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  1. Are you hosting the dedicated via the windows store version of ark? Make sure you are not trying to use the steam client dedicated hosting method because that is not cross-play compatible with xbox. Otherwise if you can joint the server via xbox friend invite, make sure UPnP is enabled on your router/firewall and make sure you have an OPEN NAT. You can test for OPEN NAT by going to windows settings > xbox live test or in the xbox live app, test xbox live connection.
  2. They added gimmick mini-games and a store to cash in for materials. It is no longer a survival game, more like mario party. Oh and they still can't fix cheating/dupers and lack of addressing known bugs/issues that have been around for years...I don't want to support bad habits.
  3. Thank you. someone on reddit posted it also
  4. Genesis Engram Classnames? Anyone have a list of the new Genesis engram classnames? Thanks
  5. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?q=no flyers&sort=score
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