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  1. HoboNation


    I am really confused as to why so many of the stories I have heard end up with the meshers getting away with not even a slap on the wrist while the players getting meshed are often punished for defending themselves under the mesh. How is it that WC and admins are so quick to catch legit players defending themselves but when it comes to cheaters using offensive meshing they all of a sudden have the biggest butter fingers in the world and couldnt catch a cold if it was coughed right into their faces. It almost feels like WC are protecting these meshers and making examples of people who try to defend against them.
  2. HoboNation

    Spam Threads

    Seems kind of silly to me to advertise something like that on a forum for a computer game like ark. I dont imagine they would get too many interested people lol. I suppose spam just for the sake of spam is more important than intelligence for these kinds of people and companies... 🤷‍♂️
  3. HoboNation

    Spam Threads

    Been noticing these spam threads clogging up general discussion, all seem to be entirely irreverent to ARK and are advertising some fake "black magic doctor" Are the accounts making these accounts not going to get banned? how do we report such users and threads?
  4. HoboNation

    server wipes (PvP)

    I also think having some with a logner wipe counter would be cool. Although I still have been enjoying the 30 day wipe cycle. I dont get a lot of time to play Ark and having a monthly wipe lets me not invest too much of myself into my time on ark.
  5. HoboNation

    server wipes (PvP)

    Not true... Arkpocalypse servers are official and they wipe every 30 days
  6. HoboNation

    server wipes (PvP)

    Arkpocalypse servers are the answer to your woes my friend. They are official in every way except they are on a separate cluster and so players can only transfer between Arkpocalypse server maps, none of that "I have been farming this mana for 3 years, let me go wipe everyone on a server for fun" And all Arkpocalypse servers wipe around the same time, they wipe every 30 days, think the next one is actually coming up this sunday so It's a good time to check them out. Everyone starts fresh after a wipe, dinos, players, bases all of it, wiped clean. It is really nice seeing the map so untouched on the first day of the wipe and then having low level PVP battles as everyone gets setup. I started playing Arkpocalypse servers about 2 wipes ago and me and my buddy havent looked back. Definitely highly recommend them. EDIT: and the population on the servers is usually pretty high, especially in the first 2 weeks after a wipe, its common to see them sitting at 70/70 players online during peak times.
  7. HoboNation

    How do I come back?

    I dont have this problem as I play on PC so graphics are still looking crisp for me, Being on pc one gets much more control over the graphics settings and things like UI text size etc so I dont encounter this problem :/. I can make ark look like a potato world or look like work of art. This is one of the main reasons I stopped playing many games on console and opted to just get a good PC rig, sucks being hard set at a specific level of graphic or performance settings when a game has so much potential to be pushed beyond that :/. I infact had the opposite situation to you recently as I got a new graphics card recently, and so after being so used to ark looking a certain way now it looks like a whole new world and has kind of blown my mind tbh. Almost like playin ARK2 lol.
  8. HoboNation

    Search Raw Meat now includes Raw Fish Meat?

    Sometimes it feels like the devs enjoy trolling the players with certain updates. Like is it not tested before hand with a group of testers who put up their hands and say wait a minute, this one part of the patch, this one right here, this isnt a good idea. Maybe it does happen but when the tester puts up their hand WC throws a brick at them and tells them to stfu. Then they implement the patch un-amended anyway because you know "pfft time and effort and its hard to amend so meh" - WC I guess the only way around this for the time being would be to farm the raw meat first, then go back transfer to a specific fridge or w/e then go back out and farm only fish meat then come back and put in it's own fridge or w/e, etc.
  9. HoboNation

