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  1. I want the event launch commands for all the chronicles and dino color variations events so far i got these commands ActiveEvent=ExtinctionChronicles -activeevent=arkaeology i need the rest.can anyone provide them please? @Jen
  2. oh there isn t one for each? maybe a number after the parameter?
  3. does anyone have the activation parameter for the current event? (which ends tomorrow) ty
  4. I will buy it in early access, it is mostly cheaper. Ark is full of bugs but it was really fun for me besides the bugs and errors and bad devs decision. I would be eating my own poop if I said this game was bad. I played this game alot and enjoyed it. I still do. For me it was like Minecraft on steroids with dinos. I hope the devs will learn from their mistakes and make Ark 2 better. I will buy it for sure (if it still has dinos !). Some things will surely be fixed with a new engine (like the rendering of entities before objects for example) The game concept idea and execution (graphics I mean) are too awesome to dismiss the game because of the multitude of bugs and bad decisions. That saved Ark along the way and made us play it again and again...
  5. @Jen can we please get the command to run the purple color event in singleplayer? like we did with archaeology?
  6. Oh I did not see any blue either. I also have that event still on !
  7. Yesterday I played in singleplayer, did a dinowipe and found a tek stego. So I guess you need to do a dinowipe (destroywilddinos)
  8. I see. thanks. hopefully someone knows about the new one
  9. this would enable the white spawns . but the new purple ones starting today?
  10. Is there a command similar to the arkaeology event to keep the event on? This one with purple colors Also is it possible to stack the spawn colors? The white spawns from arkaeology + these new ones? Talking about SP.
  11. Voidstar

    Raptor Pounce. Really bad design.

    I always spam left click when pounced...usually get up after 6-10 seconds
  12. Voidstar

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    This game was never designed fully for singleplayer. Just spawn that artifact and move on, don t waste your time. Also caves are bugged. After a dino wipe caves have hundreds of creatures. After you clear them once (by killing all) they spawn normally. Trust me, I also play single player. That bad bugged "not for singleplayer" game design is not worth your time and effort. I was once flying on an argentavis about 10 walls up and a purlovia jumped and dismounted me...
  13. I would say the devs share the blame. I have never seen a 15 day countdown on a game site leading to a not so big event with some skins... The skins and idea are cool. Hope they make more. I would like to see new dinos but not redundant ones...I mean a brachiosaurus and a brontosaurus would be the same...they could add a stomp attack to the brachiosaurus... So in this case a skin rather than a new dino seems a better option
  14. Voidstar

    Extinction concerns

    Although I came to the game for the DINOSAURS, I find tek very interesting aswell. I like the primitive aspects of the game much more. I hope that the devs don t forget this in extinction and balance out tek and primitive stuff