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  1. Voidstar

    Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

    Why can't I use my server character and have to create a new one?
  2. Voidstar

    Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    hopefully soon. tired of feeding my pets
  3. I know, I looked before at the prices and was dissapointed. I just voiced my sadness now :)) I hope they find some good shipping deals for us non-US.
  4. In live in eastern europe, item costs 70$ shipping 135 $ or 150$ damnit...
  5. this game is awesome and still has amazing potential...I just hope the devs realise the mistakes they make and act faster...
  6. best: meeting people, suffering together worst: server stability - many unannounced server restarts- + lots of crashes, some keeping the server down for even days huge lag huge rubberbanding bad communication no admins
  7. Voidstar

    Disgusted and Discouraged!

    single player or non dedicated are the key to enjoying this game with less frustration as possible
  8. oh ok. I remember they tweeted" don t forget your questions" so i assumed it would be for this week
  9. really? i ll have a look ty
  10. I made the post last week lol
  11. Voidstar

    Why I feel Single Player is Important

    i played 800h of single player alone being a noob, farming stuff by hand with 1x rates on all, got bored went to play on official, played 3 months on ragnarok official, got so frustrated and angry with all the days downtimes, crashes bugs, huge rubberbanding, no admins etc and CAME BACK to single player lol. Playing non dedicated with another person with event rates. The fluidity of single player is amazing, no lag no rubberbanding no retards no crashes I can close whenever I want, no more waking up to feed stuff etc etc. Will continue playing like this from now on, bought the season pass already. I will never play on an official wc server again...
  12. Voidstar

    Boss Fighting in SP

    i think you need maybe 5 rexes with medium saddles. not sure. thing is, you get super melee and health with single player settings on your dinos
  13. Voidstar

    Future update questions

    you should be able to learn those saddles on ragnarok already ?
  14. Voidstar

    Aberration Hype?

    since I gave up on playing on official and hoping the big bugs will get solved, nothing remained for me than playing in non dedicated or sp and getting hyped for this new expansion. Ark devs deliver pretty awesome content, it s the functionality and management which makes us angry. It dissapoints me a bit for being less dino oriented...at least I hope we see mutations of existing dinost