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  1. Befriend the weak, Kill the strong, that is how alphas are made
  2. As far as I'm aware Nick from Nerd Parade is helping to test and promote the plugin as well as offering up his servers as the environment to test the plugin and fine tune it to perfection, the plugin was developed by a guy who goes by the name of Wooly I believe. So while Nerd Parade are working closely with the plugin developer to bring this to fruition he isnt the actual creator of the plugin. Credit for that goes to Wooly, whoever he may be. But still Big props to Nick from Nerd parade for jumping on this and helping to bring this treasure to the community at large.
  3. End of meshing in sight Maybe old news to some but I havent seen it talked about on here all that much yet which is really strange. Nerd Parade has been making vidoes around a plugin that has been developed by a modder and is currently working successfully on Nerd Parade servers. It is detecting killing and recording players who go under the mesh with pretty much a 100% hit rate so far. It is being tested thoroughly and so far all tests look really promising. This should be massive news and people should be talking about it. So yeah meshers days are numbered, rejoice yee citizens of ark. video link to Nerd Parade talking about the plugin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1k66Ziojzw EDIT: they have been talking with Wildcard devs about this mod so hopefully once it has been tested and proved to stop all meshing with no false positive alerts and undesired consequences then we will maybe be seeing it patched onto official servers. Let us Hope this all happens smoothly and promptly.
  4. I am at the point where I want to remove every Hyena on that server from the game, It's not like I couldnt if I tried, I know that killing them just lets them respawn, But If I build a stone box near every Hyena pack I see and then bait and trap them in there, they wont de spawn as long as they are close enough to their natural spawn point if I am not mistaken. I could literally let them all rot in boxes all over the map. I am about one more failed tamed argent from devoting the rest of this wipe on arkpocalypse to doing just that and removing Hyena from play. Im going to try again after work tonight and get JUST ONE GOD DAM TAMED ARGENT. And if once more funny business occurs, Hyenadons I am coming for you all. When i set my mind to something I don't stop, im the kind of player who can spam 150 plants in an area over 2 days as a solo player and have them all be fertilized and fully grown with no other tames besides a pig and some dung beetles, trapping every Hyena in a Biom would be a cake walk compared to that.
  5. For those who don't speak spanish and don't want to have to google translate:" Why have I forbidden in the ark? I enter mesh with climbpick but it is for game. I do not want to enter mesh and automatic game enter mesh. I do not understand why and now I banned the ark. 4 years playing ark and now forbidden by game error ???? I do not want to enter. Mesh and game enter by mistake. This is incredible " and for OP, La mayoría de las personas aquí hablan inglés, por favor, intente publicar en inglés si puede, o use traducir para que otros puedan entender lo que está diciendo.
  6. Trolled by server and Hyena can glitch spiked walls? Ever felt like the server itself has trolled you, almost like an invisible admin is following you around and trying their best just to mess with you, I know I have. Yesterday I had tamed my first argent on the Arkpocalypse server I like to play on, so i'm out looking to level it up when I see an alpha Carnitorus, Some good levels right there. I start killing it which takes forever, like a good 20 - 30 mins of hitting this bloody thing, finaly it's on last tier bloody and almost dead when oh no server timeout... AMAZING, Log back in to find what I expected, I am dead and so is my argent.... Great. I suck it up and head back to my argent cage to tame a new one, Find a level 130, bait it in tranq it out, get some mutton and wait... Argents at 80% when low and behold a pack of 5 hyena appear right behind me and inside the ring of spiked walls I have around my argent taming cage and are immediately going for the argent. Argent dies, I kill all 5 Hyena out of anger. Angry but not defeated I lure a level 140 into the cage, I double layer my spike walls tranq it and repeat as I did before. Argents gets to 85% when low and behold a pack of 5 new hyena are sprinting at the cage. I then watch as they glitch over my spike walls as if they weren't even there and once again they ignore me to attack the argent. I tried but once it has taken that much damage it is pointless that I used mutton instead of raw meat anyway and so even if I had saved it it would be a failed tame. I killed all the hyena in the area now, we talking a rampage of atleast 10-12 little sh*** and then I suck it up one last time to lure in another level 130. Just so happens a player on his griffin wanders past at this time while I am looking for mutton to tame my 4th argent now, and he snipes it, then snipes me and a elemental Golem kills the Kangaroo I was using to get around. The player who killed me was actually a cool guy and apologised after I told him what I had just been through, he said he actually tried to save my kangaroo from the rock element but for some reason he couldnt get its aggro off of it ( probably because the kangaroo belonged to me lol wild animals have it out for me ) it was at that point I called it a day and almost feel like taking a long break from ark. These kinds of things happens so often where it almost feels like something is actively trying to mess with me, I just end up getting tilted, Thing is I was a heck of a lot more tilted by 2 packs of random Hyena that have magical spike wall jumping powers, than I was about the guy who came to snipe me, thats just fair play and I appreciate PvP, what I dont appreaciate is that not only is it a massive coincidence that I get 2 packs of separate hyena that are hellbent on killing my almost tamed argents but that also they can just jump over the very things that are supposed to keep them out.I am curious how many other people have stories like this, and if you wish to share them please do. EDIT: It makes me feel that it is written into the game for wild dinos to go out of their way to try kill a taming creature if it is almost finished taming, I mean it wasnt like Hyena were just wandering past and happened to get into aggro range of my Argent, I watched the second group sprint at my taming pen from miles away as if they knew exactly what they were doing. It isnt like I was just taming it out in the open either, I had prepared for this ( or so I thought) and thats why I had put a ring of spiked walls around my pen before I started taming anything, 20 carno's couldve spawned and I wouldve been fine with those walls but no it has to be Hyena who can just jump over those spikes BOTH RAPTORING TIMESX :LKAJSRUOOOiaubsgl. Ark be like "oh I see you have put up spiked walls to protect your taming creature, thats cute, here hold my beer and watch this" I dont doubt that had that player not come past to snipe the last argent, that a 3rd pack of Hyena wouldve spawned in from the sky directly above me and dropped right on top of the argent.
