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  1. I visited all the Gen1 notes, and notes 5 and 7 won't unlock properly. As well as Gen2 note 6 (on ScorchedEarth90)
  2. As long as Game Theorist exists, you should never presume this
  3. Well, canonically the implant holds your memories I believe (the engram matrix) which is what lets the ARK recreate people from the past (it's not well explained in the notes I read), but it is not "you". So when you die and are revived, the implant is a new one, but with your previous life imprinted on it by Helena. Upon completing extinction, technically your implant no longer exists because you become homo deus (maybe? I don't know, it's not well explained and theoretically shouldn't be possible since Helena said no more homo deus could be made, plus it was supposed to be that after the ARK
  4. It's an old old old issue they've never cared enough about their customers to provide the simple fix (remove the rock or move the note). The only way to get it at this time is ghosting via admin cheats.
  5. Unfortunately in the official canon the whole survivor being resurrected to learn and grow and overcome and eventually bring the ARKs back to Earth was entirely a happy accident brought about by the ascension of Helena. They weren't made for you, merely to keep life safe until Earth was ready to be restored. As far as I can tell, the colony ship survivor and the ARK survivor are canonically separate entities.
  6. The survivor you play through The Island, Scorched Earth, Abberation, and Extinction is canonically the same person who is transporting between locations, following in the footsteps of the first group who broke through and kind of kickstarted a emergency backup for saving the ARKs. But where does Genesis fit into this? Is the survivor you play on Genesis canonically a different person from the one in the first set of expansions?
  7. You always go on in patch notes about "Fixed X holes in the world", well how about you add a hole into the world and remove the bloody stone wall that's blocking access to the log note on multiplayer servers?
  8. Okay, as usual it seems they screwed up. Here (in the community post) they say "Midnight EST and Noon EST on the 1st of January 2021", but in-game it says 11:30 PM EST (Dec1) and 12 PM EST (Jan1) Also apparently the presents only drop in a undisclosed location, so only those who actually knew about that part got any presents on the live servers. It was not a server wide event as we're led to believe here. Nor did they actually tell anyone in-game (at least on The Island servers) about this. So in conclusion, the community team and the dev team are both at ass-
  9. TheIsland407 Event triggered, system message saying Happy New Year popped up, there was a second ".." server message, but no items/fireworks triggered anywhere on the map.
  10. Zen00

    ARK 2!!

    No PC release? Xbox only? What sort of Tom sausageens is this shenaniery?
  11. Hold control, or alt, or shift, or whatever button, and click on an item, and all stacks of that item in the inventory will shift to the other inventory you have open. Instead of having to type in the name and then click the transfer button.
  12. I would recommend a standard tek suit for most situations. Beyond the up-front element cost, it's fairly cheap and easy to keep it repaired, and when powered it provides insulation (with 50 fortitude) that protects you from most harm from -20 to 60 C. You'll take a little damage during those times but it's so slow that you won't notice it unless you're idling out of shelter and the cold/heat wave lasts forever. I wear ghillie when doing anything that I don't want the tek armor damaged during (caves from arthros mainly), and flak armor during boss battles.
  13. Yeah, but the Mario Bros movie was such a strange and amazing mess it's almost more impressive than a "good" movie. I mean watch some reviews that talk about the history of how the movie was produced, the constant drinking on set, the strippers hired for scenes, the various near life threatening injuries on set, etc. It has aged like fine wine really.
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