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  1. i see. which variant of 1660 ti did u get?
  2. sounds good. general shadows on medium or low (off) ? how about terrain shadows? do you have that option on, the distance field shadowing? i will order the parts soon. please tell me after 1 week if everything is still fine. ty
  3. unfortunately, i can t find the 1070 ti in stock locally anymore
  4. Unfortunately, the 1070 ti is nowhere to be found. only one asus turbo with fan blower which suffers from really bad temperatures...like 80C. I am wondering if 1660 TI suffers from similar issues as the rtx series, given it is on turing architecture. Did not find many reports. Found some issues with ark though, constant crashes and was wondering of anyone here has that card and can tell me how it works. the card (1660 tI) can run high settings ark at about 50-60. what are your exact settings to have 60fps contantly in ark on that resolution? i don t really trust amd i don t know why. mayeb because i had a radeon hd 5670 which burned. vega appears to be better than 1660 ti in many games. not sure about ark. really though choice. i hope someone with a 1660ti can give an answer i would get a i5 9400f, so not sure if it works good with an amd card?
  5. Hello. I plan on upgrading my pc and playing ark again (still got aberration+extinction to play) My current PC gets around 25 fps on medium so yeah I was thinking of buying RTX 2070 or 2060 but i can see tons of problems and broken cards, not just at launch, but up to the present day. I did not see many issues with 1660 TI in general so it seems safer. CPU i l lget 9400f (i think gpu will bottleneck, not cpu in ark). How about Vega 56? 1. With which settings can u get 50-60 fps in FHD with 1660ti? Is it even possible on all maps? I ve seen benchamrks only for the island. 2. I ve read about driver problems (constant crashes,unplayable) with 1660 TI and Ark. Was it fixed? Does Ark run now with 1660ti without crashes and not with dx10 or dx9? Or is there a workaround? Did it work with a prior driver version flawlessly? Any other recommendations would be welcome. I am unlucky with electronics in general. please help
  6. does anyone have the activation parameter for the current event? (which ends tomorrow) ty
  7. @Jen can we please get the command to run the purple color event in singleplayer? like we did with archaeology?
  8. I always spam left click when pounced...usually get up after 6-10 seconds
  9. 1. Can you manually start each Ark Event in single player with a command line? 2. Can you run Arkaeology event in single player indefinitely with the command line?
  10. november is a bit far but I hope it comes out with less bugs and better optimization. looks really awesome and interesting !! it s funny, when it will release, it will be 1year and 1 month since I bought the season pass, practically this expansion aswell haha
  11. been following the timer for 15 days only to discover that we get 4 dinosaur skins...and a hat. I don t want damn skins I want dinos...just add the dinos on the template (like brachiosaurus on bronto) and give them some new abilities or uses...only the abilities need bigger coding did not imagine I could get so dissapointed. this deserved a 2 days timer max... not looking forward to a similar ark announcement ever again
  12. damn you ark devs. I ve cursed and flamed and praised and got frustrated angry happy and so on for 2 years but I have to admit that despite your errors and some bad decisions, this game is fantastic. It is my favourite game ever alongside titles like diablo 2, lineage 2 serious sam and minecraft. Whatever I do I just keep coming back to this game and enjoying it again and again. habby birthday ark project!!
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