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  1. Exactly, but now to initiate the transfers you make a custom discord bot where the player types a command in discord, and then the copy/sync folders take place.
  2. If the OP was referencing the switch version or PixArk I could see the logic. That game hasn't had an update since release and there is no unofficial option. For everyone else, unofficial is an option if you don't like the cheat infested official servers.
  3. Cluster setup option: only allow character tranfers? I want to cluster another server but basically isolate it from the other maps and only allow character transfers (no items or dinos). I want this isolated map to still allow uploads/dinos within the server (for people who wish to protect items/dinos for 24hrs) just not be able to transfer any items or dinos to another map. Also if I allow character transfers, can people still transfer items on their body? I know there are these settings: ?PreventDownloadSurvivors=False ?PreventDownloadItems=False ?PreventDownloadDinos=False ?PreventUploadSurvivors=False ?PreventUploadItems=False ?PreventUploadDinos=False
  4. 9/10 of the GM does actually log into the server to look at the the issue (I have seen it first hand numerous times). They also take into the account the screen grabs.
  5. Don't build in caves, they are already OP. Combination of ORP just makes it worse.
  6. If you have 1000 members, why not just choose one from those people who already play/know about your server dynamics?
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