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  1. Day One! Launch & More!

    @Jat @Jen the updated time has come and gone again. A lot of us took off work etc. Can we please get a real timeframe? Not an optimistic one, a real one. Tomorrow? Next week? Not at all? We are all sitting here refreshing browsers.
  2. Day One! Launch & More!

    It was awesome taking the day off work to have them fulfill every bit of criticism I've made about them. Awesome job communicating to the players too, who have sat in front of an empty screen all day. It'd be one thing if this was beta, but it's release day and you've fallen flat on your face here.
  3. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    How much later? I get they could be as dishonest and unorganized as they wanted during early release- we signed up for it. It's carrying over to official release now and they should probably find a way to be on time with something or it'll be only legacy players on these new servers. New customers are not going to have the patience and understanding we have become used to affording WC. They will just return the game.
  4. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    So they lied. They always lie. Stop complaining about their blatant dishonesty, it's what they are known for. My friends ask about ark and I warn them all NOT to buy it. I've got a question for people freaking out about no support- of all of us who have submitted tickets how many were actually handled? Of the characters lost how many were restored to what they were? I've got multiple tribemates and friends who lost theirs, zero of them were restored. I'm someone out there has gotten their half hearted 90 level replacement, but was that the going rate? No. You got ignored. Did you have groups glitch under the map and build bases there wiping people by shooting rockets UP from under the map? We saw it multiple servers and we all submitted tickets. How many people saw those bases dev wiped? I saw zero of them dev wiped. I'm sure someone somewhere saw one dev wiped, but how about for the majority of us? Who submitted a gamertag, gamer name and even offered photo evidence of dupers? Remember when the founder said the ban hammer was coming mid August? How many of us saw those people banned and their tribes wiped? How many of us saw wipes for spiked off spawns over an entire server? Guys they've NEVER actually done any measurable support. Ever. They have zero customer support. Those foolish enough to think that they will magically start on the new servers, sorry guys. It'll be the same thing there. You think someone will respond to your ticket about a cheater or a lost character while every piece of evidence shows the opposite? Brilliant. If if you feel wronged then go to the new clusters and make it unplayable for new players. Sit on the beach and club them down as they spawn until they go back to other games. Hey, it's not even outside of the rules. Have they lied to you repeatedly, then tossed the bird at you? You have the power to return the favor. You have a 2 year head start at this game and can be level 100 the first week. Imagine that vs the masses (assuming there will be masses) that spawn in front of you. Happy hunting.
  5. Hello,

    I'm attempting to reach someone who can put me in contact with some help. Both official PVP server I'm on have been invaded by the same group that has built bases under the map and have been rolling the server back for an entire day, 15 minutes apart. No one can play. Is there anything we can do about this? 

  6. State of the ARK - Updates

    For kicks I tried logging back in. My record is about 3 minutes. I have excellent internet and play other games with ease. Yes, we have a large base... something we should be able to do given the requirements of PVP. 3 minutes in and I drop at best- I dare not step outside our base. I'd have to count anything I took outside as gone. I appreciate that it's an alpha but it's almost their release date (hahahaha like it's actually getting released on that date, I slay myself). How is it that the game is this busted so close to their "release date"?
  7. State of the ARK - Updates

