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  1. Thx, i never monkeyed with the turbines before. I figured they stopped spinning, thx for clearing that up for me.
  2. as far as i know theres no way to submit video evidence from a ps4. At least without jumping through a bunch of hoops. You aught to just make your website qs4/xb1 friendly. We shouldnt have to buy extra devices or download extra apps just to get you to fix your crap...
  3. Sorry man but GZ is already in the game. King titan gamma and beta are the spitting image of GZ. King titans file also refers to him as king kaiju, wgich is what GZ is. King titan is an "easter egg" GZ
  4. So is it normal for a turbine to spin and not produce any power? It is snapped properly to the system and even powered the system for about 15min. Now its spinning but not giving power...Im in a 65% zone on SE. I thought they stopped spinning when they didn't produce power.
  5. Agreed, theres way to much rush for new content. Id prefer to play with what i already got and patiently wait for them to make it right. Im totally ok with long wait times as long as it is done right. This rushing is why crap doesnt work right.
  6. I did the old tunnel cave in the canyon. Everything worked fine, tho it took a moment for everything to spawn(normal SP problem). Im on SP and ps4 tho
  7. Ummm, no actually. I did not because you were being an azz from the beginning. #Rude #Smartazz #Rude #Smartazz Theres absolutely no reason for me to think you were on my side or agreeing with me. Actually theres evidence to the contrary. If you supposedly knew i was right and agreeing with me and if you knew that i knew it wasnt the event rates, then why would you chide me with a smartazz remark to reread the article? The answer: Your decently attempting to go for a save. Truth of it is you were being an azz and it blew up in your face and now yo
  8. And i know this and i read it in the article and i thanked the guy for the article because i never saw the article because i was gone for a long time. Thats why i asked if anyone knew what was going on and i clearly stated i was gone a long time. So what was the point of you bringing up either topic with your original reply? I wasnt the 1 who said maybe it was the event rates. I was actually saying the same thing as you. Thus why are you giving me a smartazz reply, i already knew. I also never said that you implied that it was the event rates. It seems by how you are wording thi
  9. Ummmm, did you even read what i posted?...I said that it wasnt event rates...I literally told the guy it couldn't be the event because event rates dont effect SP(singleplayer)....Im going to assume you just, somehow, misread what i wrote, and your not just spitefully trying to mess with people. This is the line you quoted. "And no, event rates dont effect SP." means that im saying its not event rates and theres no way that it could ever be. Perhaps you should take your own advice XD
  10. Caves and loot have always been buggy, especially on SE. Im currently playing on SE again so when im up to it ill go cave diving in the canyon mine to check for you
  11. The stats, colors, and mutations have always been hardcoded to the egg, but i used to be able to reroll the gender/twins. I rerolled the same egg 10 times to the same gender. Even more odd it seems gender is locked into the twins/triplets as well. Before you could get boy and girl from the same egg when you got twins. Now it seems if you get twins/triplets theyre all the same gender. Realisticly thats how it would really be tho. It erks me tho that they went out of their way to F with SP players. The only people that can take advantage of the rerolled rng are SP players. When youre pla
  12. I know im going off topic a bit but it still has to do with dev changes. So did they lock in genders on eggs? I used to re roll my eggs if i wanted to get a different gender but this frickin wyvern keeps coming out as a boy...After 6 different hatches.
  13. Lol, i meant hut. Ya, i know what you mean. I think i might do my new rag run on .5xp. I just hate how slow it gets after lvl 60...But to speed it up destroys the value of everything else. I figured do it on rag because its so fricking huge that its got plenty to do to keep me busy while i level up. I haven't messed with it since a lil after its release. It was only considered 50% done at that point. My god tho it was an amazing map. I agree. Whats the logic in even having any of the lower engrams if you literally skip them without even trying to?
  14. Here we are a month later after joes And we still have no fix. Whats more this new feature has been broken since its release...NEARLY 2 MONTHS AGO. My new questiin Wc, did you put them there, or were you born with your heads up your azzez...
  15. Do the missions require anything to initiate? Also do they give any trophy type item thats used to initiate rockwells battle? I have a hard time believing the game just knows youve done it. The game usually doesnt know what its doing 1 moment to the next XD Im just asking out of curiosity.
  16. Same thing is happening to me...This option has been out for awhile now...And it still hasnt been fixed after all this time . Is Wc even mentioned it at all?
  17. Sounds like a logical well thought out strategy XD. Seriously tho, its always smart to get the fruit out of a cave asap. Ok, 1 way to know if caves exist is to check the boss terminal. If theres artifacts required then you know theres gotta be caves. Even aberration had caves...And the map was technically already a cave. Lol
  18. Im glad to lend any help. I know your asking specifically for genesis 2. Im only saying look at the patterns. Theyve always been in higher level, non air drop, loot. And the rex and plesio that your finding have always been in air drops, so theres no reason to suspect that the pattern doesnt still hold true. If i was looking for what you are id be cave hunting. Even if you can fing them by air drops, u know the cave version is gonna be much better. Granted if the pattern holds true your gonna be needing to go into the harder caves for some of these saddles...Which could pose a problem.
  19. Mosa is a red cave loot item on the island. Rex and pleisio is in red air drops on just about every map. Pretty sure deep sea/dune crates are the only things that drop giga saddles except for maybe the highest level cave on maps without the deep sea crates, and its in red drops in islands snow cave. So again, your likely looking in the wrong place for the 1s you want
  20. He could pillar the crap outta your area to prevent you from building. He could kite an Alpha wyvern into your base to destroy everything...Pve isnt completely safe...Its perfectly possible to F with someone Pve
  21. You quoted the wrong guy XD. Idek how you managed to quote me from a different thread. Anyways, do keep in mind that some of the saddles your mentioning are cave/deep sea crate only loot on previous maps. So likely not in your standard supply drops.
  22. I know exactly what you mean. I mean im not usually overly proud of my thatch nut XD, but i do feel some accomplishment of finishing each individual project. U cant enjoy thatch or wood because your upgrading to the next 1 before your even done with the 1st 1. Thats actually slightly irritating, "why did i even turn it to wood" *Goes back over the parts i just did again with stone*. Im like u, i love the argy, but i missed the raptor carno riding building up to it. I kinda prefer being able to tackle 1 new project at a time, not have like 5 all needing to be done now because im over level
  23. Well considering you were getting a 2x xp boost and double harvest(keep in mind that you gain xp per item harvested), your actually gaining 4x harvest xp and 2x xp in everything else. That may not seem like on the harvest but to put that into perspective, i wiped and redid my map 3x this week. 1st time i was 60 before i finished a wood home. The 2nd time i did the same thing but i halved harvest xp but still had the 2x general xp. I finished at lvl 50. So that 2x harvest resulted in a 10 lvl increase. So you were right, you are lvling up like 3-4x faster.
  24. Ya, i like to bee line to what i can have, but i also want to feel progression and character building. Lvl 60 beach bob doesnt exactly leave room for progression lol...Or make sense at all Ikr, i own all 5 usa games and a redone expert version of the 1st game(Not the half azz reboot from like a year ago). To bad there was 2 released games only for japan. Good news is a new 1 has been confirmed to be in the next couple years.
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