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  1. Voidstar

    Raptor Pounce. Really bad design.

    I always spam left click when pounced...usually get up after 6-10 seconds
  2. Voidstar

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    This game was never designed fully for singleplayer. Just spawn that artifact and move on, don t waste your time. Also caves are bugged. After a dino wipe caves have hundreds of creatures. After you clear them once (by killing all) they spawn normally. Trust me, I also play single player. That bad bugged "not for singleplayer" game design is not worth your time and effort. I was once flying on an argentavis about 10 walls up and a purlovia jumped and dismounted me...
  3. I would say the devs share the blame. I have never seen a 15 day countdown on a game site leading to a not so big event with some skins... The skins and idea are cool. Hope they make more. I would like to see new dinos but not redundant ones...I mean a brachiosaurus and a brontosaurus would be the same...they could add a stomp attack to the brachiosaurus... So in this case a skin rather than a new dino seems a better option
  4. Voidstar

    Extinction concerns

    Although I came to the game for the DINOSAURS, I find tek very interesting aswell. I like the primitive aspects of the game much more. I hope that the devs don t forget this in extinction and balance out tek and primitive stuff
  5. please no...make a proper game or a book. or a movie tv show
  6. Voidstar

    sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    I would buy Ark 2. Ark can be continued in two ways : 1. Continue the current game on the current engine with dlc maps and new dinos which could have some story or not. doesn t matter. there are many ark landscapes which could still be added and many dinosaurs/teksaurs/creatures 2. Build Ark 2 on a new engine: potentially better FPS, better graphics, some bugs can be fixed (I think the rendering of dinos before buildings is a core feature of the current engine and hence can t be fixed...) and continue the ark story and do the same: add dlc with more landscapes and creatures... tl;dr continue the game on current engine with no potential for better graphics/fps/bugfixing or continue on a new engine with great potential for improvement personally I would choose the second and pay for a new game
  7. 1. Can you manually start each Ark Event in single player with a command line? 2. Can you run Arkaeology event in single player indefinitely with the command line?
  8. Voidstar

    is there a color event running?

    ty !
  9. a lot of creatures have colors i have never seen. is it limited?
  10. a bit hard to get that story in a movie...should be a long one i think a TV series suits this thing more
  11. will look for it thanks ! but I want ark with dinosaurs and obelisks and rockwell and gaius haha and to see mei yin unleash the demon king
  12. A survival ark TV Series with many episodes would work very well I think. The story is rather interesting. It would need some budget for the CGI though... Following the adventures of people from different cultures mixed together like gaius helena rockwell mey-in etc Just read the island notes and you ll see what a great show could be built upon. It would have 4 seasons (1 for each ark). more initial characters, some make it to the next ark and so on. What do you think devs? Do you ever give this a thought?
  13. Voidstar

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    november is a bit far but I hope it comes out with less bugs and better optimization. looks really awesome and interesting !! it s funny, when it will release, it will be 1year and 1 month since I bought the season pass, practically this expansion aswell haha
  14. does it need a special setting or so? Doesn t seem to work so far or I was unlucky finding any piles (PC)