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  1. Supposedly they're doing some sort of active enforcement on a few servers? But it seems to have spilled over to all?
  2. Not publicly discussing unfair enforcement is like binding all legal action to arbitration clauses. Eg: A really poopty deal for the consumer and should be illegal.
  3. Really, now you disable auto-decay? After most peoples bases/dinos have disappeared already..... >_> This is incompetence on a monumental scale.
  4. Currently you have to be there exactly on time for every single imprint, or else you'll lose the last one. There's about 20 minutes of padding, which is not nearly enough. Please raise the amount of imprint per session (or make ankys raise faster), or make ankys take about 1-2 hours longer to raise. Preferably the former as everyone likes changes that are "positive".
  5. Does the healing only apply to herbivores, or will they also heal omnivores (eg: Megatherium)?
  6. Rule of thumb, if the devs never fix something, even if it's obviously a bug, it's legit.
  7. Why aren't triangle ceiling on the same level as normal ceiling? This bugs me in ways I can't put into words
  8. I discovered a too fast maturation bug on official yesterday. Namely I was there for every imprint on my anky, but the anky developed faster than the imprint timer so I ended up being 20 minutes behind for the final on. Eh, but what do they care.
  9. Yeah, only fix was to die. Really not a fix for a hardcore server.
  10. Pegos should keep the old way of taming, and become a special egg.
  11. This also applies to trying to skirt the corner of a open dino gate, you rubber band when you get to close to it instead of sliding like normal. Or the corner of walls in general.
  12. Whenever I try to go through a doorway, I rubberband. I end up having to close the door while I'm near it so the door shoves me through.
  13. Inventory filter no longer can differentiate from types of meat (fish/prime/regular), a fix would be nice.
  14. Well they certainly won't replace my mana and podded giga that poofed. >_<
  15. The admins have never given back lost items/dinos for their bugs.
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