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  1. Tame times are too high

    do as I do..tame only on 2x events...then it s decent... but yeah some tame times are kinda high. anyway if you ask me, i would complain about raising times..handfeeding times
  2. Limited edition explorers pack

    can t remember it was long time ago..maybe twitteR?
  3. So much work: Thyla mutations

    nice ! how can I obtain a sheep like this one in official?
  4. It s been almost a week and more horrible downtimes or dcs. There is still some lag at times, but it s completely playable. thank you very much devs for fixing the problem!
  5. Limited edition explorers pack

    they said they will release just the stuff without the game, but maybe later and if the existing ones sell good
  6. used paintbrush with red coloring and all i could get on an white sheep was a light pink..
  7. Mein Charakter nicht mehr in der Charakter liste

    translation: hello I play ark on PS4. Yesterday I could not find my character in ark data anymore, which I teleported through the tek transmitter and the game froze and crashed. After many restarts, my characters is still not in ark data. please help me retrieve my character.
  8. i think it is to avoid the overload of servers?
  9. devs, could we please get a setting to disable fog? We know you can t get it right and it s ok, just let us disable it.....
  10. magnifying Glass not class... but it s easy to craft..only bad thing is the range, cause you can t get close to a mosa or giga with it
  11. could the animation while hovering be adjusted? maybe remove the dust particles? It s really annoying visually not to mention laggy even on medium to good cpus. onw low end it s frame killing
  12. so the ragnarok map has on overspawn of squids [like 100 or more in one spot] while half the ocean is just..empty.. Now, nobody will be able to kill those entangled squids and alpha squids...so we need a DINOWIPE on rag isolated 32. even the rag devs said : Important: perform a Wilddinowipe after updating to the newest DLC version to get the updated spawns to work So, what do we need to do to get a destroywilddinos on official rag server 32?
  13. ark patching to 264. where are the notes?

    AND AS USUAL, RAGNAROK 32 DOWN AFTER PATCH IUHUUUU. last time it was down for 2 days, who knows how many now?!?!?