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  1. You should have gotten at least 5 available levels from gamma, 5 for each difficulty of the Overseer.
  2. I've never tried it myself, so I could definitely be wrong.
  3. I did It helped that it got distracted by some wooden pillars and a bear trap. I didn't use any real cage though, so it could still chase me around. Destroyed some pillars, smacked me around a rock, ran off into the distance and thought it was running, but turned around and barreled towards me. I knocked it out before it got to me, 10/10 would do it again.
  4. Tried playing a combination of Spanish bull-fighting and a game of chicken with a giant prehistoric rhino.
  5. I believe I remember reading that these multipliers apply to tamed creatures as well, unfortunately. So TimeBomb2003, you may have to artificially make wild creatures stronger by simply taming weaker ones (except for ones needed for boss fights) to make the wild ones feel stronger in comparison. Not the necessarily the preferred way of doing it I know, but it may be your only option unless you can find a mod that achieves this.
  6. Thanks for helping me out. 1) Not even extra available level-ups similar to Chibis? 2) My game can be pretty choppy a lot of the time. If it comes to it, I'll admin my ascension credit and watch the cinematic on youtube, not the same but oh well. 3) I should be safe to log back in then? Choosing "download survivor" of course.
  7. I knew that it was access to level-ups (unclear wording on my part), similar to the Chibi's, but thank you for letting me know anyway.
  8. So, it all boils down to crossing my fingers and hoping everything works correctly. 1) Not surprised 2) I forgot about those commands, thank you. 3) Also thank you, would probably never think to do that.
  9. I've been getting closer to fighting the dragon on the Island, knowing the Tek Cave will follow soon after that. However, I've heard and read over the years about various glitches and bugs regarding Ascension on singleplayer and so I have a few questions before going down there. I don't want to ask about the final fight itself since I want to go into that a little blind and surprised. A couple of these seem like they'd have pretty obvious answers, but with how odd this game can be sometimes, nothing would surprise me. These questions are based off bugs/glitches etc. that I've read around on reddit, steam, and here: >Will I need to do each level of Ascension (gamma, beta etc.) to actually get the 15 bonus levels, or can I skip to Alpha like we can with the bosses and their Tekgrams? >Do I have to skip the cinematic or can I watch it without the game freaking out? >Do I have to exit to the Main Menu afterward, or do I go straight to respawning?
  10. Will the cosmetics from the Arkeology event (the dino skins) be added to the hexagon store as well? It’d be great for players to have another chance to get those again.
  11. I don't know about a vote, but I'm all for another creature tlc, very fun and exciting to see what they do with the older animals.
  12. I love the TLC the stego got last year, so I feel a little bad asking about something this nitpicky. The abilities of the stego are amazing and the model looks great. There's just one thing I'm a little sad about, we don't get to see the stego's plate colors while mounted. Stegos can come with some gorgeous plate colors, so this is a small bummer. Since each plate-mode consists of a colored pattern surrounded by black, I wanted to pose the possibility of erasing the colored part to be transparent and leaving the black stencil. The true color of the plates would show through, but be framed by the black stencil to represent to different modes. This would allow some fun customization with patterns and colors, while making the plate-modes indicated by shape (along with the status icon in the top right). I understand this isn't at all important, but wanted to put it out there in the chance the person who does the models and textures ever gets bored.
  13. I literally had almost the exact same idea bouncing around in my head since the last vote, a magic mushroom addicted nodosaur. Are you a mind reader? -Taming: the taming method I had in mind involved knocking it out by feeding it narcotic mushrooms instead of shooting tranqs, dinosaurs like to get drunk too sometimes. -Saddle: for the saddle, I was thinking something along the lines of a ballista that scales with damage rather than armor (like the tropeo) and the ability to bring this thing into a boss fight. I need to get to work on that dang dossier I wanted to make. What were your ideas for its visual design?
  14. I think I remember reading that you can bring more than 20 dinos into the Tek cave. The 20 creature limit only applies to the three Obelisk bosses (broodmother etc.) I believe.
  15. I'm a little curious about what will happen with the Titanoboa, as I'm decently sure that the only reason that it was made tamable at all was simply for their eggs, and the only reason I tamed mine apart from looking nice. I wonder if their eggs will be used in higher rarity kibble or if they will return to their sole role as an environmental hazard.
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