell.
  2. Structures +

    I think this is a good move for the game, I just hope they implement it well. Some things in S+ are kind of game breaking and do not suit the vanilla game. But if they just take the helpful building elements and things that look tidy then i'm all for it. Lot of good things coming for Ark, exciting times indeed.
  3. anyone got the Overseer Hologram dossier?

    What difficulty did you guys run it on. Gamma etc, thanks for the reply gonna try it again an see if I can get it this time
  4. anyone got the Overseer Hologram dossier?

    Because I know with Brood Mother and some of the bosses the hologram dossier won't pop up until you access the inventory basically loot them, but there is nothing to loot with the Overseer. Maybe we are taking too long when we battle him, or not killing him quick enough. Hmmm not sure
  5. anyone got the Overseer Hologram dossier?

    Yea we killed him on gamma an alpha now. An nothing comes up when he dies. We are doing it legit as well, not admin killing or using cheats. Jus wondered if u needed to access its inventory or something but it just dissapears
  6. anyone got the Overseer Hologram dossier?

    final bump...
  7. I'm trying to collect everything I can before Aberration drops, including survivor notes. I have 90% of the normal ones, an the 3 island bosses. But I cant seem to get the Tek cave Overseer one, my tribe has beat the cave an the boss on Gamma and Alpha, and when the overseer blows up there is no note pop up on screen. I have tried walking up to where it dies and nothing. Anyone know how to get it to trigger or have got it themselves. Thanks in advance
  8. Therizinosaurus worth the time to tame one?

    100% Yes tame one now
  9. Great update! Getting there now, already very impressive work
  10. Ghillie Suit Bug?

    I have been having this problem for a while now, thought I would put it on the bug reports in case it hasn't been noticed by anyone. When I am in 3rd person zoomed out my Ghillie armor does not load in and has no leaves just jagged triangles. But when I zoom in it all pops back into view. I have all my settings maxed so it isn't a distance slider. Anyone else get this?
  11. I think it a key on the number pad, My keyboard does not have a number pad attached so I went into Key bindings and changed it to F1
  12. Good names for Otters?

    Some great name ideas in this thread guys cheers! I agree with how much they eat also crazy amounts of fish. Love the Pokemon references and Harry Otter haha!
  13. Good names for Otters?

    I've recently found a female Otter after allot of searching, found it in the murky swamp pools near the green obelisk. Started breeding them and want to know if you guys/gals got any decent suggestions for Otter names. I currently have 3, Cpt. Otterman, Sir Otterman and Miss Ottersworth. As you can see I am already struggling and some ideas would come in handy. My lovely Otters thank you in advance for baby name ideas
  14. Question for Otter owners?

    The insulation goes up as you level melee stat. My lv 125 otter gives me as much hyperthermal as a full set of desert gear and as much hyppthermal as a fur chest an legs. Quite a nice bonus for a shoulder mount