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  1. About 75% of the time the dams I find are full of wood, either as a natural spawn, or because inconsiderates don't think to empty them.
  2. Zen00

    Megatherium Imprinting Broken?

    Let me put it this way. My mom raised me to give back the extra tickets I got from a malfunctioning arcade game. >_>
  3. Zen00

    Megatherium Imprinting Broken?

    Okay, that fixes that, but I still want to know why they only need to be imprinted once, despite having a 24 hour raise timer for this event?
  4. Zen00

    Megatherium Imprinting Broken?

    Well, they still get 100% imprint when they should only be getting 33% imprint. And I just imprinted one and got 0% bonus to melee.
  5. Imprinting does give you +30% base stats, right, at 100%? I have a set of megatherium I'm breeding right now, their base melee is 319.9%, and at 100% imprint they only get 382.2%. They should be getting 415.9%, right? Same thing goes for their HP. Also they 100% imprint with a single imprint, as opposed to the usual 3 imprints (what it would take with the 3x)
  6. Zen00

    Can we get this dinosaur added?

    Well another new report says that basilosaurus were apex predators more prone to biting your face off rather than swimming around peacefully with rays.
  7. Zen00

    Tree sap tap

    Hooray for unfixed simple bugs!
  8. Looks like it has lances built right into it, all the better for ramming through hordes of annoying dinos https://gizmodo.com/newly-discovered-spiked-dinosaurs-from-south-america-lo-1832359748
  9. Zen00

    Is it trolling?

    A. There's plenty of space to build, you're just not very good at finding it. Get a ptera. B. Yes it's trolling and you could get a ban for it.
  10. Zen00

    Allosaurous good for boss fight?

    Allos are perfectly fine for beta monkey fights. We also did an alpha run, but it was a close shave. However that was with only the first couple gens of allos we have. In a few more when they have 50% more hp/melee then they'll probably do it just fine.
  11. Zen00

    Otter taming...erm...

    You can pick up small dinos in an argies mouth on PvE official, only some though.
  12. The element reward is the same, regardless of amount of tribes/people there.
  13. Zen00

    Cryopods and skins/costumes

    Would like to keep hats on otters too, like saddles
  14. Zen00

    Server Maintenance

    TheIsland407 has crashed multiple times resulting in outages that have lasted upwards of 16 hours at a time multiple times in the last month, at least 2 times a week! Why is it not on the list of servers getting upgrades? It obviously needs one.
  15. I'd love to see more skin mods for saddles and such added to the game officially. I mean, how much would you have to pay these people for them? Not much I'd think.