  7. I got some thatch this one time...... That was pretty nice 😏
  8. Nah no worries man, So whats your discord name/id?
  9. Hey man I get off work Today in about 8 hours lol. I sometimes dont get much time to play during the week which is why I said the weekend . Ill be on this evening and then I'll send you discord invite if thats cool? I did try PM you but it says your account can't receive messages yet, probably because you are still an early bird account on the forums.
  10. Well you are welcome to join me and a friend of mine, I will pm a discord invite after work. We probably going to be starting another run on a server we like to play on that wiped recently, probably going to do our startup run sometime this weekend so if you are interested then you can join us and we see how things go 👍
  11. Well I am always happy to help new players with advice and play a run through with them. However I much prefer to play on PvP servers, and usually official PvP. Namely the monthly wipe arkpocalypse servers. If you interested to give official PvP a try I am more than happy to give you server info meet you on the beach and invite you to the HoboNation. If you prefer higher rates there are some really cool Unofficial servers I play on from time to time that I could do a playthrough with you on, but once again they are PvP as PvE is a little dull for my liking. So if you are mainly looking for a PvE companion I may not be the best fit as most of my knowledge around the game has been shaped by PvP and so my methods are very different than a PvE players in terms of tips and tricks. But hey like I said if you are interested give me a shout and you are more than welcome to run with me 👍 If you do end up joining me for some playthroughs, I have a few friends who run a pretty sizeable at times alpha tribe that I could introduce you too as well, Nothing beats learning from a big tribe, most of the guys in it are really experienced ark veterans and also really loyal and nice guys. But Once again, like me they all much prefer PvP over PvE, that is where the excitement is . Besides PvP is a lot more fun when you have some homies who got your back.
  12. Can't they make single pillars act like turrets in PvE? whereby you only get a certain amount that can be in an area, I agree with people who have said there should be an amendment to the rules when it comes to pillaring on official. I don't even play PvE, I play PvP official and still I feel bad for people dealing with this issue. They could specify an area allotment that each tribe is allowed to pillar, say 40 foundations for example, and if a tribe pillars more total surface area than what is deemed appropriate then they are subject to a wipe. This would allow players to still pillar the area around their base to stop others building "laggy messes" nearby but at the same time would stop those kinds of players who try to pillar as much of the map as possible to discourage new players on their server. Lets be honest, people who get out of hand with the pillars, in an attempt to stop new players coming to the server, are just as bad as the players who spam laggy and noob bases all over the place.
  13. I have seen them acknowledge Meshing and state that they are continuing to improve the situation, They have also expressed how and why it is a slow process and I can understand. I do however agree that a good fix would be to have some kind of temp solution that would allow people to defend against meshers without having to cheat or mesh themselves. Maybe not improving the rail gun but there are many other options. They could release a new item, maybe even just a temporary one, that when turned on creates a shield around the area almost like the ORP, except instead of stopping people from damaging your stuff, it detects if someone is in the mesh in that area and kills them, when it first activates it could scan the area to map the terrain in it's area of effect. It could then determine what in that area is classified as mesh/terrain and maps what isn't. Then with this information it could act like a parasaur but only goes off if a player enters the meshed area that is in it's area of effect. From here it sends out a simple kill command to eliminate the meshed player. Heck they could even make it like ORP where players need the right resources to build one, something like this would mean that having one wouldnt give a tribe any other advantages. Other than the anti mesh defense.
  14. Here you go https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/ , that will take you to the rules and code of conduct. As for why you were wiped you would need to provide a lot more information on how you built your base in order for others to tell you what you did wrong, For instance if you put structures under the terrain that is not allowed.
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