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  1. Hi! So I'd like to say that I will not be moving to a server. This is mainly for single player use, and if I am going to use it on a server it would most likely be private/unofficial (just for me and my sister).
  2. Thank you all for your answers! It is deeply appreciated. I think I'll start on Ragnarok and possibly give you guys updates once I get the game and download the DLC.
  3. Ark questions! Hi! So I'm planning on buying Ark: Survival Evolved soon, and I had a few questions before I dive in! (Keep in mind I have been playing Ark: Mobile for a year and have been watching experienced Ark Youtubers for around a year and a half) 1 - How long did it take you to learn how to play? 2 - I'm thinking about starting on Ragnarok (I know it's huge but that's why I love it), but should I wait before adding the DLC? 3 - Which is your favorite DLC (For future servers)? Thank you if you reply! It's less for help and more like a poll.
  4. Sorry, I forgot that Extinction came out late 2018. My bad!
  5. First of all: You completely left out Snow Owls which are some of the best mounts in the game. I mean their heat vision is off the charts, and their healing abilities are so useful for combat. You clearly were also taking flyers from other maps into consideration (Wyverns, Phoenixes) so why leave out the best flyer (In my opinion)?
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