    Why WildCard is a Failure

    Many of the things you mention pretty much sums up what Arkpocalypse servers are about. Thats the thing about ark, it gives you many options in terms of server types to play the way you want to. Some players wouldnt like the changes you mentioned if they were applied across the board. So my reccomendation to you is try out an Arkpocalypse server. Me and a buddy have been playing on one for about 3-4 wipes now and are loving it. They get wiped every 30 days and that means characters are wiped dinos are wiped and the whole map is spawned in fresh and untouched every reset. They are on their own seperate server cluster, which means that yes a player can still upload a managmr to a ragnarok map however, they can only do this from another Arkpocalypse server map which also will get wiped at the same rate. in other words you cant get players who have spent 3 years farming dinos on a server who just comes by one day uploads his most OP stuff and then wipe everyone. Instead players have to grind on those maps to get those dinos and then upload them, and after 30 days all those uploaded tames on other Arkpocalypse servers get wiped like all the rest which means that tribe has to go out and start again like the rest of us on the next wipe. It is a lot better this way as it kind of evens out the playing field a lot. Pretty much every player and dino you encounter while on an arkpocalypse server, while it might not be from your particular map they still started out at the same time as everyone and will get wiped at 30 days like everyone and have to start again. Seems like you would really enjoy it. Not to mention the player pops on Arkpocalypse servers has been really high. Often the one I play on sits around 69/70 players online at peak times. If you interested in checking it out, the one I play on is "EU PVP Arkpocalypse4"
  10. HoboNation

    Getting insided

    There is one situation that I make an exception for when inviting people I dont know to a tribe and actually trusting them right away, and that is when encountering another south african on EU servers, not only is this rare but something about the culture makes bonding with other south africans almost a given in such situations. Me and a friend have literally within meetin another south african found him brought him to the base invited him to the tribe and made him admin withing 5 minutes of talking in global server chat, and it never came to bite us in the ass nore did we ever fear it would. When you meet south african players on ARK just know you are meeting some top character individuals, usually pretty trust worthy. It's rare but is indeed something special that strangers can develop such a close and almost instant bond just based on your nationality. It probably has a lot to do with there not being a heck of a lot of us playing ark and even less that play PVP on EU servers so when we find each other it's awesome. On that note any south africans that play PVP EU that may stumble across this post, awe gents, hit me up if you ever keen to tribe up.
  11. HoboNation

    Getting insided

    This is true and is sadly the unavoidable part. Only trust will help at this point and maybe being on alert with members you suspect may not have the best interests in the tribe at heart, perhaps with vigilance one could notice suspicious activity like memebers building a separate base with a fabi and such so it can be dealt with but this is not always going to be the case and no doubt someone trying to inside would be doing all they can to not appear suspicious at all. I guess another method here would be concealment, so hiding important loot either off server or just in a location where even if a tribe member went rogue and blew into restricted areas they still would not easily find all the vital loot. Only having admins and trusted members know the whereabouts of the important loot and if any low level members get a bit too inquisitive they can then be monitored closer for suspicious behavior. There are many methods for hiding loot that can be deployed that work pretty well at hiding it from actual raiders, so I'm sure it would work equally as well for traitors and insiders.
  12. HoboNation

    My character disappeared, unable to play.

    You not gonna divulge how you managed to achieve this?
  13. HoboNation

    Building in ark tips and tricks.

    It might work having the pillars in the beginning just while you are building the foundations and such, then you might be able to remove them afterwards and not have the structure collapse. I would say test it first either with a few foundations and pillars or just in single player and see if after you have done your build if removing some of the pillars causes issues, if not then yeah just spam the pillars while you build and then remove when done
  14. HoboNation

    tips plz

    Nice tames to start with are parasaur and trike for berries. That will allow you to get a bunch of narcotics which you can use to then get better dinos. Generally a good start is some form of berry collector. A list of useful tames and their uses are: Doedicurus - stone and flint Ankylosaurus - metal Raptor - meat Pteranadon - mobility as it's a flyer Argentavis - can pick up other dinos like the Ankylosaurus and has better stamina, HP, carry eight etc than the Pteranadon. Useful for farming as you can pick up a Ankylosaurus while a friend is riding it and then fly him past metal nodes while your friend harvests the metal. castoroides/Beavers - wood Therizinosaurus/The nightmare duck - better than the beaver for wood Mosschops - Thatch No need to tame a dino to get fiber as all you need is a metal sickle and you can easily grab unlimited fiber yourself. Dung beetle - Fertilizer Phiomia /The pigs - Force feed them stim berries and they unleash a storm of poop which you can give to beetles to make fertilizer with.