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  1. @Jat @Jen the updated time has come and gone again. A lot of us took off work etc. Can we please get a real timeframe? Not an optimistic one, a real one. Tomorrow? Next week? Not at all? We are all sitting here refreshing browsers.
  2. It was awesome taking the day off work to have them fulfill every bit of criticism I've made about them. Awesome job communicating to the players too, who have sat in front of an empty screen all day. It'd be one thing if this was beta, but it's release day and you've fallen flat on your face here.
  3. How much later? I get they could be as dishonest and unorganized as they wanted during early release- we signed up for it. It's carrying over to official release now and they should probably find a way to be on time with something or it'll be only legacy players on these new servers. New customers are not going to have the patience and understanding we have become used to affording WC. They will just return the game.
  4. So they lied. They always lie. Stop complaining about their blatant dishonesty, it's what they are known for. My friends ask about ark and I warn them all NOT to buy it. I've got a question for people freaking out about no support- of all of us who have submitted tickets how many were actually handled? Of the characters lost how many were restored to what they were? I've got multiple tribemates and friends who lost theirs, zero of them were restored. I'm someone out there has gotten their half hearted 90 level replacement, but was that the going rate? No. You got ignored. Did you have groups g
  5. Hello,

    I'm attempting to reach someone who can put me in contact with some help. Both official PVP server I'm on have been invaded by the same group that has built bases under the map and have been rolling the server back for an entire day, 15 minutes apart. No one can play. Is there anything we can do about this? 

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