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  1. Juggernaut

    EasyCraft (fibercraft) game.ini settings

    Thank you, I am sure this will be helpful for anyone wanting to run a fiber server.
  2. It's already been mentioned the devs do not monitor these forums, the mods have even admitted to it.
  3. Juggernaut

    Console Sever Functionality Wishlist

    add these to your list: and I have tried through reddit also, lost cause
  4. You join the hosted windows store server through xbox app by joining on friends. You won't see a hosted windows store PC server on the ark server list because Nitrado has a monopoly on it with the devs, they don't want to lose hosting fees. It might show up but it will take 7-10 days of 24/7 running, but any update, crash, or greyed out/unjoinable state will just reset it.
  5. Juggernaut

    Don't upload

    Current ARK Official Xbox Server Network Servers Version: v782.14 Current ARK Official Client Version: v782.13 Current Version: v782.14 Fixed items not displaying in ARK data (uploading/downloading/transferring Patched on Xbox but not win 10.
  6. Juggernaut

    Don't upload

    No and you will lose your stuff since only a 24hr timer.
  7. Juggernaut

    Promised Missing Content for Console

    The windows store version has had this command but whistle key bindings don't work, eg the only whistle commands that work are within the whistle wheel with the flyer land in there which works but aggressive is missing yet there is an option to bind a key to it but it won't do anything.
  8. It was released two days ago at the same time. Go to windows store and check for updates
  9. Juggernaut

    Windows 10 Store Day 1 Bugs Never Fixed

    yep that is broken