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  1. They should just increase the pickup range of the F command
  2. Popping Packages When popping stacks out of storage items such as dedicated storage and vaults, why do the packages try to come out of the top instead of the front of the storage container? This is highly inconvenient as typically there's no room above storage, particularly dedicated storage as it stacks on itself. So the packages end up forcing into the ceiling, or through the wall, and basically everywhere except into a nice tidy pickable pile right in front of the storage container for you to grab with F.
  3. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Snow_Cave Snow cave is this one. You can cryopod a rex and throw it in after crouching and walking under the ledge at the entrance. You'll need 2 rexs, because you have to run through part of the cave on foot to reach a point where you can unpod a second rex. I suggest you use grapple hooks to not get mauled by all the mobs, or rare flowers to aggro and run back to your rex to kill any mobs you can. Purlovia are your worst enemies though as they don't unaggro and are extremely dangerous. A good well bred allosaur might also do the cave well.
  4. Is this acceptable? https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2958021/downtime Check the downtime. There have been multiple crashes daily since about mid-December. You'll note that crashes still happened, but on a more once every other day or so event before December. And remember these are just the crashes that battlemetrics detected. Typically every time the server saves anyone in the wasteland disconnects, making doing element veins and such near impossible.
  5. Well, I was supposed to be asleep right now, but the biggest outage in the history of the server decided to hit literally the minute I was going to log off and I have to wait around so I can put my dinos back into cryo from the inevitable rollback.
  6. Fishing has always been, and always will be the most boring (but for some reason always included) mechanic in every game. I have no idea why people keep wanting it. At least make it "auto" fish.
  7. Ice cave you have to do on land, so get your best shotgun and armor and plenty of bug repellant.
  8. Megatherium man. They are tanks, super tanks, can not be stopped. Tame a wild one, get like 5k HP and dump the rest into melee, kill a bug and wreck everything in the cave. However snow cave it's recommended you use a high level rex. The two water caves you can do with a bowl of lazarus chowder and a high movement speed build and full ghillie armor (and scuba flippers, no need for a tank). Just stay away from any of the dinos in the water as best you can and don't bring your best ghillie armor just in case. Cactus broth if you can get it is a plus as well.
  9. TheIsland407 is Down! It's been down for 1.5 hours now. I was supposed to be asleep 1.5 hours ago, but I can't go to sleep because I need to get my giga imprinted which was ready for imprint literally at the exact minute the server crashed and if I go to sleep now I'll lose the imprint whenever the server comes back up Maybe you could make all dinos get double imprint during this event >_>
  10. Last year I got about 40 from breeding my egg farm constantly during the event.
  11. All my babies are indoors, they all have plenty of food, yet over time my babies all take damage and become bloody for no apparent reason? And it isn't all of them, just some of them at random do.
  12. Why do servers crash? We know sometimes the server will kick everyone, and on the more extreme end the server will disappear completely. But WHY does it do that? What fault in the net logic it's using causes it to disappear or drop all clients?
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