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  1. single player map reveal reset my map keeps resetting every time I teleport between biomes in single player every thing is back to unexplored
  2. go back to where you last saw it. it may still be there. having this same problem on single player
  3. Utlagi

    Teleport bug

    Teleport bug Enabled flyers teleported from bog to ocean. Ptera teleporting with me. Teleport back and the ptera is sometimes left behind at the point where I started the port also happens going from bog to volcano and back returning to the last place where I saw the ptera always finds it and next port is successful.
  4. where to find oil? anyone have coords for oil? and maybe silica pearls?
  5. how do you change biomes how do you change biomes
  6. also given the lore in atlas about god like creatures living in cities in the sky. it seems like that game is a prototype for ark 2. the goddess is helena. the magic is tek the source is element. I figure ark 2 will be more mmorpg like
  7. what if its not a new map (since they just released one) but a new dungeon mechanic (like the one in ark mobile) where we have to kill and finally shutdown Rockwell and the Ab systems before the earth can be fully healed. I always felt a newly restored earth would come as a new game Ark 2.0 since everything would be changed as in no Homo Dei, no element. no implants ect
  8. I would think that a new dls with no repsawn would likely fail to sell. I doubt there are that many people playing hardcore. wonder if they are trying some sort of battle royal hybrid?
  9. can you fix bAutounlockAllEngrams not working on the win 10 servers not working and will the xbox version have mouse and keyboard support
  10. this was not received well LOL
  11. is there any way to split stacks? I want to split stacks of raw meat to spoil it faster for narcos.
  12. please give the spino a tail swipe. hard to kill rapters and small fast dinos that get behind you
  13. I think they will since its the same version as win 10 and it has the support. it may be that they are waiting till it goes live on xbox which may be soon as its in the lowest ring of the insider program but as we all know "soon" to MS could mean "years" LOL
  14. it is currently working on the mine craft beta in the insider program. I already tested this my self that means the support it already there but only available to developers for now which is why Im asking if WC is working on adding it to ark
  15. the ability to transfer inventory of a dino directly to a smithy/forge or other structure or container without having to place it in player inv first
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