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    • Jatheish

      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Eli

      Official PC: Hard Turret Limit begins on 18th of February at 1PM ET   02/16/18

      On the 18th of February, at 1PM ET we will be enabling the hard turret limit on all PC Official Servers. This means that you will not be able to build over 100 turrets within a 10k unit radius. This will work on autoturrets, heavy turrets, tek turrets, plus plant turrets and is no longer map specific. The hard limit calculation is done on start-up, so if your turrets are ever over the limit, they will be randomly shut-off until you're under the limit. In order to restore shut off turrets, you must pick up any which exceed the number, as well as shut-off turrets and replace them in order for them to work.


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  1. How do they push in on consoles then? The consoles weren't force to download update yet they get the event, and those hosting dedicates via windows 10 store pc/xbox get nothing. I wasn't pushed a server-side update. Be nice if unofficial could also participate in events.
  2. no, you can't transfer data from your console to windows version in terms of hosted server information.
  3. Players Hacking OP Dinos Onto My Server

    where is your game.ini file, the difficulty level is what determines max dino level. Also sounds like someone knows your admin password.
  4. Hosting a cluster with 2 Xbox servers

    Still can't cluster on windows 10 store version (PC hosted), nor do the windows 10 store version even have command line access. Broken promises. And forget trying to cluster hosted xbox servers, it doesn't work, unless you rent servers because you need command line access to link the cluster IDs on startup of the servers. Xbox hosted doesn't even have access to ini files so clustering xbox servers will never happen, let alone any server customization outside the GUI server settings.
  5. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    someone said (friend of mine as I don't play official) said he had breed 110 sheep and didn't claim them (basically wandering) and it was crashing servers on official and player dedis. Haven't tested or confirmed myself. If his base was render in it would crash the server. He claims it causes home screen crashes also. Could be just a lot of things loading in at once in one concentrated area. People keep saying northwest corner of ragnorak but this also tends to have the most structures/dinos also since this is a popular place to spawn.
  6. Dedicated server list bug

    hopeless, we have tried asking for support on this, makes clustering impossible unless you rent from nitrado because only their servers show up immediately, you can't transfer characters between a cluster if it doesn't show up in server lists. My servers will show up randomly on the list after a few days but they never stay even if the server stays up, my pings are always good because I have fiber with plenty of upload/download bandwidth but the server list table doesn't seem to refresh that often if it does, it prioritizes nitrado servers. They use some kind of ranking system.
  7. Win 10 Xbox X-Play Server Port Forwarding

    My hosted windows 10 store pc version is using port 53071 based on upnp, it always first point to my host computer. If i turn on my xbox it will then punch a new port. IF i run netstat -an the hosted pc version is hitting ports ranging from 50100 - 51100 which appears to be for each connected individual on the server. I don't host from my xbox but I can play on it and with another separate PC and connect back to the host PC (that is running ark via windows 10 store version). I am running windows 10, stock windows firewall/anti-virus, no double nating, eg my fiber modem is bridging to my router (netgear stock firmware) so my NAT is truly open. I have no ports forwarded in my router, just UPNP, I tried forwarding ports but it made no difference if my server showed up in the list or not, ppl could still connect either way though xbox friends lists. Ark is allowed to use any incoming/outgoing ports based on windows firewall settings, router control is set to just UPNP. My ISP doesn't block xbox ports, some ISPs block certain ports. I do not have a static external IP (I do use a ddns server but that is not for ark) and I am using a static internal IP for the host machine on IPv4.
  8. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    When they figure out the crashing so they can submit all of it at one time since cert takes so long
  9. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Happens to me on ragnorak also but on a dedicated hosted windows 10 pc while using my xbox to play and also if if I play on my separate pc. Others have the same issue on ragnorak maps on official also. Seems to be when first loading into the game near large bases.
  10. New To Admining

  11. Admin commands not working while handcuffed

    always ghost before teleporting. One, you don't drain bullets/aggro dinos and 2 stuff like this doesn't happen.
  12. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    everyone on xbox has this issue currently. constant disconnects and shutdowns back to main home screen.
  13. New To Admining

    your startup command line.
  14. Valentine event on Nitrado?

    and some versions of the game don't get a command line at all so we all get to miss out. *cough windows 10 cough*