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  1. Enough of the fog

    The fog is horrible on the island. Especially when it's raining and night. 😱
  2. Does ark seem to get real stale, real fast for you?

    I've been feeling burnt out but I take a few days away from the game to refresh. I just let my tribe members know that way they can handle the upkeep. But most time when ark "feels stale" I remember that I have awesome friends to keep me going.
  3. what's the deal wc

    I personally think I would rather them postpone the release to make sure everything is good to go. Yes, most bugs won't be fixed but that's all games. Just relax and enjoy what you can do in game at the moment. Wildcard just likes to tease their community. =)
  4. The broodmother is now ungodly stupid hard

    Yea all of them. =/
  5. The broodmother is now ungodly stupid hard

    hopefully it gets fixed then. We sorta had the same issue over the weekend but we had a yut and a Daedon.
  6. ARK: State of the Game

    Kinda glad they won't do the whip.
  7. Welcome To The New Forum!

    Look a good! 👍🏼
  8. What servers are functioning normally?

    Honestly I think all severs are messed up. But if you do manage to find a decent server then good for you. I just wanna play the damn game. >_>
  9. Ragnarok Players... Question for you:

    Ive seen one in that area.
  10. State of the ARK - Updates

    Thanks for the update. I'm stoked to see how ragnarok turns out later on when the map opens up more.
  11. Kinda stupid that my baby Dino died with a full inventory of food....-_-
  12. I did too unfortunately.... T^T
  13. Mutated Dino Breeding

    It's a slow process. You kinda just have to breed until you get what you want. Hope the best.