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  1. Is there any official countdown for the end of ARK? Like, down to precision of minutes? I can't find one.
  2. I am glad that they are making ark 2 instead of continuing ark after gen2 I guess that really do make my survival end here........ Sometimes I just wished that I had never knew "ARK", never stayed, never got attached
  3. Once again, I have the feeling that WC are brilliant artists and pathetic engineers. Precision and flawlessness are simply not their thing........
  4. warnings to all players: watch your character experience when transferring i just transferred a character and lost ~2x10^8 exp
  5. If you are a developer and you actually read this line, please some how give a sign......
  6. about boosting breeding rates......... good things: makes game much easier? bring more people into official servers bad things: makes game much easier? increase player head count in server (extra lag/ crash likelihood) increase creature head count in server (extra lag/ crash likelihood) offset pvp balance by a lot
  7. imprint, ascensions, tekgrams, missions, and extra chibi levels.............. maybe its just better to add an option to duplicate the character on transfer and zero the experience and hexagon of duplicated character
  8. it is really sad but once again, i guess.......: its unlikely that this problem will be solved before all your belongings decay. (that is, assuming if it will be solved at all) as someone who faces similar problem, I suggest you start from zero again
  9. um....... if you are in pve, then you usually trade eggs if you are in pvp, then you usually steal eggs and cryo pods i have never seen any tribe catch up by mutating creatures themselves.......
  10. sometimes i am wondering: this game, are the same group of people developing the client, mechanics, and server protocols? ark can easily be one of the best game every created if everything works correctly, sadly that did not happen. how can the developers allow these to ruin all their hard work?
  11. i guess whether one support wipe or no wipe, pvp only of pvp and pve, most of us probably have one common consensus: this should not happen before we find a way to remove all cheaters, bugs, exploits, glitches, and real money traders (whats the point of wiping if this didnt happen?). unfortunately i dont see that coming. i guess this topic should be discussed only after all the problems named above are solved.....
  12. the only reason I could think of is that they are saying "now look, our free servers are bad, if you don't want bad servers, then buy our dlc" (although, dlc servers aren't exactly stable either.....) I wonder whether that will work at all...… when a new player jumped into a dlc server, how do they survive heatstroke, spores, corrupted creatures, swarms, avalanches, meteors, and volcanic rocks...…...
  13. I am just wondering what they are planning in this "free ark" event I assume they want to make profit. If they want to make profit and they made the base game free, then they are selling DLCs. Currently players are swarming into free official servers and making them very laggy ( or even constantly crashing) Now they ignore this server performance issue and keep the servers laggy. Isnt it just demonstrating the worst side of ARK to new players? How do they expect new players to buy dlc after seeing this? Isnt this event counter intuitive?
  14. I wish we can roll the life of all ark player 5 year back so that we get the choice to never buy this game
  15. I don't know about other players, but...….. I believe this is what most official players want from the official servers. I don't need the server to run lag less; I don't need dinos to stop getting mesh destroyed; I don't care about pillaring; and I don't care about imbalances, real money trading, exploits, duping, baby starving due to bugs, missions glitching, so on and so forth, I just want 3 things: 1. I hope characters loss can end, either by backuping or steam id - bounding 2. I hope server can crash after it has ran for at least 8 hours 3. I hope server can crash for no longer than 1 hour doubt this post can change anything though..... I just want to say this
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