    We knew that would happen with this update. Their last fix made our base run well for the first time in forever. This update took us back to 30-40 seconds per log in before getting booted. Nice things are nice to look at only if you can be logged in to look at them. Come on guys....this game is no where near ready for launch. People will be asking for their money back left and right. Is anyone pretending that this stuff will get better on launch day?
  8. That's not how a company set to make money from a customer should behave. That is acting out of spite and would likely result in a short lived tenure in business. WC is a company with the goal of making money, I don't imagine they would be as immature to act out of spite. To Ranger- we are at the tip of Jungle north on the edge of the swamp, at the foot of the cliff facing towards Volcano. From there, to head up and around towards redwood we have to stop at the edge of Jungle north along the water. We then have to stop on an island before redwood. A trip that previously we made from base to redwood with ease. Our base to the beach of jungle north is a minor distance. Period. You can keep trying to downplay it, but it's an airbus got way over nerfed on stam. It is a bred quetz and we don't give a flying poo what level an animal comes out at. We kill hatched animals that don't have the stats we are looking for. This quetz was kept because of stam and carry weight. The weight is fine with the work they did for other animals but the quetz stam was over-nerfed. If a patch is coming for it then someone else thinks so too. Set up a survey monkey and put a link to it on your forum homepage, see what kind of results you get. I have a sense of humor, but it fades in situations like the OP pointed out. I'm afraid to check my hours spent on this game, I imagine they are extensive. It isn't funny when a lot of that work is flushed down the can and one of the people representing it pops off a joke about it. There are a lot of irritated people, I'm now one of them. Some will try to downplay how many are irritated, but they would be mistaken. Of 3 servers I had spent time on all 3 are down to roughly 1/4 the players logged in during the hours I spend on. On one of them the head of alpha that has been in power since the release of our server quit the day after the nerf was released, as did a number of other people I enjoyed partying up with and playing with. I know, it's too small a sample size, all the polls are rigged and show the opposite of the truth, the minority is the loudest.....
  9. I agree- they can't express their personal opinions if they conflict with the company message. I get that. I would think they know that the nerf overshot the target a bit. No big deal, what I'm annoyed with is the cognitive dissonance I was referencing. Obviously what the OP was referencing wasn't professional either. Ive never enjoyed a game enough to get on a forum and create an account to post. I'll give credit where it's due- what an amazing concept for a game. It's infinitely complicated, complex and that makes it very fun. The freedom and ability to personalize your experience are unlike anything I've experienced. That's why something like this nerf and the response to it thus far have been disappointing. To answer the quetz question- sprinting is the preferred mode of transport considering I can outrun the quetz on foot.... something that absolutely shouldn't be the case. Sprinting or no the range for a bird that should be an "airbus" totally misses the mark. But I don't need to tell you that, I'm 100% certain everyone over there knows this already. In the spirit of moving forward, is there any info on a fix for this nerf? Has a date been set?
  10. Previously a quetz was able to traverse the map as a large transport. Our same quetz, that we bred and spent days raising with it's stamina in mind, can no longer make it the width of Jungle South without needing to land. That is a minor distance. That is a fact. They over nerfed the birds, period. They had good intentions, the pteras needed work. They overshot it and went too far. That's all. As far as your moderator comment- there are moderators on this very thread attempting to argue the validity of statements pointing to evidence of community displeasure. This thread was started because someone pointed out an extremely unprofessional employee of WC seemingly mocking the community's displeasure. I don't mind them failing on the patch, lots of patches bring with them unforeseen issues. I mind the cognitive dissonance that would keep them from correcting their error. That's all.
  11. I'm someone who felt the birds needed to fixed. Everything was ptera based and they were a little overpowered. Totally agreed- WC took a swing and they missed. They way over did it and erased a ton of work people had put in. The birds no longer fit their descriptions and suddenly you couldn't fly a minor distance on a quetz without needing to land for stam. It's no big deal to fail, it's how we improve. Everyone who has spent any real time playing has failed at something, been wiped, and had to adapt. Real life is the same way. So we wait for them to correct their error, there is a happy medium. What's really starting to bother me is seeing moderators trying so hard to refute the obvious instead of just acknowledging it and moving on. If you play PVP on official then you KNOW that a majority of players think the nerf went too far, at a MINIMUM. A large number downright hate it. The response is rampant and extremely obvious. It's supported by online polls. Sure exact numbers can be skewed, but it supports another body of evidence. The reality is that MOST players have an issue with the nerf. It was a failure, but it's fixable. Instead of trying to tell everyone that they actually find it to be just fine, listen to them. I've seen game after game do this and the results are always the same. Just listen to your customer base. Modify the nerf (in my opinion focus it more on the ptera issue) and move on. You've got an insanely awesome albeit glitchy game here- keep it up.