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  1. linux client still at version 300.0 the linux client shows as being at version 300.0 the linux server shows as being at 301.3 the linux client cannot connect windows clients can connect is anyone else having this issue.
  2. The update i recieved from steam appears to be working. Thank you to everyone at Wildcard who helped fix the problem
  3. Linux Client does not update to 298.3 after purchase of Ark Genesis Season Pass the steam client for Linux does not update after the purchase of the Ark Genesis Season Pass uninstall/reinstall does not work clearing the steam download cache does not work validate user files does not work cannot join games on multplayer servers that have updated to 298.3 i can run a server but am not allowed to play. is that fair? you advertise that this game works with linux. does it or doesn't it? please reply to this discussion if you are also having this problem
  4. Linus client for steam has not updated to version 297.64 The last update for the Linux client was 297.36 which came out on July 22nd. We totally missed out on the Summer Bash event. it doesnt look good to make a big deal out of a time sensitive update and miss it for some players. Did the MAC players on steam miss out too? @Cedric @Chris
  5. Linux update still not recieved for 297.64 it has been 18 days since the last steam update for windows clients. we still have not recieved the corresponding update for linux clients @Cedric
  6. start of the Summer Bash event has still not occured on the steam client for Linux since it has not updated since June 22nd. i guess they have more pressing problems to deal with @Cedric
  7. why is it that a steam update for linux for the summer bash hasnt been put out yet. its been 15 days and nothing yet. i thought steam updates were 'easy' compared to consoles.
  8. it has been 10 days since the update for the summer bash event was published for PC on Steam. We have had no word on why there has not been a Linux client update posted. Valguero took over a week to update on linux after the other PC users got it. Having a date sensitive event be ten days late doesn't make WC look good. Is there some reason a Linux client update takes this long? @Cedric Would you please let us know what is going on? Please reply here if you have been afffected, Thank you
  9. Summer Bash still does not work for Linux. it has not updated to 297.64 from 297.36 yet
  10. Has anyone heard anything new on this problem? @Cedric
  11. Any news on when this will come to the Linux Client?, it has not updated since the Valquero DLC came out for it.
  12. Linux client does not update to 297.64 The Linux Client has not updated to 297.64 Please reply if you are also having this issue. Thank you
  13. it updated and appears to be working now Thank you
  14. Oswald, Skipper, Rico, Private or Kowalski for Kairuku
  15. Cary Granite or Rock Hudson for a Rock Golem Wooliam Shatner for a Wooly Mammoth Pterry Gilliam for a Pterydactyl Chateau Thierry for a Therizinsaur Rex Harrison for a T-Rex Justin, June, Wally, Theodore, Ward, Daggett, Treeflower or Norbert for Beavers
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