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  1. The new kibble tree is way easier. Go tame like 5 yuts and u can tame every single thing in the game with kibble. EZ
  2. Dont wait around for it. They gave us the same crap last time with extinction but it took a whole week anyway. They have no idea when its going to be ready.
  3. how is it at all microsofts fault? WC should know how long this process takes and plan accordingly to make sure all their releases match up. No logic in assuming that microsoft should have to adhere to any kind of release schedule wildcard sets for their product. Its up wildcard to make sure their product is ready to go for their announced release date. and yes, they have always been raptoring awful at communicating with their community. Its asinine.
  4. no, no actual eta was given. He said "Win10 will likely be released from cert on Monday". It was no actual time frame, or eta. It was just a rough guess. This is how wildcard handles its community, they just dont care man.
  5. Nothing. Windows 10 cert didnt pass again.
  6. It's just unfair that they would leave any percent of their playerbase out of the new content everytime. It's not the first time we have been left out because of certifications not passing or whatever. They should have they done according with their schedule, its not fair to assume that after numerous fail attempts ot release on time that it will. I don't think its unreasonable to assume that they already knew that this was a problem, why cant they just communicate with us to at least soften the blow? It's just exhausting that everytime a new patch happens we, the windows 10 users, face the consequences. I love this game but cmon, why do this? It can easily be managed by 1 single person addressing the issues.
  7. I wouldn't blame Microsoft for this. The developers need to make sure certifications pass before release date. Send them in earlier to get evaluated. Its the bugs making them fail!
  8. well if its anything like all the other patches they do, windows 10 will be delayed for a week.
  9. Last time extinction came out, we were out of luck for an entire week while xbox and steam were fine. You are mistaken, thats not how this works.
  10. No Update for Windows 10 again? I just want to confirm the fact that windows 10 has been skipped again for updates? Is that right? Let me guess, it didnt pass the certification process again? I cannot understand how they do not send it earlier to make sure they can release at the same time. Why do they just wing it everytime? id say incompetence but that seems like an understatement.
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