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  1. The developers don't deserve this hate

    You really can't get rid of duping unless you completely remove the cross ark transfer system because you have two saves the server save and the ark transfer save whatever you load into the cross ark transfer save it is saved until it is removed from it and servers save around every 30 min so tribes load what ever they want to dupe and crash the server get what ever they had in the transfer save and the back lag will have saved their inventory from before them loading it into another save. Its not a glitch or bug its supposed to save the transfer data but people figure out ways to break the game because they are too lazy to do the work themselves
  2. The developers don't deserve this hate

    I never said they deserved praise 24/7, but they also dont need 24/7 negativity when all people put down is negativity they are not going to listen because people dont really want to listen to what the people who are being negative have to say instead of being rude just tell them politely, I've seen new problems from people and 90% of them are "Fix this now and you suck for allowing this problem."
  3. They delayed it because it either isnt finished or has gamebreaking bugs and I'd rather have a finished product instead of an unfinished product.
  4. The developers don't deserve this hate

    Yeah they make a lot of mistakes but people just are a bit dumb about like they missed the october release date for aberration and 90% of the people are acting stupid about it.
  5. The developers don't deserve this hate

    Actually Rag is still being developed by the people who made it originally wildcard has only added it as DLC.
  6. The developers don't deserve this hate

    Ok when people prepaid for the Season pass they were promised ANY future paid content added to the game and they said the DLC may come out in october and when october did come they said they were having problems and needed to work on somethings so they were adding things and fixing things, and as I stated in my OP would you rather have paid for a more complete product or one that has too many problems to use?
  7. The developers don't deserve this hate

    What are talking about pay to win DLC? Its not like they have an addon for 5$ in the store for a random ascendant pike that you receive every time to respawn. Scorched earth is not a pay to win DLC it is another map with more stuff to use, which you can get all this stuff on Rag now for free. The only reason they sold Scorched earth in EA was because they needed funding to keep adding things to the game and keep it alive. Rag on xbox is unplayable but y'know there are other maps to play which in my opinion are better. On PvP expect to lose stuff even dinos people are going to try to find exploits in the game to mess with you.
  8. The developers don't deserve this hate

    I play on xbox one and its not the xbox one x and I do not experience serious lag on any map other than Rag, I'll get the loading lag on every map but Rag is unplayable 90% of the time because of the lag I could be playing singleplayer and my game will crash if I go to certain caves or areas for an extended period of time
  9. Your luckiest moments

    one of my luckiest events was triple mutated rexes all a midnight blue color and a red spine (because of their mother) having each 10000 HP and 500% melee dmg
  10. The developers don't deserve this hate

    Yea the hate you may be thinking of is constructive criticism the hate I'm thinking of is the "GOD THESE DEVELOPERS SUCK!" people I dont mind seeing the "can you guys fix these X problems?"
  11. With aberration coming sometime maybe this year or nor people are angry at them for not having it released when they said they would probably have it out or people are mad about updates for the game not coming when they said they would possibly happen. Those people hating the devs but you have to think its a smaller team and this small team is making an open world survival game with building crafting, and fighting mechanics and with other creatures big and small so of course there is going to be bugs. Instead of complaning about these bugs and telling wildcard they are bad at making a game, yea sure they have QA testers but they can't find every problem with the game when a DLC and update is released, but if you do find a problem you can send a support ticket to wildcard or even make a post about it in the bugs and glitch support section. Regarding the DLC release dates they have to add features one by one and each time they add a feature they have QA testers go in and test the new feature and find problems and if there are little to none problems they move on the next feature, repeat until its finished and some times adding other features messes with the one that have been added so then they have to fix it to make them compatible and well it may break another, so if there was an attended release date then they have problems and need to address them they have to fix it before its released or they could release it with that problem and make the game unplayable until they fix it; would you rather have a finished and playable DLC or the DLC comes out on the attended release date and its unplayable, me I'd wait for it to be released when it is playable. Yes it sucks to wait for the thing you were told was coming out on X date and it doesn't happen but just think next time it does happen they want the game to be playable.
  12. What is your favorite tamed Ark creature!?

    My favorite tame would be a tie between 3 dinos Equus for speed and its a mortar and pestle on the go, Griffin amazing speed and damage, and megalosaurus just sneaking up on people in the night and grabbing them in PvP is just the best thing its also go speed and damage, I just realized I like dinos that have speed the most.
  13. Question about S+

    I could live without the snappoints I already like the way base ark does it, but I do like the idea of picking up structures after placing them because I do place things in the wrong place very often