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  1. Same game just upgraded visually... no we didn't use the same code... Same old bugs as on ASE... How are we gonna get this giganthoraptor now? what spawns will be killing+ another month on the same old fahsion Island... even center wasn't that great as a map, but at least it would give people the chance to claim a decent spot on the map. Now we get our new voted creature, wich is ok, but I feel let downby you guys. i know you are probably doing the best with what you got atm, but even the Love Ascended Event was a disapointment other than just colors and some skins. fishing for chibis only and some chocolates... Bosses stay bugged and kicking people of the server, while doing a boss should be a normal thing and not lag out a full server. Arenas are occupied and have a cooldown that is way too long. How can one farm some element if you can't see a dragon? Or get kicked out of overseer and even lose your characters? Structures will load so much faster. In stead they load slower as ASE and we have a build limit of half of what it was. Disapointed for so many times now I mean that.
  2. so i just came back to base and check my timer after 2 hours of incubation. I am talking about fert argy eggs btw, so 2h56 started... and i have set a timer. Came back to base and the timer on my set timer was 52 minutes. On the egg it had 1h46mins left to incubate. What are we doing here? for real? Imprint timers suffer the same delay and taming suffers delay aswell... Fert eggs with 10 mins go to 0 and i pick them up and throw them back out and still got 6 mins 26 on them.. like DILO How can we regulate our sleep /life/ plans... when i can't even rely on a timer in a game? I don't know how you guys feel, but we need those cryopods better sooner than later. Atm crashing servers, losing bp's, timers that refresh on structures after a server restart? rly? I don't know why these issues are in this game
  3. Is there actual admin reinforcement in ASA? Or is it not a thing in this game? Seems like reports just stay open...
  4. only event where cyan is a thing is getting smudged by all wannabe cyans (Teal, Turquoise,...) why Wildcard...WHY?
  5. I just think people want to have an easier life in the game (higher harvest rates) during the week because they work, go to school, ... Besides that they want something to look out for in the weekend i guess? Something that keeps them coming to the game.
  6. well that will be me on vacation and bye bye base... gg wildcard @lilpanda
  7. EU-PVE-TheCenter348 down... AGAIN .. AND AGAIN??? And yet again this server seems to be down, after it will be back i probably again lose all the stuff and maybe even a part of the base, because there is a rollback to before i refreshed.. i lost already 160 dinos like thi sin cryo for some odd reason.. but i guess you guys have no explanation for that... refreshing a base doesn't seem to be enough because poopty servers.... way to go Wildcard... way to go... yes i have been reporting it already, probably with a lot of other people
  8. EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter348 down for 3 days EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter348 Has been down for like 3 days... and even before that there were a lot of issues... I have been reporting the outtage , with no result... Could you look into this fast pretty please? A lot of people will lose a lot of stuff if not... @lilpanda@Jatheish
  9. @Dollie to be fair i really hate to read this open transfers. This never should have happened. Not only you will make the missions a faceroll, also the whole experience of Genesis is gone... I have never seen such a letdown from a gamers perspective in my 10.3k hours of ark. I really think you should reconcider this enabling of transfers, at least for dinos. I would just let it be able to transfer X-dinos or Genesis-specific dinos, but never allow to get any dino in this map. All the people who did the effort to get 168 missions must have had fun, but also feel stupid now. Genesis will become a face roll map. There is so much more that people can experience, but you take it all out. Now we will not only have laggy servers, where missions are less possible to do, but we also have gigas, rock drakes,... Might aswell let tek suits enabled... flyers enabled etc. It doesn't really matter to be honest... A dark day for the ark community
  10. Again these servers are unplayable. Reported like 5 times today and what does it do? 0,0000 Come on , let us enjoy this event for crying out loud
  11. you can say that again... exactly on the spot, but that should be said for the current state of the servers. Not in the way you mean it.
  12. i disagree strongly with you. The official community is big and makes the game as it is now. Ofcourse there are many unofficial servers. but they close faster then you can build a decent tek base ? and mutate a dino line. Maybe the game should be client based and make a link between people so you can join each other's base etc. Less servers to maintain/pay
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