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  1. Or you make them give up before they have been introduced to enough of the game to make them want to keep playing despite being targeted relentlessly by some 12 year old with a hard on for sadism and letting out his pent up frustrations on all the noobs. See I agree with you that it is important to learn to deal with that stuff and embrace it as part of the game, but you must remember that not everyone has played a survival game before trying ark. Your reasoning would apply to new players who have already experienced a fair amount of the game and maybe met some players that have introduce
  2. That level of logic is already way too complex for the average bob terroizer enthusiast to follow or even grasp. You would have more luck explaining the theory or relativity to a 2 year old.
  3. There is/was a weird Cultural phenomenon however that seemed to stem from some of the chinese community whereby streamers engaged in these "War's with the west" campaigns for views. I don't know if it still is a thing but I remember it used to be a few years back, there were a lot of them doing it at the time and it became quite the trend, It was largely from this that I think a lot of the stigmatism towards "box tribes" developed. It developed a bit of a misconception as box characters arent automatically asian, Russian character will also appear that way if one does not have the language pac
  4. Well problem with Owl pellets is you will get nowhere near the same volume you will with poop and beetles. Unless you have a ton of owls, One phiomia and a few beetels on the other hand can give you more fert than you will ever need, I have setup a plant x spam defense of 250+ plant x surrounding desert temple ruin on rag while running solo. All I needed for it was one phiomia 3 beetles and a good supply of berries. Still had more fert than I needed despite making sure every crop plot always had atleast 5 stacks of fert after being fully grown. Also this only took me a few days of to pull off.
  5. I think step 3 is what Jemcrystal might have been neglecting to do by the sounds of it. I made this mistake when I first started playing ark, put stims in it's inven and was like ok now I wait for the poop, Eventually figured out you need to force feed them and then the brown waterfall came to life lol.
  6. Really? I havent played in awhile but if I come back to find this I will be severely disappointed. Pretty much a staple for most farming operations is Phioma and dung beetles with a good supply of stims. Must be a mistake or bug, there is no way the devs would be stupid enough to make a change like that on purpose, not like it was complained about or OP or anything like that.
  7. It can have it's benefits, usually more in PvP I would say. I suppose it keeps things interesting, it is annoying at times and I have been through the phase of hating it with a passion, but you learn eventually to accept it's place in the game. besides the antidote is really not that difficult to get, Especially if you know there is swamp fever going around on a server it never hurts to stock up on antidote supplies just in case, I mean the hardest ingredient to get is probably the rare mushrooms with leech blood being the second, both of those resources have a spoil time of a few da
  8. Isn't useful to you, is the correct statement there. Not everyone plays PvP. I however do also mainly play on PvP and have managed to make use of the passive harvest, A few times I have used a moschops or two while I'm taking a raft base to a place i want to build, I stop off somewhere let them out and put on wander in a safe area while I go grab some mats, Come back after a few mins take them off wander put back in raft chuck berries on mort, head off, stop at next area and rinse and repeat. Just leaving them on wander then logging off or leaving them wandering around for hours is not ad
  9. Another useful trait they have is the autonomous harvest ability. If set to wander they will harvest berries and such from nearby bushes. So you could set up a little pen so it can't wander to the end of the map, make sure there are some bush spawns in the closed off area set them on wander and go off to do other things, come back and grab the berries out their inventories. Not all dinos have a super better than every other dino niche ability, many of their utility features bleed into each other with different levels of effectiveness. tons of dinos gather berries, however some do it
  10. You know there is a whistle to put a tame on passive neutral and aggressive right? You can literally with the click of a button change their agression level, it's not like you have to set it to passive for the rest of time. Kill creature whistle passive harvest body, whistle back to neutral or aggressive??? As for harvest settings once again it isn't like you have to keep those setting forever. it also will only apply to the one tame you choose to change it for, it doesnt just blanket apply the same setting to all your dinos. You seem to be acting as if changing these settings will mean y
  11. Dam that is some next level of nolife sweaty and desperate dedication to messing with you, what did you do to them to prompt them to waste their time with such an en-devour? That level of frothing at the mouth to get back at someone can only come from some deep seated beef they have with you.
  12. I hear it also has weak knees and heavy arms
  13. Wow that was an unthoughtful reply. I do understand how customer service works I have worked in the I.T industry for awhile , the biggest point which you seem to be obviously missing here, which leads me to believe it is you that does not understand how this all works, is COMMUNICATION. you don't just log onto a users system willy nilly, that is terrible practice, the client could be in the middle of something sensitive at the time who it may not be a convenient time for them. You always ask first out of courtesy. If for any reason you can't be punctual to an appointment that YOU made with the
  14. Yeah it's true there are other games with server transfer, reason though I specified survival is a game like Rust Ark conan etc, there is usually a lot more attached to each character than other types of games, things like tames/followers, structures ownership permissions, potentially resources, levels and stats along with engrams and stuff like that. If you think about it there is a whole bunch of in game assets and values linked to each character, guess kinda makes sense that there is so much room for something to go wrong with all that information and result in a potentially corrupted chara
  15. To be fair what other online survival game allows you to transfer characters between servers the way that ARK does?
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