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  1. Popojijo

    What is hole fixes ?

    Fix some stuff, break some other stuff. Moschops is nearly useless. Hopefully they will slow the meshing down, they certainly aren’t even attempting to punish it.
  2. Popojijo


    Update. As I sit here, one of my teammates is trapped in the boss arena. It’s WC so we are aware and usually prepared for the glitches and lag. We take rifles etc for the manticore that’s broken and doesn’t land from time to time. We get all geared up and upon entering the yuty magicially just doesn’t come in. This is the 3rd time that’s happened. Yes, it was on the platform. Yes we had the appropriate # of tames. It just didn’t go. Happens. It was hard rag so we lost a rex and a pig without having the boost from the yuty. No problem, we get arked all the time. We go to exit and everyone comes out except 1 teammate who as I write this is running around in the arena still. He’s got half the element. He’s logged out and logged in. His character is trapped. He could die but then the element is gone. We are going to try and run an easy to see if there is a way we can rescue him or his body to get the element. This is a finished game. I love saying it for the laughs.
  3. Popojijo

    thanks wildcard, im off

    At least when they present their opinions (even when they are wrong) they do it in a professional and adult manner. You stick out a bit after reading this thread. Either they need to hold themselves to a higher standard of representation or you need to grow up a bit and hold YOURSELF to a higher standard of communication. You do look like a representative of the forum and game itself (no matter how incorrect that is).
  4. This is getting to a comical level on Xbox ragnarok. We’re recording 10+ full server crashes an hour with insane amounts of lag the entire time between. Using eggs and raising tames as a way of measuring time lost it is actually, not an exaggeration, double the time. That means for every 30 minutes you spend on the server 15 minutes of time elapses where things run. If you lay an egg down and it’s an hour until hatch you have 2 hours until it hatches. Is there any ACTUAL plan to get this game to run for Xbox?
  5. I’d love if their next DLC was a fix for Xbox where the rag server doesn’t boot everyone every 10-15 minutes with 30-40 second intervals of lag in between. That would be the best DLC.
  6. Again, I just want an end to these events to stop the insane lag. Adding 4-6 hours of time from what’s scheduled because of lag is nuts.
  7. I’d actually like to see them just up the maturation rates. Harvest is fine, it’s a game of grinding. An 18 hour baby stage..... pretty excessive. The reason I would like to see them go is the increased lag. Currently I’m typing this uninterrupted by my Game because it’s in a massive lag spike where I can run around but nothing registers. Can’t open doors, feed babies, time stands still. This happens at an increased rate every weekend, but during maturation events? Oh boy. To put it into perspective- our flock of gigas was set to turn to Juvy at exactly 9pm. Worked out nice. It’s now 11:27 and we’re at 5.7% matured. It’s basically taking double the amount of time from what is intended. Mind blowing.
  8. Popojijo

    When is the Valentine event?

    As of right now, rates still haven’t changed. Picked up eggs, relogged, did the little checks. Rates are the same on breeding and harvesting are currently 1x. Claiming something to be infallible in relation to this game is extremely bold.
  9. Popojijo

    When is the Valentine event?

    Someday, after messing up these things every single time, they will learn. Launching updates at the same time as the extremely rare maturation events severely messes everyone up. They seem to insist on trying to pass their shoddy updates when they kick off these unicorn events, and it messes up every single time. Everyone loses time on it every single time. People plan around it and spend half their time waiting for it to actually start and the rest of the time trying to log back into the server because every update comes with a massive wave of lag and disconnects on Xbox. Someday they’ll see the repeating pattern.
  10. multiple gigas lost. Seriously is this thing getting fixed?
  11. Game went back down and no one can get on. A room full of tames being raised during the only 2x raising in quite a while. Losing them left and right because a stable functioning game experience can’t be provided. Will it be replaced? No, probably not. They learn slow, they’ll wait weeks until the next 2x raising and they’ll choose that weekend to pump more game breaking crap into their game. They are their own worst enemies.
  12. And of course there is a maturation event finally and their updates cause more issues than they solve. Shocking stuff.
  13. So after the update there are zero servers I can find under any category anywhere. My tribe mates got on on no problem. Anyone else have this happen? What’s the solution? I’ve restarted, Force stopped and restarted etc. There are just zero servers to be found from my Xbox.
  14. Popojijo

    Ark Dev team. Why do you hate us so much?

    If they actually fixed the game they’ve got released I’m not even sure what I would do with myself. I appreciate the effort to undo their imbalance they were going to create with the turrets. I’ve seen the videos testing it and it was a complete fail of a fix- but they listened to feedback and made an attempt. You have to be a level 100 and grind an arm and a leg just to still be easily wiped but it was an attempt. Maybe that was just a first attempt at fixing it? We will see. One thing is for sure, the turret limits are NOT going to stop the massive amount of lag and crashing.
  15. Popojijo

    RIP ARK? More Content or More Fixes?

    This is something people have been begging for that has fallen on deaf ears. Until servers stop dumping everyone on them daily (constantly if anyone of any size is fighting) and at a persistent state of lag NO ONE should purchase any further DLC. This new DLC will be in a cave setting, something that is notorious for severing connections to servers. 100% of the time I go into any sizable cave I crash so hard I have to force close and restart the game. Imagine an entire map of that kind of lag...