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  1. ARK: The Netflix Mini-Series would be much cooler than a movie. Much more time to develop the characters (I presume they'd adapt the current storyline) and produce a finer product.
  2. The real problem isn't finding a place to build, it's finding a flat level place that isn't claimed by people just to "claim" it so you can build using foundations. You can build with pillar/ceilings pretty much anywhere though.
  3. Crafting depends on what you're doing and what point in the game you're at. If you're doing anything stone and below, I suggest you get your hands on a mining drill. It gives you weight reductions and farms most resources fairly well. Aim for 500 carry weight at least. If you really can splurge, get a magmasaur. You can hold the drill while walking around with it carving up trees and rocks and just transfer the material to your inventory when the magmasaur gets weighed down to get the weight reductions, and you can craft while moving, and will be ignored by most dinos. If you're bulk
  4. As for "ARK 2" If they were to do that, the main thing I'd look for would be them building using the latest version of Unreal Engine. I think they're using version 4 right now? And they just released 5. But yes, there is no need for an "ARK 2" yet.
  5. So I used a tek teleporter today, but instead of the usual flash then you're in a new place, the game sort of lagged, then everything around me started despawning, then the game decided I no longer existed and vaporized me and all my belongings (a giga in a cryopod, tek armor, being of note) and respawned me. There is no tribe log of a death. I believe this was caused by me being slightly on top of my wyverns wing while teleporting. But really, is it that hard to set a persons x/y/z position to a new point? Is there any way to get my stuff back?
  6. My download finally finished, but now there' a 5 hour installation time? What is this?
  7. Apparently babies are full of highly explosive hydrogen gas.
  8. Am I downloading a new expansion map here? What's up with the giant update sizes that take many many hours to download on my measly 1 Mb/s download speed (and that saturates my bandwidth so I can't watch movies or do anything else while this is going on)
  9. Yeah, the main reason you want a high damage one is because the lower the damage, the more you start losing out on speed for a giga or a rex that are easier to obtain and can have much higher harvesting rates than the theriz because they can do more damage.
  10. I'd support wipes if there was some way to store all your dinos/items so you could build a new base post-wipe. And if the materials that built your base were refunded during the wipe.
  11. Theriz are great for resources, but they get no weight reductions. The only resource I suggest them for is fiber and hide. Gather fiber with the right click and hide with C, level up fine harvesting. This works best if your theriz can get over 2k attack damage (you should get one that's from a boss attacker egg line).
  12. I wish they'd remove the structure limit on platforms in PvE. I want to make a fighter jet tek quetz platform and a submarine mosa
  13. Can we fix learning engrams? It's a really annoying process relearning every single engram each time you use a wipe. Could we have something like "loadouts" that will instantly learn all the engrams we want? Also remove the need for moving to a specific map to learn an engram, probably one of the worst restrictions.
  14. We need the number of enemies left before the next wave starts limit increased from 1 to 3 or 4. There are always lots of enemies which just disappear never to be seen again, especially with events in difficult terrain where their AI just tells them to head off to nowhere. Another option would be to add a "Summon event dinosaurs" option to the radial wheel on the event central node. So you can bring them all back to the center, so to say.
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