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  1. where to find oil? anyone have coords for oil? and maybe silica pearls?
  2. how do you change biomes how do you change biomes
  3. Utlagi

    osd despawn rate

    osd despawn rate how long does it take for an osd to despawn? Im waiting for an easy one
  4. mod map with all boss fights is there a mod map that has all the boss fights?
  5. I found 2 spots that do this. also go into ghost mode and you will see many dinos falling through the map . seems valguero translates to "full of holes"
  6. Allow flyer cary pve still doesnt work Allow flyer cary pve still doesnt work I have tried every suggestion I found and it still won allow flyers to pick up wild dinos in pve non dedi. when is this going to be fixed
  7. in one of the pannels there seems to be a audio spectograph or what ever you call it. any chance someone can convert that to a sound file to see if it contains a voice?
  8. is it me or are there more codes in the banner than yesterday?
  9. When you say edit profile do you mean on this forum? I looked but saw no terminal link
  10. also given the lore in atlas about god like creatures living in cities in the sky. it seems like that game is a prototype for ark 2. the goddess is helena. the magic is tek the source is element. I figure ark 2 will be more mmorpg like
  11. what if its not a new map (since they just released one) but a new dungeon mechanic (like the one in ark mobile) where we have to kill and finally shutdown Rockwell and the Ab systems before the earth can be fully healed. I always felt a newly restored earth would come as a new game Ark 2.0 since everything would be changed as in no Homo Dei, no element. no implants ect
  12. I would think that a new dls with no repsawn would likely fail to sell. I doubt there are that many people playing hardcore. wonder if they are trying some sort of battle royal hybrid?
  13. what if ab corrupted the earth beyond repair. the new dlc could be a new ark that will take us to a new planet which could be yet another dlc ?
  14. I dont want to wait 9 days for this. HACK FASTER PEOPLE!!!!
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