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  1. Why no news about the third TLC? Why no news about anything else that never came during the Crystal Isles summer update? Does anyone even know what's going on at Wildcard anymore these days?
  2. You know, the Corrupted armor skins have got me wondering about something. Is it possible we might be fighting Corrupted humanoids on Extinction or something similar? I know it's probably a longshot since there are no human NPCs in the game outside mods, but I think it would add an element (no pun intended) of fear and uneasiness to the expansion, as well as enemies that might work with the Corrupted creatures against you. Just a thought on my part. Also, is anyone else wondering how the Element raids are going to work? I'm curious if you just have to get lucky and stumble upon one or if you'll get alerts for when one is happening if it's reasonably close to you.
  3. Tek Parasaurolophus is a little questionable, but it's okay I guess. If I could go out and tame a green Yutyrannus or other creature that doesn't have green as a natural color outside mutations, that would be nice. In my opinion, Yutyrannus should have had a more vibrant and diverse color palette than it does. As it stands, it's no more colorful than most mammals in the game. I mean, it's a feathered dinosaur. There are tons of colorfully-feathered birds today, so why should a dinosaur be any different? Even other feathered dinosaurs in the game like Troodon are way more colorful.
  4. I don't mean to be overly critical, but when these crunches are supposed to be giving us current news with the game, recapping livestreams and announcing modding contests is not my idea, or many other people's idea for that matter, of news. Extinction is still 2 months away and there's still barely any news on that. The last Digest Q&A didn't really answer any real questions that couldn't be answered by literally anyone. And what is the deal with this Atlas? Is it some new game or a DLC for Ark or a total conversion? There have been no details regarding that and no one has any real details on it. Why isn't anyone answering any serious questions? Why can't we get real answers to real questions? Not all the incessant questions about S+ and all that stuff, but details on the final DLC we've been waiting for literally months and other things that actually matter.
  5. I know S+ can't be fully integrated, but they said most of it would be. We've heard absolutely nothing about Extinction. Some have been speculating that maybe they'll roll out information on it closer to the release of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, but I don't know. People thought that the event in Paris would reveal something, but it was a total joke and nothing new was spoken of. It's getting frustrating. Things have slowed down to a snail's pace, no word on promised features, and frankly, new TLC passes need to be done in addition to bug fixes, etc. in that manner. I mean, don't get me wrong, Ark is fun, but it becomes tedious and repetitive after a while.
  6. Anyone else wondering what the deal is with Extinction and Structures Plus? Know that gets asked a lot probably, but things are slowing down way too much.
  7. March 19th is what it says on the Steam and Ark Wiki patch notes for upcoming. Also, you didn't miscount. There are only five creatures counting the Utahraptor, Spinosaurus, Sarcosuchus, Argentavis, and Triceratops. If there are supposed to be 6 creatures in the next TLC pass, that means one more is probably going to be showcased on Monday the 12th before the patch goes out one week later hopefully.
  8. Love the new Triceratops. I just hope the walking and running animations get an update too so it doesn't look like the dire bear's animation when it's running. As my second favorite dinosaur, I'm glad it's going to be able to really tackle large carnivores now, meaning it will have more use throughout the entire game as an anti-large carnivore mount. Can you imagine how powerful that rivalry buff is going to be? Look out, Tyrannosaurus. There's a new sheriff in town and he's calling you out.
  9. If it is Rockwell mutated into some hideous beast, I am so going to enjoy blasting him into oblivion. That guy is a cowardly backstabber as evidenced by his Explorer Notes from the Island and Scorched Earth. Ever since I found out he had Helena locked in a cage and sided with Nerva in his whole conquest of the Island, I've wanted to pummel his hide and Nerva's into the dirt and let the theropod predators finish them both off. I will use his own Nameless and Reaper Queens against him and let them destroy him in the most ironic twist of fate in history. And I'm telling you, if Nerva is the boss of the third DLC, I will show him no mercy either.
  10. Now that I look at this, the Nameless queen looks rather dinosaur-like in this picture, far more so than it did in the trailer. It could just be me, but it makes me wonder if the Nameless are perhaps tied to the theropod dinosaurs of Ark somehow. Again, may just be me, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
  11. Post on the Ark Digest Q&A page. It shouldn't be too hard to find if you search for it. Your questions are not guaranteed to be answered in the very next digest, but chances are they will get around to it or someone might ask a similar question that answers yours. It just depends. Mine was answered in the last digest, so maybe you'll get lucky like I did.
  12. She was the leader of the settlement of Nosti, but that was before one of the obelisks supposedly obliterated it and prompting her and John Dahkeya to escape. Then, they were attacked by wyverns and John was killed, which tore Raia apart and prompted her to train some of her own wyverns, take on the name Wali al Aswad, and help people in a revenge-driven quest to defy the so-called false gods (the Creators I guess?) that presided over Scorched Earth. I always assumed she did this all by herself. She never mentioned having allies and none of the other SE Explorer Notes, especially Helena's, mention any such thing.
  13. I think that Scorched Earth takes place partly before the events described on the Island and partly after those events. Then that's where the story continues with Aberration. Just my guess. It may actually be like a side story type of thing. Sort of like a spinoff, but not if that makes any sense. Something I noticed was that there are several arks that aren't unique (e.g. there is more than one Island it seems). I wonder why that is? And which Island are we on in the game?
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