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  1. Yeah, I get what you mean. All we can do at this stage is cross our fingers and hope. Though at the end of the day I’d personally be happy with whatever the devs choose, I know they’d make it interesting regardless. I just thought the yi-qi concept offered some more unique, non-repetitive mechanics.
  2. Very nice! The wings feel a bit off to me, yi-qi wings I think are a little more distinctive from normal bat wings. As far as colors go, a color region with spots along its belly and tail feather tips that might look like gemstones would be neat. I was also thinking eye spots on the wing membranes would add some more visual interest as well. I’d hope for some more drab or earthy tones for the overall color palette alongside the brighter colors for some more contrast and mixing.
  3. I actually have Krita, i just haven’t messed with it in a few years, got a little confused and intimidated. I guess I’m still used to more traditional mediums.
  4. Oh no no no, I wasn’t trying to imply that Yi-qi’s would dismount you like microraptors (dear god no). I only meant that as a joke about how every now and then we accidentally press “E” while flying. Besides, if there are any tames nearby (shoulder pets included), then Yi-qi won’t try anything. Also, as Zorafoxx mentioned, chasing it would make it drop what it took. Believe me, we’ve considered some counter measures.
  5. All Yi-Qi's in the vicinity when you accidentally press dismount mid-flight and fall to your death. Idk why but I felt the need to do this, it was just too fitting.
  6. I have to say those little sketches by you are hilarious and adorable. This combined with the rest of the thread really conveys a creature with so much personality. I'm glad this is currently in the top 10 submissions, it might actually have a chance of getting in. Also, thanks for crediting the ideas respectively. What did you use to make those sketches btw? I've been tempted to make one myself for this or another creature.
  7. So wild ones would see our corpses like a piñata full of goodies. That definitely sounds funny, but I agree it would risk venturing into the realm of just irritating like pegos and seagulls, if there was no way to combat it some how. Perhaps a new setting for all shoulder pets labeled "Attack Thieves" could be added. It might even be triggered when enemy players are stealing your things as well. Alternatively, and maybe easier to implement, would be the mere presence of a tame (mount or shoulder pet) could be enough to discourage them. It might give people more incentive to use shoulder
  8. Can't blame you, taming and transporting a Troodon for this role is inconvenient enough that most people have probably forgotten about that by now. And I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that we've been bamboozled by the allure of ringed supply drops more times than we care to count.
  9. The sketch at the top of the thread really helps sell the idea for me, just imagine all the colors it could come in. A little feathered dragon who loves collecting treasure is a very endearing and potentially handy role not occupied by anything else for the most part. I've seen around on the forums and twitter that some are pretty against one of the new creatures being a shoulder pet, but since we're getting 3 new animals, I feel like a shoulder pet would add some nice variety in the sizes and shapes of the new additions. Regarding the kibble as food idea, I don't see too much of a proble
  10. I'm a little curious about what will happen with the Titanoboa, as I'm decently sure that the only reason that it was made tamable at all was simply for their eggs, and the only reason I tamed mine apart from looking nice. I wonder if their eggs will be used in higher rarity kibble or if they will return to their sole role as an environmental hazard.
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