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  1. Nothing. Windows 10 cert didnt pass again.
  2. Is there any update on this? Should I expect the 13th to turn out to be a let down again or what?
  3. no one is surprised because no one has faith in this developers. Such a great concept but the people behind the wheel wouldnt know how to finish a product if it smacked them in the face. Literally, same bugs still exist since the beginning. A lot of terrible bugs that have never been fixed and are blatantly ignored. The great concept is the only thing keeping people. Otherwise this ship woulda sank long ago, like it probably deserves but they suck so much goddam money outta our pockets with more dlcs and addons without ever finished the first raptoring map.
  4. glad to see im not the only one disappointed. Why did they need a countdown for that? use that more wisely next time, ppl are gonna think its actually something big and cool
  5. hello good sir, may i respectfully ask of you if there is a possible ETA on when that fix might be coming ?
  6. oh the thread is nearly 6 months old.. i suddenly lost all hope. I guess its time to move on to something else.
  7. Does anyone know when there will be an ETA for the fix? The crashes is nearly unplayable given if you are flying or swimming, or with any encounter, ull certainly die and potentially lose progress. not to mention, waiting through menus and loading screens constantly because of returning to the dashboard. Please make this a priority and fix this.
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