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  1. I just updated and it’s still doing it... Anyone else have any luck?
  2. Cool I’ll check bacK. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting. I just switched over to red dead. Lol.
  3. Same issue here. Ugh wildcard devs are the worst.
  4. Yes I am. Just updated and same thing. Tried everything you did too. Damn these devs are the worst.
  5. My two cents. It does save your progress, BUT when you start the server again it wipes/overwrites the map data. Same thing happened with Aberration. This time is a bit different. It appears their duping fix caused this problem, hence why you keep your player data. My Xbox server crashed last night and I will now wait for a fix before I restart it. Bottom line is you can play until it crashes. Don’t restart the server. I wish the developers would at least acknowledge the issue. They seem like noobs.
  6. I have same issues. Don’t think Wildcard cares.
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