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  1. In a simpler analogy: it is like you have to tame a gacha with some items, but you will still have to feed it something to let it make crystal after it is tamed. Or else it will just sit there and do nothing, and probably die.
  2. I read this whole thing and I think it can be summarized as: servers are expensive
  3. Yup, and although I don't have definite proofs, I think reselling of steam accounts make WC get even less money. New player click "join ARK", probably see a official server on the screen first and clicked join. After sometime they quit because it is too difficult/laggy. Then they decide to sell their steam account with only ARK in library to regain some money because the refund period have passed. ~This may also be why WC focus on new content rather than optimization: when new DLC is released there is no possibility to resell, at least for some time.
  4. you cant if they are not claimed already and you can not claim them if they are in the floor
  5. Is there way to include polls in replies?
  6. perhaps its better to encourage cryoing?
  7. awww.... it is merged…….. the poll is gone...…..
  8. That is what I meant, and enforcer will also need to act out of considerations for players because now players pay. If they are irresponsible and players leave, then there will be less money for them.
  9. I guess at this point, all the opinions basically distilled down to 2 questions: 1, Will there be enough players to pay for subscription servers? 2, Will WC/DEVs use these money to improve enforcers/hardwares/softwares if they get it? (Surprisingly not many people who oppose subscription cares about spending money itself) It seems like players who think "yes" to both questions always support subscription and most player who oppose subscription think "no" for question 2.
  10. With the massive net work and so many players behaving in all sort of different ways, I think the official cluster itself is the stress testing server. And I also think that they are aware of the problems, but they don't have enough manpower to fix them. As for why genesis is priced as it is: Since the simplified profit of a sale can be calculated as : (SellPrice - CostToProduceEachProduct)*(#PotentialConsumers - f#ConsumerLostDueToHighPrice(ProductPrice)) - R&DCost, WC may have simply chose the (ProductPrice) that maximized (profit) (that is to say (profit) increase as (ProductPrice) increase until it reaches a maximum, after that (profit) decrease as (ProductPrice) increase)
  11. Actually... that's why I suggested subscription for official server, because it may be able to give DEVs ability and incentive to improve coding.
  12. Didn't thought about that! Sigh..... you are right, I guess that is probably the opinion of most players now
  13. I understand that. It is just sad to see this forum with all the people turning their love for ARK into hate, so I am just trying anything possible for a solution. I think ARK is a game with very good concept& graphics. I got a feeling that the DEVs are working around the clock to make it better and I would rather it not get bad reputations or even fail because of technical issues like optimization, server hardware, or support and so on.
  14. This idea came from: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/504784-can-i-pay/&tab=comments#comment-2780168 Please do not merge
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