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  1. So where's everyone gone?

    i think they wil release the expansion on time...the rest i am skeptical about
  2. Well I don t think I would do it cause it s pve. But if that tribe annoys me, I might do it and I would say I did it. Be more careful with doors and (locked) containers. My tribe mates hated me for yelling at them always to clsoe the doors...but nobody robbed us lol
  3. Windows 10 release?

    oh ok.ty.
  4. So where's everyone gone?

    aberration is their only chance to pull this off...and after the aberration launch of course getting better at communication and correcting what you mentioned...if they screw stuff up at aberration too and still don t solve most of the really bad problems...they will be in big trouble..
  5. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    1-3 seconds? maybe an alpha whale vs a normal raft, but I doubt it. If you are careful, and know where you should sail you can avoid any leeds problems. What do you mean no1 can use the sea? Get a water mount...get a motorboat...get honey on your raft...or just "classical git gud" and be careful where you sail: you should be at a safe distance from the ocean, so in case the whale shows up you can go quickly to the shore
  6. Transferring to NON LEGACY server

    Feed your tames until the server is shutdown and you get the savegame ! that s what I eagerly await o my official rag pve legacy server
  7. Windows 10 release?

    Does this apply to pc aswell? the +20% performance on win 10 ?
  8. Megatheriums And Their Uses

    the name is gold
  9. happened to me too yesterday on legacy pve ragnarok. had a bronto since alot of time, then i see auto decay destroyed... yeah ticket..no more customer support
  10. Thoughts on the Tamed Dinosaurs Limit?

    pve or pvp? In pve you really don t need that many dinos...
  11. Greenhouse Structure Transparency

    well...if a light source [lamp] hits them, they turn transparent... I think it is a bug
  12. Ark: Ragnarok Update Speculation

    mostly bugfixes i think
  13. the game barely runs with it s current animations...
  14. New expantion

    it s written everywhere, just as ragnarok is. but people call it ragnarrok , regnaruk ragnorrrok damn it, this isn t about a foreign language, people just can t read
  15. New expantion

    how can you spell that word so horribly?