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  1. Okay, as usual it seems they screwed up. Here (in the community post) they say "Midnight EST and Noon EST on the 1st of January 2021", but in-game it says 11:30 PM EST (Dec1) and 12 PM EST (Jan1) Also apparently the presents only drop in a undisclosed location, so only those who actually knew about that part got any presents on the live servers. It was not a server wide event as we're led to believe here. Nor did they actually tell anyone in-game (at least on The Island servers) about this. So in conclusion, the community team and the dev team are both at ass-ends of the planet from each other with only a broken tin-can phone to communicate as they can't get anything right between them.
  2. TheIsland407 Event triggered, system message saying Happy New Year popped up, there was a second ".." server message, but no items/fireworks triggered anywhere on the map.
  3. Surprisingly my server didn't crash through the entire event. Typically during any event my server crashes at least once a day if not multiple times. So they've fixed something behind the scenes.
  4. Fix the bloody servers! (Can't harvest) Servers are so laggy I can't harvest fiber with my theriz, the bushes "harvest" but I get no fiber from it. Fix this!
  5. TheIsland407 is Down! It's been down for 1.5 hours now. I was supposed to be asleep 1.5 hours ago, but I can't go to sleep because I need to get my giga imprinted which was ready for imprint literally at the exact minute the server crashed and if I go to sleep now I'll lose the imprint whenever the server comes back up Maybe you could make all dinos get double imprint during this event >_>
  6. Ext460, didn't try to do anything really this weekend because even the act of flying around looking for a OSD or Vein to do is highly dangerous because of all the lag DCs which can happen at any time, sending your character falling to the ground right in the middle of all the corrupted whatevers, let alone the fact that you'll probably end up losing anyways from a lag DC halfway through a defense.
  7. I'd love to see more skin mods for saddles and such added to the game officially. I mean, how much would you have to pay these people for them? Not much I'd think.
  8. Quit calling it a "special" evolution event when it's the same evolution event we get every weekend. Keeps making me think it's going to be a 3x weekend, or including breeding or something and gets my hopes up.
  9. Game development is done on PC. So it only makes sense the PC versions get the first updates. Unless they purposefully hold back the PC to launch at the same time as consoles.
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