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  1. Simple question here: If a discord server owner is asking for server boost (which could be obtained with real-life money) in exchange of in game service/item....... Does it count as RMT (Real-Money-Trading)?
  2. As titled, I hope it can preserve food in survivor like a fridge as it does for cryopod like a cryo fridge
  3. Add tek versions of air conditioner and (especially) refrigerators to that list. Could make the refrigerators function in the same way as a dedicated storage, except that the content diminishes following a exponential decay function based on time and content spoil timer
  4. Question: does this roll back affect steam platform as well?
  5. Come to think of it the ARK story is still unfinished. They never made any series about what happened to earth after all the ARKs (especially aberration) deorbited.
  6. Welp, its probably not a bad thing. I speculate at that time most people who do Real Money Trading, Exploitations, and Hacking will probably begone too. The servers will probably run much smoother than it had ever been. As someone who had been here since the max level for player was 60 and the name "nameless" wasnt indicating a specific animal, i just want to say its a shame that we didnt get to enjoy this game in the smooth way since the beginning. On the other hand, as much as i am looking forward to ARK II, I am kind of concerned about the prospect of a "soul-like" game in the "ARK-like" server......
  7. i can still not get the entry scene note in gen2 (hlna 1)
  8. anyone still trying or having done this? i dont think i have ever seen anyone with these +10 levels
  9. you are hopeful! tell us if you finally complete all of them
  10. If no one has completed collection of all notes, have anyone completed collection of all notes on any SINGLE map? If so, then which map?
  11. awwwww so one one yet after these months?? the design of this thing is just ridiculous, why does it have to be 100% of the note, even lowering it to 95% allow some glitch work around
  12. have anyone got these 10 levels in any server clusters, official or else, without using any commands?
  13. I guess this are the two ultimate issue of gen 2: The missions, stryder taming, and boss arena are designed with zero consideration of either server or client performace. Even if someone tried so hard to complete all missions, the ultimate challenge becomes to find someone to join him in the boss arena: since you cant even join unless you have all the missions completed.
  14. This mission is like star dolphin and circuit chase, almost impossible itself; impossible on a server; and definitely impossible on an official server with 200+ ping.... My tribemates already lost the will to try.
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