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  1. Time Period:Pleistocene Through Holocene. Species: Bos Primigenius. Temperament:Neutral. Wild: Found roaming across the Sunken Forest, Desert and Ice Domes, and occasionally the wastelands,From what Santiagohas told me from the Digital Archives left behind The Aurochs are massive Wild Cattle that have been appeared to to have been brought back from extinction to protect what remains of earths fauna and flora from the hoard of corrupt Dino’s and Titans, They have been Genetically Altered to be much larger than they once were now scaling up to two thirds the size of the Mammoths and with a built in hatred against any organism corrupted or mutated by element since they have slaughtered and trampled not only swarms of corrupted dinos but also our own tames that we brought from the aberrant ark. Taming: It appears that they are immune to nearly all forms of taming by except for one if you can somehow trick them by pretending that you are among the corrupted hoard by painting your armor purple and possess element on your person they will then try to kill you and will have to survive it’s assault until it collapses from exhaustion, then you can get on its back and ride them and help it slay corrupted dinos while on its back and only then will the Aurochs gain your trust. Once tamed they are a might beast in your array of tames, with their large horns and powerful hooves they can inflict some serious damage to any opponent, they can impale smaller creatures to their horns and cause blood loss to larger enemies, when charging they can trampled creatures and obstacles in their way and end their charge with a deadly slash with their horns, you can also enter a rodeo round house stance and can kick up dusk and blind enemies, I have also observed that The bulls and Cows offers different uses in surviving the post apocalyptic wasteland that was once our home planet earth, While the Bull Aurochs can use a rally call that gives all allied tames increases due resistance, movement speed, attack damage and speed, against corrupted dinos and titans, the cows feces can be used to provide water and increased growth and yield to crops and its milk can be fed to baby Dino’s to give a temporary buff to their growth and can be consumed by humans and Dino’s to give extra resistance. The Aurochs is a sexualy Dimorphic Species where the Bulls Are Black and the cows are red brown. Primary Attack: horn swipe when camera is facing in the front and kick in the other direction, Secondary attack: Stampede you slowly gain speed and trample all obstacles in your path destroying rock and trees, crushing smaller creatures, and can use the primary attack to use it horns to inflict bleed damage to larger enemies or skewer smaller enemies such as raptors and humans which get impaled by the arochs horns. Jump button: Rodeo Roundhouse Kick where you live your dreams as a bull rider kicking dust in the air creating a dust cloud that blinds the surrounding area causing vision impairment to any that enter the dust cloud. Third attack Button, Male Aurochs only ability Rally call that gives all allied creatures in the radius of the Bull Aurochs a temporary buff to their resistance, movement speed, attack damage and speed which can be used to fight off the corrupted hoard of Dino’s and Titans. Aurochs Dung: Produced only by the female aurochs, it can be used as a water source to for crop plots, and a special fertilizer that increases the growth speed and production yield of crops. Aurochs Milk: obtainined by milking the cow aurochs utter and stored in a water jar, It can be fed to baby Dino’s to give a one time bossy to their growth speed and consumers by humans to gain a ten minute buff to damage resistance and gives dinosaurs a onetime permanent upgrade to health and melee damage.
  2. The Aurochs,(Scientific Name Bos Primigenius) is among the Most impressive wild beasts I’ve ever encountered,Having a large stature than the Wooly Rhino roams across the Snow biomes and grasslands of the ark in large herds, most predators rarely hunt these mighty cattle but those that do are met having to survive it’s attacks from its impressively large horns and crushing hooves. when facing particular large carnivores the alpha bull of the herd initiates a rally call that enrages the herd increasing its movement, attack speed,and resistance . They are suprisingly resistant to the usual methods of taming, the Few survivors that have the Arouchs in their possession told me that they have to paint their armor red to enrage them into charging them similar to a matador fighting a Spanish fighting bull and survive the deadly game of cat and mouse long enough for the aurochs to tire out from exhaustion, only then can the arouchs be tamed. Once in the possession of a survivor they are a useful addition to a tribes lifestyle, theirs droppings increase the production speed and harvest yield of crops, the slightly smaller female aurochs produces milk that can be used in by survivors to increase physical resistance and is used to feed baby Dino’s to speed up their growth, I am told that I can only be used once per baby. The Aurochs is a very powerful beast that can be used in tribal warfare and it’s same rally can can be used to buff a tribes own army of creatures increasing their own movement speed, attack speed and resistance in large scale combats against two feuding tribes and Legendary creatures that few tribes dare to challenge. Basic information, Arouchs is larger than the slightly larger that the wooly rhino, male and female aurochs are sexually dimorphic and have different uses, both sexes use their horns to impale small Dino’s and humans,and kick hard and stun enemies with powerful hooves and charging abilities similar to a rhino Bulls are used for combat, can kick dust in the air to blind opponents tribal warfare and boss fights with their enrage rally call that makes Allie’s stun immune, increase movement speed,attack speed and resistance and females for their manure that increases crop growth speed and yield and milk that can be used to increase a survivor’s and tames resistance for a short time and be used as a one time use to speed up a baby Dino’s growth speed.
  3. Will we get extra levels for killing the king titan and is Rockwell’s message in extinction’s secret ending implied to the player or Helena aka the one who waits?
  4. Will scorched earth ever get a ascension cinematic and the tek engrams you get for killing the manticore be replaced with unique exclusive tek engrams like a wyvern tek saddle?
  5. Will we get the intro and defeat music scores for the titans that are in the ark dev kit into the game? They are so cool they need to be in the game.
  6. Will we get the intro and defeat music scores for the titans that are in the ark dev kit into the game? They are so cool they need to be in the game.
  7. A way to solve that problem is to add in the intro and defeat music scores for the titans into the game, so that way the game can program itself to end the music.
  8. Will you fill the plot hole in your story in ark which is the scorched earth ascension that explains the missing gap in how the player gets off the scorched earth ark and enters into the aberration ark before you make and launch a dlc or sequel game that takes place after the events of the Ark dlc Extinction?
  9. Hear me this wildcard,we all deserve that extinction gets released on the same day for all platforms delay the steam version to the tenth of November with consoles.
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