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  1. Where have you been @chris282? I miss reading all of your updates on PVP
  2. In the fact that the meta of PVP supports your point of having to play without morals or ethics I would agree with you. Honestly, I will be the first to admit my own bias and weaknesses in an argument because otherwise I have no credibility in the first place. With that in mind, you are much more of an authority on this issue than I. I only have about 200-250 hrs of Ark playtime and most of that only on Singleplayer. I am merely pointing out a true comparison that I saw with the meta of Ark PVP (and honestly PVP in general) that bugs me but will probably eventually cause me to adapt as well and become more "like you". If or when I ever reach thousands of hours of playtime on PVP I can totally see myself becoming like you and playing everything to my advantage without a thought of the means I use. On one hand, I wish everyone could get along and the laws and morals that have taken hold in real life would be carried over in a virtual society as well but this is obviously unrealistic and a "noobish" line of thought. All in all, the meta of PVP is such a huge mindshift for me but I acknowledge what you are saying and will have to adapt to survive or be left in the dust. Ugh
  3. I would love to take you up on that offer except I am finding this forum hard to navigate at times. How could I send you a pm? Another question I have had is how to react to content.
  4. Even though this post is old I couldn't help but remark on how this sounds remarkably similar to Hitler's philosophy of the world. If people wouldn't suck up to and join the the Nazi regime like Austria had, they were simply wiped off the map such as Poland. While PVP does stand for "player versus player", the only difference from PVP servers and PVE ones is the small change in code that allows players to attack other players and their belongings. There is no official rule stating "anyone on PVP servers must do everything in their power to obliterate others, no cooperation is allowed other than in tribe cooperation". Also, while PVE is often seen as a place where you can take a break from being offline raided every night, many PVE players still do everything in their power to cause grief to other players even though it is technically supposed to be "player versus environment". What I am trying to get at is the fact real life and everything else (video games etc.) is PVP. The only difference between Ark PVP and real life is the factor that billions more people participate in real life and hence there is more importance placed on real life and hence there have been laws put in place to govern the people that lack a moral code and would otherwise murder and steal whatever they want from others. I play Ark PVP and would never destroy another person's valued spent time as much as you did unless otherwise provoked. Hitler saw the world as you see Ark PVP and he was obviously wrong and despised by History. I don't see how you can see it any other way.
  5. Lol, you make me want to try out PVP again. I don't know how you survive. Anytime I get to the level you are at and begin taming the animals you are taming... I not only get raided but completely wiped by some dude with super high level wyvern or managarmr. Side note, I don't have much free time and I usually spend the free time that I do have on Ark so I usually just read rather than post. I read your reply about the cluster you are on Aushegun and would loved to have found another cluster to find with ya but alas I am on Xbox and just found out you are on PS.
  6. Started my first online adventure yesterday and on PVP no less! Found a server with as few people possible on Scorched earth and began building up with my friend. Eventually we made contact with the only other 2 people on the server and found that they had just started as well so now we are all in a tribe together. I'm super excited about having outside input about the game that I cannot get from playing singleplayer. Already learning tons about PVP and how to not piss off the Alpha Tribe as best you can (I'm still not convinced there even is an Alpha tribe on the server, it looks pretty desolate). We have a morellatops, raptor and doed tamed so far (with lots of parasaurs that have laid down their lives for our cause) and are next to a great little mountain with crystal, metal, salt, obsidian and most important of all... Argie's.
