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  1. I get that plus no demolish animations at all they just despawn after a while.
  2. windows 10 bugs and fixes

    demolish animation also not working on structures
  3. windows 10 bugs and fixes

    also trees rocks and other things stop rendering after a while
  4. windows 10 bugs and fixes

    berry bushes not animated when harvested. they just stay the same and then despawn. items are still collected. rocks also not falling apart after harvest
  5. a and t are fixed seems the controller bug open the global chat may also be fixed also I can read signs now backspace still does not toggle hud voice chat still activates when talking even toggled off which is a problem when we use xbox chat also turning off menu music also turns off music in game
  6. bionic quetzl skin on win 10

    didn't see that part. ark is literately the first thing I ever bought off ms. I figured it would work since its ark and that's now play anywhere. thanks. getting the one x soon anyway so I will just wait and activate it then
  7. windows version patch

    it wouldn't be so bad if the ms store servers weren't so slow.
  8. bionic quetzl skin on win 10

    they will get my respect when I get the item I paid for
  9. why the hell is it downloading the entire game just for a patch. most people dont have unlimited internet. if you want more people playing you better streamline the patch process
  10. bionic quetzl skin on win 10

    so you moved my thread but couldn't bother answering it?
  11. bionic quetzl skin on win 10

    its sold on the ms store so I would say no
  12. I bought the skin on the ms store but it says not available for your device I have the win 10 ver and I cant get the skin in game bug or what?
  13. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    the ability to transfer inventory of a dino directly to a smithy/forge or other structure or container without having to place it in player inv first
  14. unlimited mindwipe not working on play anywhere ver either
  15. bump because this bug is still happening