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  1. Been all over the map many times and haven’t seen a single amber node. they don’t exist and you won’t change my mind until I see them on a regular basis. Its like single players are forced to grind or pay
  2. Utlagi

    Running ark on my IPhone X

    ya it does lag a bit even on the x also if you are playing online the servers can be laggy try bumping it down a notch also the graphics level will effect battery epic will drain it hella fast
  3. Utlagi

    Running ark on my IPhone X

    what are your video setting in game?
  4. Utlagi

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    this was not received well LOL
  5. Utlagi

    primal pass not restoring on ios

    btw I paid for a year
  6. just reinstalled it on iphone x tried to restore primal pass but nothing happens no xp boost and free gifts make me watch ads single player
  7. Update crystal in the south east noob cave is also not respawning. No structures near by.
  8. Nodes I mined more than 6 hours ago in game and way more than that in real hours have not respawned. Have left render range many times an returned but still nothing. Trees small stones and plants are fine but I have to go further and further to get stone and it’s getting ridiculous. Canadian soft launch single player
  9. Utlagi

    single player on multiple devices

    will there be a way to import it from ios to android and back?
  10. currently playing single player in ios will I be able to continue my game on android or will I have to start a new game?
  11. Utlagi

    text on iphone x too small

    it seems like the mobile version needs its own UI the text is too small and unreadable
  12. Utlagi

    Raft building

    I can’t extend the raft the same way as pc. Foundations won’t snap to ine underside of ceiling tiles. This means I can’t get the 9x9 configuration.
  13. Are the taiming rates the same as pc? If not what are they?