  7. Classes picked up a little more this week so didn't have as much time to get on Ark (and I played some Mortal Kombat with roommates instead). I got on Island SP yesterday and finally decided to put off any building, resource gathering, or projects and just dedicate myself to taming a quetz. I also messed around with settings a little more after reading D1nk or Aushgun on another topic yesterday to make sure I am not making taming or breeding too easy. After adjusting settings, I got on my argie and flew to the red OB to see if what everyone says about it spawning quetz's more often is true. I didn't find one at the OB but started flying north over the swamp and eventually found one crossing the border into snow biome. As I didn't think fully ahead and didn't have my fur armor with me, I hit it a few times to herd it away from the snow and eventually got it near the volcano. I landed and grappled onto my bird using the grapple/whistle method and shot it until it got itself caught on the side of the volcano. Dismounted, finished KO'ing it and after almost losing it when getting prime meat I finally tamed it! So I finally tamed my first quetz and though it was only a level 44, I think it will still be helpful as my first one. I have already built 2x3 foundation on it with ramps and retrieved a Rex I tamed on Carni Island. I have thoroughly enjoyed dismounting in mid air miles in the sky and looking down on the Island! On another note, a friend from college has just bought Ark and is wanting to play with me so I have been thinking about joining a PVE server. The cluster that Aushegun plays on sounds like it has great community and helpful players so I would love to join that one but also think that it might only be for a select group of individuals and it would be tough to get into. If it is open to the public, could you share the server name so I could check it out Aushegun? If not, any recommendations of PVE servers with great community and active admins would be appreciated.
  8. Just wanna say, I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone's adventures, goals and progress on this thread. It kinda helps because I don't have the experience/courage to try and play online yet and this is where I can learn from experienced players trials and errors. Today I played on my Island singleplayer and upgraded my shack to be a smallish/practical wooden base with an attached medium sized dino garage, dodo cage and main house for smithy's, storage and forges. I have built on the farthest South West point of the Island, inland a little, on a ridge. I was thinking that I could use cliff sides rather than having to build walls around everything. Below the ridge has Rex, terror birds and raptor spawns but it seems that the ridge itself doesn't spawn the Rex's or terror birds so I have put aside walling in my base. Besides, most of my defenseless dinos can fit in the garage only leaving Theri and low lvl expendable Stego outside. I spent a loooooong time thinking through design, gathering mats and building the base only to use it for a little while and then realize I will have to upgrade it from wood to stone or metal and redesign for industrial forge and other crafting stations (metal seems a little overpowered building material for a single player world base that isn't next to giga spawns). All I want to do is explore, tame and kill but it seems like I spend most my time gathering mats, building and occasionally losing a mount and getting into a dying cycle of trying to retrieve my stuff. Kinda wish there was a machine I could drop mats into and it just spit out a functional well designed base. My long term goal is to breed strong Rexes and defeat all the island bosses to officially call myself "experienced" in Ark to eventually be a useful edition to a good tribe on PVE server. I'm also trying to be as vanilla as possible so that I will experience the full game with all of it's difficulties and still be able to beat it. I have bumped up a few things to make it feasible on a singleplayer world but I try not to touch the settings as much as possible. Also, NO creative mode
  9. Thanks for all of yall's responses! I have looked up videos on taming pens and built a portable one on a raft. I was looking for carno to tame and got aggroed by a theri so panicked and ran back to my raft. Long story short it got stuck and I got away so now I have tamed my first (albeit lvl 20) therizinosaur. I guess I just needed some inspiration from Youtube and people like @Cymas. I have watched ark videos since 2016 but had my first chance to own and play it about 3 months ago so have been playing (when I have time which is not much) since then on my Xbox. I had to pack my xbox up yesterday because it is taking too much of my time when I should be studying for the MCAT but I will keep watching videos for ideas and reading this forum. I'm mainly just glad to see on this forum that Ark still has an active base of players. I still have lots of plans and things to do on Ark with the first and foremost being to reach Ascension on The Island.
  10. When you say you don't tame anything under level 100, is that with the difficulty setting turned up from default to cause higher level spawns?
  11. Maybe it is because I am still relatively new compared to people who have been playing since 2015 or 2017 but this thread is incredibly intimidating. I keep reading things like, "Just started Rag and now taming a spino, rex, giga, and setting up a breeding line for mutant theriz..." I made that up but you get the point. Me on my little Island SP map taking hours upon hours to just build a decent shack out of wood and then celebrate when all my hard work pays off and I tame a ptera. I cant even imagine taming the high level carnivores without turning to creative mode nonetheless ever making it to a boss arena. I am playing on default settings because any changes feels like cheating but will likely change the taming, breeding, hatching, crop growth times as that becomes important.
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